The Underdogs Come Through

So the World Series went to seven games, and the wild card Cardinals won.  Geez that game 6 sure was amazing!  I didn’t get to watch because I was with Mom at bingo (our Thursday night date), but I was fortunate enough to get updates from Ginny.  Still can’t believe how they came back from sure elimination twice, and in grand fashion.  I wasn’t sure I was going to actually watch any of the post-season games since my boys weren’t involved, but I have to admit that I did enjoy a few.  I tried to come up with a way to select someone to cheer for during the World Series to make it more interesting as I didn’t really like one team over the other. I finally decided on the Cardinals because Daniel Descalso grew up in San Carlos, and my sister knows his family.  Figured that was as good a reason as any!  And sure enough, they did it – the underdogs came through!  I have to admit, though, that I did feel really sorry for Ron Washington, manager of the Rangers, at the end.  He seems like such a nice guy and gets so into the games, but he was robbed of the series two years in a row.  Oh well – such is baseball.

One thing about the post-season games really got to me:  Why do so many teams use white rally towels???  The Phillies, the Brewers, the Rangers, and the Cardinals fans all waved their white towels to show support.  Don’t any of the promotions people for these teams get that it looks like they are waving white surrender flags???  Or is it just me?  Especially the Cardinals – why don’t they use red towels?  Cardinal red??  Come on, people!  Of course, nothing can beat the Giants’ orange rally towels, the best baseball color there is!

Now that the World Series is over, baseball trades will begin.  Players can begin to file for free agency beginning at 12:01 am Sunday, October 30th, and then sign officially with teams at 12:01 am on Thursday, November 3rd.  It will be interesting to see whom the Giants will pick up and let go.  There have been more rumors that a starting pitcher from the Giants may be traded.  I still can’t believe this, but I guess time will tell.  I’ll try and keep you updated of any trades.  If you hear of any that I miss, please let me know.

Finally went to see Moneyball with Donna.  Loved it!  Would highly recommend it to anyone who loves baseball.  It was fun to see what goes on behind the scenes in baseball and to learn how they put that first team together using solely statistics.  Plus you left the theater feeling good – to me that is really important.  They did mention that parts were fictionalized to make it more movie-worthy, and I still need to research into which parts these were.  The one thing that really struck me was how they used to take into account how a guy looked when deciding whether to take him or not.  Crazy!  Also, about 20 minutes into the movie, Donna and I realized that I should have been doing a spit count.  Yes, the movie was authentic baseball, all the way down to the spitting!  We started at that point, and we estimated the total spit count to be about 14.  My brother, Nick, reminded me that my dad had actually read the book when it came out.  Maybe I’ll do that now as well.  It would have been fun to be able to go see the movie with him and get his point of view.

Speaking of Donna, she pointed out that the “can of corn” baseball jargon that I referred to in my last blog can be attributed to Bob Prince, the Jon Miller of the Pirates back in the 60’s and 70’s (Donna is a big Pirates fan).  He is actually responsible for a lot of baseball lingo, termed “Gunnerisms.”  You can check out more of his sayings here.

I know at least one person who reads this is interested in getting an update on how Brandon Crawford is fairing in the Fall League.  His goal is to get his batting average up, and the boy has a whopping .341 batting average so far.  Keep it up, Brandon!  Then maybe you can snag that starting shortstop position for the big boys next season.  BTW – the Scottsdale Scorpions’ cap is pretty nifty – check it out.  Mychael Urban commented in a recent article that the fall league games are like what spring training games used to be.  Tickets to games are cheap, and you are likely to run into players while you are there.  And the players are all the minor league all-stars, so it’s likely you’ll see them playing in the big leagues eventually.  Seriously thinking about making a pilgrimage to Arizona for fall ball next year.

Brian Wilson has been a busy boy during the off-season.  I saw him in another Taco Bell commercial – check it out here (It’s the middle video – you can also check out the making of the commercials).  He is also one of the stars in an Ed Lee for SF mayor campaign video, which I love – check that one out here.  My buddy, Ashkan, is also in this.  That song is just too catchy!  And no, Ed Lee did not endorse the video.  On a serious note, Brian is also in a Stand Up 2 Cancer ad.  You can see that one here.  If you didn’t know, Brian lost his father to kidney cancer when he was only 17.

Ginny made me a baseball JibJab video for my birthday that stars my sister, Kathleen, Bruce Bochy, Brandon Crawford, Ryan Vogelsong, and me.  It is extremely awesome, and I must have watched it over 20 times so far.  You can check out its awesomeness here.  Ginny, you rock!  Thanks so much!

A couple of Giants have been nominated for post-season awards.  Ryan Vogelsong is up for the Players Choice Award for NL Comeback Player of the Year.  Andres Torres is up for the Heart and Hustle Award.  Good luck, boys!  You both are definitely deserving of these.

For anyone interested, the Giants Spring Training schedule is up.  You can check it out here.  There has been serious talk going on between my siblings and myself and Ginny about attending next year.  We’ll see what happens.  That would definitely be a fun time.

Next time I blog, I’m assuming there should be some trade news.  Until then, GO GIANTS!!


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