Baseball Scoring 101

Hello again!  Today I’ll continue my discussion of baseball scoring abbreviations.  This can prove helpful when you are watching Comcast SportsNet telecasts of Giants games.  During the games, they will occasionally put up a player’s scorecard so that you can see how well they have played thus far in the game.  If you understand these abbreviations you can actually decipher the scorecard.

So you learned yesterday that K stands for strikeout (and a backward K stands for a called strikeout).  What are the other abbreviations when scoring?  Here is a list of some common ones for batters:

1B = Single

2B = Double

3B = Triple

BB or W = Walk or Base on Balls (same thing)

FC = Fielder’s Choice*

HBP or HP = Hit by pitch**

HR = Home run

S = Sacrifice (this was discussed yesterday)

*Fielder’s Choice means that when the ball was hit, even though the batter made it to base safely, another base runner was thrown out.  A fielder’s choice does not count as a hit towards the batter’s batting average as the team did not gain an advantage through the at bat.

**If you are hit by a pitch during an at bat, you are allowed to go directly to first base.

When I watch the next game, I’ll check to see if they use any other abbreviations that I have left off.  If you have questions about any other abbreviations, please let me know.

On the scorecard, you will also notice a diamond.  The diamond will be marked with the progress that the batter made during the inning of that at bat.  For example, if a batter gets a single and then is able to make it as far as third base that inning due to other batters, the line going around the diamond from home plate to third base will be marked.  They also show this diamond on Comcast SportsNet.

I don’t have any additional spit counts at this time as I was not able to watch the game yesterday (though I’m excited that they won and won the series against the Brewers!!  WOOHOO!).  If anyone has any comments about yesterday’s game, please share.  Madison Bumgarner pitched yesterday, and I know he spits a lot, so I’m “bummed” that I missed that game (hee, hee).

I do, however, have a spit question from one of my friends, Halle.  She asks, “We are a household of sunflower seed eaters and so my question is…are these spitters getting rid of their seed shells and not just excessive saliva???”  Great question, but no, they can’t get off that easy.  They are not spitting out sunflower seed shells on the field.  It is pure saliva.  I think it would be too distracting to be cracking sunflower seeds in your mouth while you are trying to concentrate on playing the game.  Also, where would you carry them?  They do, however, spit out a lot of sunflower seed shells while in the dugout, so yes that will account for some of the spit counts.  To date, though, none of the spit counts have been due to spitting out sunflower seed shells.

This brings up a funny conversation I had with my mom once while watching a game recently.  I told her that it would be neat to hang out in the dugout and talk to the boys while a game was going on.  She immediately replied, “That would be disgusting!  That floor is covered in spit!”  And of course, I’m sure she is right.  Actually, it is probably a sea of sunflower seed shell-laced saliva.  And throw some chewed chewing tobacco in on top of that.  YUCKY!!  Not excited about that prospect, though if given the chance to enter the dugout, I probably would jump at it, but while wearing hip waders.

The boys are presently at the White House awaiting their visit with the President.  I hope Brian behaves himself and that they aren’t too distracted with all this to keep their head in the game tomorrow.  Take care, and GO GIANTS!



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