Mini Blog (Cause I’m So Freakin’ Excited Right Now!)

I just got home from the Giants vs. Diamondbacks game Friday night, and I couldn’t wait to blog about it!  So this will be a mini-blog.  No baseball lesson or spit counts – just me gushing about the game.

I went tonight with my sister, Kathleen (Keen for short).  It was girls’ night – the first time we’ve been to a game together (well, with no one else).  I wanted to go to a Diamondbacks game since they’re our biggest competition in the NL West, but I didn’t think anyone would want to go.  Thank goodness my sister said yes.  She’s really become a big Giants fan this season and has really started getting into the games.  So off we went on the train this evening to AT&T Park.

The whole way there, I was thinking that it was going to be the same old thing.  They have been losing to teams with horrible records.  Why would they win one against a team with a 9-game winning streak that leads their division?  We’d be 7 games back, and the train ride home would be horrible.

I made up a sign that said, “Be the Honey Badger.”  I explained this in my last blog (basically, honey badgers eat snakes, diamondbacks are snakes, get it?).  Well, no one there got it, so the sign is not going to the game on Sunday!  But I had fun flashing it around anyway.  I also took a long rubber snake with me to shake when I got frustrated with the D-Backs (on one occasion, I actually put it in my mouth and shook it).

The game started in typical August 2011 Giants fashion.  The D-Backs got several hits and ended up getting a run in the top of the 1st inning.  I’m thinking, “Here we go again.  They are going to lose because the D-Backs got a run, and Cain won’t get any run support.”  How could I help but think this?  I’ve seen it too many times.  Of course, we didn’t score in the 1st inning, or the 2nd for that matter.  Same old pattern.  But then, magically, something changed.  The bats started heating up.  Rallies happened.  They scored 3 runs!  Beautiful!  Keen and I were jumping for joy and high-fiving – it was incredible!  The electricity in the air reminded me of the post-season last year.  I had forgotten what that felt like.  Arizona came back with a run in the 5th, but instead of falling apart, we came back with a run!  WHAT??  I love this!

It was around this point in the game that I had an idea.  I decided that when the D-Backs were up, I should punch the snake in the face to keep them from hitting – like a voodoo doll.  I decided that I would stop if they got a hit.  But magically, they didn’t get hits!  My sister thought I was insane, and the two of us were laughing hysterically (and getting some interesting looks), but it kept working!  I started getting other people in on the action: my sister, the awesome lady sitting next to me, the kid and her dad sitting behind me.  No hits for the next 3 innings!!!  At one point, someone walked, and I thought I should put the snake away, but then I rationalized out loud that a walk wasn’t that bad.  The awesome lady sitting next to me overheard and said, “Yeah, that’s not bad.  That thing is working.  He’s just setting up for the double play!”  So I continued punching the snake, and guess what??  The next guy up hit into a double play!  She and I looked at each other dumbfounded, then she rose slowly and raised her hand to high-five me.  I didn’t know I was sitting next to the psychic lady!  Sweet!

This continued until the 9th inning where someone finally got a hit off Casilla, so I put the snake away then.  But it had done it’s work – no more hits for the D-Backs, several runs (including 2 home runs) for the Giants, and they won 6 – 2 against the team they desperately needed to beat to stay in this race.  What a fabulous time I had, and it wouldn’t have happened at all if my wonderful sis hadn’t agreed to go with me.  Were you all loving it tonight as well?  What a relief!

I’m going to the game on Sunday and taking the snake (the poster can stay home).  I’ll see if it works then again.  Hopefully Timmy and the boys will pull it off on Saturday.  Major kudos to the boys tonight for finally getting that thing back, whatever it is.  Matt, once you settled in, your pitching rocked, and you helped yourself out by walking and getting a single, then eventually scoring both times.  Beautiful!  Cody – so happy your bat was working for you tonight.  We need it.  And that was a spectacular catch you made.  Carlos – sweet 4 hits there.  Keep it up, please!  Pat – your patience is awesome (and contagious).  Jeff – you remain a consistent contributor when we need you.  Thanks for all you have done for this team.  To all the rest, congrats on a great, meaningful win.  Is it back?  I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and keeping the faith.  GO GIANTS!



  1. Donna Corey

    Lucky you, Mary, to be at last night’s game. That’s the most fun I’ve had watching baseball in weeks…and you get to go Sunday, too! Keep punching that snake.
    (and I totally got your honey badger sign~I guess it wouldn’t stand a chance if you had put “crazy nasty-a#* honey badger)!

  2. giantsfancarm

    Very lucky, indeed, that my sister decided to go with me, because otherwise I would have missed it. Wasn’t it great? Just like last year’s post-season. Glad you got the sign. I have been watching that video over and over cracking up and driving my family nuts.

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