Fun With Contracts and Arbitration

The Giants staff have been very busy the last couple of weeks.  Several of my boys had contracts finalized.  These include:

• Ryan Vogelsong – YAY!  He received a 2-year contract for $8.3 million with a $300K buyout and a club option of $6.5 million for 2014.  Yeah – there goes all that legal mumbo jumbo again.  What exactly does this mean?  Bottom line is that my boy will be on the team for at least 2 more years, which is awesome!  But here’s how those numbers work.  He is guaranteed to receive $3 million for 2012 and $5 million for 2013.  In 2014, the Giants have the option to extend his contract for another year at $6.5 million.  The buyout means that if they decide to release him in 2012 or 2013, they would have to give him $300K up front (but that isn’t going to happen, right?).  Ryan also received some performance bonuses – he will get $50K each for 180, 185, and 190 innings pitched and $75K each for 195 and 200 innings pitched.  I bet that Ryan is thrilled with this deal; especially after all he’s been through.  Boy, you have arrived!  Enjoy it!  I’m really looking forward to seeing him pitch this season, so much so that I am seriously contemplating buying a Vogelsong T-shirt!

• Angel Pagan – My newest boy received a 1-year contract for $4.85 million (the Giants avoided arbitration by doing this, potentially saving themselves some money and controlling his salary).  He also received $150K in performance bonuses – he will get $50K each for 550, 600, and 650 plate appearances.  So stay healthy, kid!  I am a big fan of the 1-year contract, especially with all the money we lost with Barry Zito and Aaron Rowand (love you boys, but seriously).  Hopefully Angel will prove worthy of this high salary this season (I’m pulling for you, kid!).

• Santiago Casilla – The Giants continued to display their commitment to their pitching staff by offering Santiago a 1-year contract for $2.2 million, with $200K in performance bonuses (I could not find details on these).  That’s almost $1 million more than last year, and the boy definitely deserves it.  Especially with Ramon Ramirez now gone, he will be a key right-handed reliever.  The Giants avoided arbitration with Santiago as well.

• Melky Cabrera – Melky was given a 1-year contract for $6 million.  Again, I’m happy about the 1-year deal, and I think he deserves this amount with his track record.  He should definitely help put up some “crooked numbers” on the scoreboard!  He’s another addition to the team that I am really excited about.  I am especially looking forward to seeing him interact with Pablo – that should be fun!

• Pablo Sandoval – Speaking of Pablo, he received a 3-year contract for $17.15 million ($3.2 million for 2012, $5.7 million for 2013, and $8.25 million for 2014).  I am so thrilled for him – he deserves it for all the hard work he’s put in getting back into shape after 2010 and for the spectacular season he had last year.  And I’m not worried about the longer contract for him because he is so young and has proven that he can work hard.  I seriously think there is MVP potential in that boy.  Plus, he is such a great personality to watch both on the field and in the dugout.  Congratulations, kid!

• Nate Schierholtz – Nate received a 1-year contract for $1.3 million plus $150K in performance bonuses (I could not find the details on these).  Again, the Giants avoided arbitration with Nate, saving some moolah.  I was surprised his offer was so low, since he came through for the team several times last year and played extremely well both offensively and defensively.  Is Sabean the one responsible for negotiating these contracts on the Giants’ side?  If so, great job!

Two pitchers have entered the arbitration process.  The biggee is Timmy.  He is asking for $21.5 million and the Giants have offered $17 million.  His final salary could set a record for the highest salary obtained through arbitration.  But we all know the boy is worth every penny of whatever he gets.  It’s all in the arbitrator’s hands now.  Also, Sergio Romo is in arbitration, asking for $1.75 million while the Giants offered $1.3 million.  Both numbers for Sergio seemed low to me, especially since they offered Santiago $2.2 million.  Romo really proved himself last year, especially when he had to fill in for the injured Brian Wilson.

We had some unfortunate news from the Giants minor league.  Drew Stiner was suspended for 50 games after testing positive for a banned amphetamine.  He is on the Arizona League farm team.  I hope he’s also getting some drug counseling.  Won’t these boys ever learn that they can’t get away with this stuff and it’s not worth taking the chance?  Come on – don’t blow this amazing opportunity that you’ve been given!

Onto some happy news, belated happy birthday wishes to Willie McCovey who turned 74 on January 10th (same birthday as you, Dianna!).  I’m so glad that he is still so involved with the team.  I remember going to games when I was in high school and so looking forward to being able to watch him play.  It was always a thrill and a privilege.  We love you, Willie!

Finally, I have some super exciting news to share (at least it’s exciting for me!!).  I’m going to be taking a baseball road trip with two of my brothers and my sister in April!  We are flying to Washington, D.C., and will be going to at least 5 games in D.C., Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and St. Louis.  I’ll actually get to see the Giants play in St. Louis (my sister is afraid to wear her Giants stuff there, but I will be decked in all my Giants glory!).  Thanks to my brother, Nick, for organizing everything.  HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  I am so, so excited.  If anyone has any suggestions for things to see or places to eat in these cities, please share them (especially Donna, the Pirates fan!).

Thanks to Comcast SportsNet Facebook page again for providing me with a lot of this info.  Also, if you are interested in up-to-date info on the status of Giants player contracts, you can check out Cot’s Baseball Contracts.  I am so excited that Spring Training is just around the corner – pitchers and catchers (including my boy, Eli) report on February 18th.  That’s only a month away!!  Can’t wait to watch my boys at it again!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!



  1. D Marsh

    Sounds like a GREAT trip! Just a point of clarification though, while Willie and I share the same birthdate – it is only the month and day – NOT the year! I did not just turn 74! (But my dad did!) Love ya’ Carmie! Keep up the great work on following your boys!

    • giantsfancarm

      Thanks for the comment, Dianna! And yes, you are not 74, but you will always be older than me! LOL! Is your dad’s birthday on the 10th as well?? That would be cool if he is exactly as old as Willie. Yes, I’m really looking forward to this trip. It will be interesting to see how the 4 of us get along together for 10 days. We haven’t lived together for that long since I got married! We shall see. I’m predicting lots of laughing and silliness.

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