I’m Blogging!

So, I’m writing a blog!  Can you believe it??  Anyone who knows me well knows how technologically inept I am, but I’m hoping I can do this with the help of my technologically ept daughter.  What is the blog about?  Something near and dear to my heart – THE GIANTS!!  It’s also about baseball in general and other things that I’ll get into later.

Let me give you some background into my baseball experience.  I grew up in a household where sports was on the TV every moment that my dad was home.  It was either baseball, football, basketball, soccer, even bowling and golf occasionally if there was nothing else on.  If you wanted to watch a show and a game was on, forget it.  I seem to recall A Charlie Brown Christmas being preempted by a football game once.  And in those days, there were no videos, so if you missed A Charlie Brown Christmas, you weren’t going to see it again until next year.  Thus, my loathing of televised sports was born.  However, somehow I grew to enjoy baseball.  Maybe it was the slow pace that was appealing, or maybe the tight pants.  I’m not sure, but I did enjoy watching baseball games with my dad.  And I’ve always been a Giants fan.  Being born in San Francisco may be responsible for that, but even when I lived in the East Bay for 19 years I held fast to my original team and was not swayed by all the A’s fans around me.

So while I’ve been a long time fan, my interest in the Giants has definitely increased in the past 2 years.  Before this, I don’t think I ever actually watched a game in my own home.  But recently this has changed.  I started watching entire games at home by myself.  Then when I would watch with my dad, I would ask questions about things that I had never noticed before, and my dad would patiently answer my questions, surprised that I was actually interested.  Unfortunately, Dad passed away a year and a half ago (he missed the Giants winning the World Series).  Since his passing, whenever I would watch a game, I could feel him right there with me.  My husband says that my recent sports enthusiasm is just me channeling my dad.  That could be.  But it is definitely comforting and I think of him a lot when I’m watching.

That brings me to the present.  I watch every Giants game I can.  I attend as many as I can (which unfortunately is not very many).  And in the last 2 years, my baseball knowledge has increased so much that even my brothers are impressed when I can discuss baseball with them.  But I realize there is still a lot I don’t understand.  Thus the purpose of this blog – to learn more about baseball myself and to impart what I’ve learned to others who, like me, want to know more about the game.  I got the idea one day when I was listening to KNBR (that brings up another story that I will share another day).  I have noticed that since the Giants won the World Series, there are tons of new fans who really know little about baseball but think they are experts.  One morning, a woman called in and said that Bochy was crazy and he should put Buster Posey back in the lineup.  SERIOUSLY??  So I’m hoping that some of these people that call KNBR can read my blog and learn along with me.

I’ll be posting things I’ve learned along with questions I have that I hope can be answered, so please interact with me.  If you have questions about baseball or the Giants in particular, or if you notice something interesting during a game, please post here and I’ll try to respond.

I’m also going to include a section which I call the Spit Count.  One of my biggest pet peaves is the amount of spitting that goes on in a baseball game.  WHY?  There, that’s my first question.  Why is there so much spitting going on?  It really is disgusting, and I’m not sure it is really necessary for a player to spit in order to play well.  My plan is to watch an entire game and count the number of televised spits.  I’m sure the numbers will be staggering.  Then I will select the Spit Master General of each game for each team and at the end of the season, I will select the All-Around Spit Master General and send them a certificate.  I think I will also send a certificate to any Giant who is not caught spitting on TV, thanking them for keeping their saliva where it belongs.

I’m really excited about this.  I’ll be posting again soon, so “see” you then.  GO GIANTS!!



  1. Donna Corey

    We were discussing your “spit count” a little while ago, and Jeff and Stefan thought you should add a “crotch adjustment” count as well (They’re such guys.). Would that be too much counting? Don’t want to detract from your enjoyment of the game.

    • giantsfancarm

      Thanks for your comment, Donna! And tell the boys thanks for their suggestion. Bet that number would be really high as well. And yes, don’t really want to be focusing on crotches during the game. But at least I can understand the crotch adjustment is for comfort reasons. Still not sure why they spit so much.

  2. katcarcat

    YAY CARM! I’m so going to learn with you! My love of baseball was forced due to having a pitcher as a boyfriend for the past four years. I’m excited to read these posts!! And they spit alot because if chewing tabacco is swallowed they’d throw up, but maybe they should swallow it and try to rid the nasty habbit XP Some guys chew gum, but if you take a super good look at their butts (yay for being overly observant due to tight pants) you can see a circle in their back pocket which is the tin of tobacco chews.

    • giantsfancarm

      YAY KAT! I’m so excited that we can learn together!! Thanks for your comments. I forgot about Andrew being a baseball player. I didn’t know that about swallowing the chewing tobacco spit. And I agree – they should just quit doing that because it is unhealthy (going to address this in a future blog). I love your observation about the chaw container in their back pocket. Guess they can’t live without it! But the weird thing is that even guys who aren’t chewing tobacco spit. Does Andrew spit when he pitches, and if so, WHY??? It would be great to get some input from an actual player. Take care, Honey, and GO GIANTS!!

      • katcarcat

        Andrew never spat at games unless he was in the dug out with sun flower seeds, but I remember alot of his fellow plays did. Maybe its a weird tradition o.O

      • giantsfancarm

        If it’s just tradition, it’s a pretty gross one and they should knock that off. Tell Andrew I said thanks for not spitting. Sunflower seed shell spitting is different.

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