It’s Official! Eli’s Back!

Hector Sanchez has been doing one heck of a job for the Giants, especially when you consider he is a rookie.  He got 4 hits in the Astros game on Saturday, one of which was a double, and 2 RBI.  In the 4th inning, he got a single and then was injured when he tried to return to first base after a pickoff throw from the pitcher.   Apparently he sprained his left knee, and I’ve learned that in baseball, the term “sprained” is pretty scary.   He was taken out of the game, and Buster filled in for him behind the plate while Belt covered first.  At the time I was very concerned for Hector as he has played a key role on the team, especially with his bat.  But I didn’t realize until after the game that this could mean they would have to go to a backup catcher if he ended up on the disabled list.  And who is the only backup catcher on the 40-man roster (besides Pablo who hasn’t caught in forever)???  ELI WHITESIDE!!  Last night it wasn’t a sure thing as they were hoping the injury wasn’t too serious, but it was confirmed today by Comcast SportsNet that Hector has been placed on the 15-day disabled list and Eli is flying out from Las Vegas to Atlanta to be there in time for the game tonight.  HEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Now please don’t get me wrong – I would never wish ill on Hector, and he has become one of my favorite players.  But if this had to happen, I’m glad that Eli is able to take his place.  And I’m assuming he’ll replace Buster behind the plate maybe twice at the most in that time, but hey, he’s back!  You were right, Dave!  And welcome back Eli!!  Looking forward to seeing you in the dugout tonight.  Enjoy being with your buds again!

Just wanted to get that info out there, so this will be a mini blog, but I promise a full blown one later this week (hopefully tomorrow).  And I’ll give you a teaser for that one:  the all-time single person spit count record has been blown away!  Can you guess by whom???  Until next time, GO GIANTS!


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