Eli Snuck Back!!

Just a quick update for you all.  I went to the game with Manny and his friend, Brian, on Sunday vs. the Braves (which unfortunately my boys lost).  At one point I was watching some relief pitchers warm up, and I didn’t recognize the guy who was catching for them.  Buster and Hector were both playing in the game, so I knew it couldn’t be either one of them.  I asked Manny and Brian if they recognized the catcher, and neither did.  Brian joked, “Maybe it’s Whiteside!”  It irritated me that I couldn’t figure out who it was.  When I got home that night, I checked out how I had done on my Beat the Streak picks for the day.  I happened to go to the Giants list of active players on that site (thought I might pick one of the boys to get a hit the next game), and lo and behold, there was my boy, Eli, listed with the rest of the gang!  I Googled his name to find out what the deal was and found out that he had been called up when Eric Hacker went back down to the minors (that boy had a terrible time while he was up), and the reason is to protect Buster in case his injured hamstring acts up.  So Brian was right!  I am so excited!  Hope he stay with the big boys for the rest of the season!  Missed you, Eli!  Welcome back!



  1. jimsgin

    I am surprised you didn’t recognize him, but you said you were up in the sky. I am very happy for you. The guys are doing well, Abbey will be a happy girl today. She is giving everyone a bad time, really nasty. I told them to just start talking about her Giants and things might change, they aren’t listening to me. Us Giants girls have to stick together. I think you said you are Pam sometime in Sept., so I will see you then. Take care. Ginny:)

    • giantsfancarm

      Thanks for the comment. Besides the fact that I was up in the sky, he had a catcher’s mask on! Otherwise I’m sure I would have recognized him by that distinctive white hair. Us Giants girls definitely have to stick together. Hope things get better with Abigail. See you sometime soon!

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