Trade Update – It Never Fails!

I knew it!  A couple of hours after I posted the last blog about trades, the Giants made a move!  Yesterday they traded minor league infielder Charlie Culberson to the Colorado Rockies for veteran infielder Marco Scutaro.  You may remember Culberson as he made a brief appearance with the big boys this season (and he is a cutie pie!).  I hope he likes his new home in Colorado – good luck, Kid!

So what does this new guy bring to the team?  According to Brian Sabean, they like his versatility and experience.  He’s being compared to Ryan Theriot.  He has apparently played every position except pitcher and catcher.  It sounds like he will be playing third base with Pablo moving over to first when he gets back, and then playing shortstop against lefties (he is a rightie, and it had been rumored that the Giants were looking for another rightie).  Sorry, Ginny.  Looks like Brandon might be losing some of his playing time.

Scutaro was hitting .271 with 4 home runs and 30 RBI in 95 games for the Rockies.  Not too shabby.  He is known for making a lot of contact when he bats, definitely something this team needs.  And having another veteran around can’t hurt either (he’s 36).  Theriot has definitely made an impact by mentoring other guys on the team, and hopefully this guy can, too.

The only thing that bothers me is I found an article online that quotes him as saying he’s happy to be going to a team that has potential to make it to the playoffs, but he’ll miss the Rockies and hopes to go back to them next season when he will be a free agent.  Hmmm.  I’m not liking that.  Is he going to try to fit in?  Maybe once he gets here and realizes how great my boys are, he’ll change his mind.  Yes, I’m sure he will.  So we’ll have to see how that goes.  The addition of a bat surely can’t hurt.  And I wonder if he spits a lot.

Sabean also mentioned in his interview that this trade is hopefully the first of a couple of moves.  Who will be next?  I’ll definitely give you updates when I hear anything.

The Dodgers trade for Hanley Ramirez has already had an unfortunate impact on my boys.  He hit the game winning two-run home run yesterday.  He also put his fingers around his eyes like glasses and looked into the Giants dugout when he ran around the bases.  Who are you – a 10-year-old?  I hate that guy already.  You better watch your back, Son.  You’ve ticked off my boys, and they will come back with a vengeance!

I also noticed in the game yesterday that Ryan Theriot is no longer wearing the shorter pants.  He looked so much taller yesterday.  Guess he read my blog and realized the look wasn’t working for him.

Two more games against the Dodgers.  We can still win the series.  Yes, we can!  I have faith in you, Boys!  Take your revenge on Ramirez today!  Make the crazy finger eyeglasses stop!  GO GIANTS!!


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