Fantasy Baseball

Let’s just for fun take a step back one week.  What would you do if I told you that the top three Giants pitchers would all choke in their first games of the season?  Would you say, “Carm, what are you smoking?”  Then what if I told you that the Giants would score a total of 21 runs in their first 4 games?  Would Mike Krukow say, “Carm, quit your jimmy-jackin’!”  Finally, what would you do if I told you that Barry Zito would save the Giants from their first 0-4 season start in 62 years (thanks for that tidbit, Andrew Baggarly) by pitching a 9-inning shutout?  Would you warn me that the men in their little white coats were on their way for me?  Well, we’re back in the present, and guess what???  I’m not jk-ing.  IT’S ALL FACT, KIDS!!

We’ll start with the unfortunate.  Timmy, Madison, and Matty all had horrible starts against the Diamondbacks (or the D-Bags, as I like to call them).  Their ERAs in those games were 8.44, 9.00, and 7.50 respectively.  WHAT??  This is so out of character, especially for the three of them at once.  Granted they were pitching against the D-Bags who look to be our biggest competition in the west, but really?  We can only hope that the boys settle in with the next series.

And what about all those runs?  Even with the scary pitching results and losing the three games, at least the boys were showing some offense –  23 runs in the first 4 games.  Those pitchers can’t complain that they weren’t getting any run support.  I hope this bat action can continue throughout the season.  Pablo’s already racked up 2 home runs this season, and Brett Pill, Melky, and Buster each have 1.  Plus Pablo has 6 RBIs and Ginny’s boy, Brandon Crawford, has 5.  WHOOOIEE!  Things could really get hot once the pitchers get it back together.

Speaking of pitchers, Barry Zito pitched his first shutout as a Giant today.  I am still in shock.  No one could have predicted this, even though he’s had a decent record against the Rockies (6-2 with a 2.39 ERA in 18 career games against them – thanks again, Andrew Baggarly!).  He only allowed 4 hits (3 singles and a double), he didn’t walk a batter, and he struck out 4, finishing the game with a total of only 114 pitches.  He’s been tweaking his pitching lately, and it seems that something finally clicked.  Bochy had Hector Sanchez catching him today, and he had mentioned previously that these two might remain partners throughout the season so that Buster could take a break every 5 days.  Bruce, I think you have something there.  Barry, I am so totally thrilled for you.  You have had to put up with so much these past few years that you deserve your day in the spotlight.  And you don’t spit!  Savor that 0.00 ERA!  Maybe this will be the year you make your comeback!  I’m pulling for you!

I had an awesome time at the Comcast Opening Day Viewing Party on Friday night with Ginny.  It was so much fun watching the game with tons of other Giants fans, even though we couldn’t pull off a win.  We even made it in time to get free hot dogs, but alas, we were too late for the foam fingers.  We made an interesting observation – there are a hell of a lot of seagulls that come to the park!  It was so funny how as the game progressed, people started to retreat for cover from the unloading birds (including the two of us).  And I never noticed this before, and I don’t know if this is commonplace, but near the end of the game at the peak of seagulldom, they were playing “I Ran So Far Away” by Flock of Seagulls.  BWAAAHHHHAAA!!!  Ginny, myself, and the guys sitting behind us could not contain ourselves over this.

I apologize that I haven’t been able to record a spit count yet.  I just haven’t been home for any of the games so far.  I’m hoping I can get home from work in time on Wednesday so that I can watch the entire game and count all the spits.  I did notice that Melky is definitely a spitter.  I’m still wondering who will take over Chris Stewart’s place as Spit Master General.  I’m guessing Pablo, but we’ll just have to see. Beat the Streak has begun.  Anyone want to compete with me?  You have to pick a batter every day and try and get a hitting streak going.  I competed against my brothers last year and won with a streak of 12 (HEEEEE).  Here’s the link.  Good luck, and if you do it, give me updates on how you’re doing.  Hey, you never know – you could win $5.6 million!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!


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