Breaking News – Under Pants is a Giant!

I knew Sabean would come through with a trade at the last minute!  Today the Giants traded Nate Schierholtz (sniff), Double-A catcher Tommy Joseph (who I actually got to watch play in San Jose last year – great stuff!), and Class-A pitcher Seth Rosin for an undisclosed amount of cash plus HUNTER PENCE (aka “Under Pants” – thanks, Donna!)!!!  I am so excited about this trade because Pence definitely fills a need.  I mentioned in a previous blog that we might trade for a strong outfield bat, and voila!  He’s also a rightie, something that we need more of on the team.  Pence was hitting .271 with 17 homers and 59 RBIs for Philadelphia this season. He led the Phillies in hits, homers, RBIs, runs scored and walks.  Hopefully he’ll help keep guys from being stranded on base.  And for some reason, he has really good stats playing in AT&T Park, a place where a lot of guys have issues.

I am definitely having mixed feelings about this trade, though.  First off, it means that Nate will be leaving.  I love that guy!  He’s one of my boys!  But he does have a tendency to be streaky, and we do need someone who is more consistent with the bat.  Nate also made an interesting quote to Henry Schulman of the SF Chronicle recently.  When speaking of San Francisco and the Giants, he said, “It’s where I grew up. It’s home to me. I love the fans. I love the city. There’s not one thing I can’t say I love about this place, but I think I’ve come to the realization that maybe I’m not their guy. I’m not in the cards having a future here.”  Either the boy is a mind reader or once the Giants got wind of this they decided to act on it.  There were rumors that he had been seeing more playing time lately so that they could showcase him to potential trading partners.  Guess that might have been the case.  So Nate is off to Philadelphia.  Good luck there – at least they still have a great pitching staff, and you’ll probably get your wish of playing every day now.  You will definitely be missed.  The one positive note regarding his leaving – I won’t have to worry about misspelling his name in my blogs anymore!  Plus Ginny’s mom will be happy that Brett Pill has come back up from the minors to take his place!

The other thing that is bugging me about this trade is the fact that I hate the Phillies.  I have hated them ever since the 2010 playoffs.  There has been a lot of bad blood between the Phils and the Giants, and Pence was a Phil, so he was a part of that.  It’s going to take me a while to warm up to the guy.  However, the warming up process has already begun.  After the game tonight, they showed Pence arriving at AT&T Park from the airport, and he walked into the park and greeted the few fans who remained.  He made a beeline to some kids and signed autographs.  Points!  Amy G. caught up with him, and he was gracious enough to stop and give her an interview on his way to the clubhouse.  Points!  During said interview, he said, “WE got the win today.”  WE.  Not THEY.  More points!  And he did come off as a pretty cool guy during the interview.  When he spoke with Sabean earlier in the day, he said that he would get his own ticket to San Francisco and hoped to get to the park in time to help out with the end of the game!  Mega points!  I will definitely be watching the guy to see what I think of him in the next few days, with my first chance being tomorrow night as he is expected to start in right field. *makes finger glasses and looks in Hunter Pence’s direction*  But I have to say, overall, I am one very excited lady this evening!

I was surprised to hear Mike Krukow already referring to Hunter as “Under Pants”.  I didn’t know any one else did that!  Do you think people will show up tomorrow night wearing underpants on their heads?  You know about Giants fans and their crazy hats!  In the post game show, they mentioned that Timmy’s and Hunter’s dads know each other.  That’s crazy!  I can just picture them sitting around and talking about their boys.

Pence will be wearing the number 8.  What I’m wondering is will he wear the high pants to his knees like he did for the Phillies?  I like the throwback to the olden days of baseball, but unfortunately, the boy has chicken legs!  Check it out!  And the black socks will just accentuate that!  We’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.  I know Kruk and Kuip will definitely be talking about it.  And speaking of high pants, I haven’t figured Ryan Theriot out yet.  He was back to the high pants the other day, and then tonight he had the long ones again.  Not sure what the pattern is.  I guess he just likes to change it up.

While we were trading for Pence, the Dodgers were at it again, trading for center fielder Shane Victorino (Pence’s former teammate) and relief pitcher Brandon League.  Two very solid additions there.  But we won tonight and they lost, so we take over first place by ourselves!  Neener, neener, neener!  The D-Bags are also starting to make their way up the list of contenders in the NL West – I’ll have to put on my finger glasses and start watching them as well!

Speaking of tonight’s game, great job, Boys!  Way to “snap the skid!”  I’m so relieved that Timmy had a great game, and the boys came together and pulled it off.  We need to win these next two.  Hopefully Pence can help us do that.  I’m so excited to watch tomorrow night’s game!

A couple of other things I’d like to add in since I’m here blogging.  Angel Pagan ended up leaving last night’s game in the later innings.  I was wondering what had happened to him.  According to Bochy, he was upset with how he had been hitting, and he slammed his bat into something and bruised a couple of his fingers!  Seriously??  You are a grown man who is part of a team.  You can’t let your temper get the best of you, especially for what they are paying you!  Come on!  He was out again tonight.  I still can’t believe that one.  I love the guy, but sheesh!

I noticed another post game ritual tonight out on the field after my boys won the game (WOOHOO!).  Crawford and Theriot do a cute handshake/hug thingie.  They are so cute together!  You can tell that they have built a really strong bond.  This made me think about the other ritual in the outfield – how the outfielders come together and jump in the air and bump.  Can you picture Hunter Pence doing that with Melky and Angel??  Can’t wait to see that one tomorrow night!

Of course, I will be watching for one other key element of the Pence persona.  I’ll have to see if the boy spits!  Though I haven’t done an official spit count since he was acquired, I have witnessed Marco Scutaro spitting on several occasions.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Pence doesn’t, but somehow I can just imagine saliva flying out of that mouth!

Win the next two, Boys, and then continue on with this excitement to take home the pennant!  GO GIANTS!!


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