NLDS Update – Game 1

I have a sore throat this morning from yelling at the TV set.  I am so bummed that the boys lost.  I thought with Cueto coming out so soon that they would have an advantage, but it might have been the opposite.  I’m wondering if they were prepared for Latos (BTW – I still hate that guy after that baseball signing incident – you can read about it here).  Still can’t believe they got 2 homeruns, but I guess that’s what power hitters can do.  There were several positives about the game, though, that I’m trying to hold on to as we go to the second game of the series, as well as other reasons they might do better tonight:

–          Brandon Belt made a spectacular catch while falling over a railing at the beginning of the game.  I still can’t believe he held onto that ball and didn’t get hurt.  Andrew Baggarly mentioned that no one tried to catch him, but he didn’t hold it against them because he is so huge.  He also mentioned that Belt fell into a cup of beer, and his uniform smelled of beer for the rest of the game!  And he didn’t bother to change it!

–          Chapman is supposed to be their stud closer, but guys were actually hitting well off him.  He was forced to make so many pitches that he probably won’t play today.  That’s promising.

–          Kontos (aka “Cutie Pie”) was a stud and retired 6 guys in 2 innings with no hits allowed.  Kudos to the kid in his first post-season appearance.  Hoping this will continue.

–          Blanco went 2 for 3 last night.  Another kid stepped up to the pressure of the post-season.  Enjoyed watching his teammates make the shark fin with their hand on their head in his honor.

–          Several guys were robbed of hits due to lucky catches on the part of the Reds.  Hopefully their luck has run out, and we’ll be the lucky ones tonight.

–          Madison has had a much better run this season against this team, so hopefully that will bode well for him tonight.

–          Pablo’s orange Mohawk didn’t work for him last night (he went 1 for 5).  I’m making a suggestion for tonight – have all the players rub it (just like the Petaluma Little Leaguers would rub that kid’s head before games for good luck).  I really think this can work.  Try it tonight.

–          Buster continued to exhibit his MVPness with that homer, going 2 for 5 last night.  Have I mentioned lately that I love this guy?  Well, I love this guy.  Thank goodness for Buster Posey.  Looking forward to more goodness coming from him tonight.

–          The boys have done well against Bronson Arroyo, the starting pitcher tonight, including lots of homers.  I bet the score will be a lot higher on our side tonight.  Plus he has a really goofy wind up.  No room for goofy during the playoffs.  This is serious business.

–          It’s Ginny’s birthday today.  She’s such a dedicated fan that Brandon Crawford will make sure the boys come through for her.  She deserves to be happy on her birthday.  🙂

–          Last but certainly not least, I will be there in person cheering them on (not yelling through the TV).  They will hear me.  They will win. Nuf said.

I saw an interview with Hunter Pence after the game, and at one point, Jaymee Sire from Comcast SportsNet was asking him questions.  I think the boy has a major crush on her.  His face lit up and he was smiling at her the whole time.  I will continue to monitor this situation.  Hope I’m invited to the wedding.

Did anyone else happen to see what happened near the end of the Cardinals vs. Braves wildcard game on Friday night?  The umps made a controversial infield fly rule call, the fans in Atlanta didn’t like it, so they proceeded to throw every last bit of garbage they had (bottles, cups, etc.) down onto the field.  The players had to come off the field as to not get pelted by debris.  If I were a Braves fan, I would be extremely embarrassed.  Come on!  Those poor Cardinals outfielders that had to go back out there after that.  And the poor refs.  Their safety was put into danger for a questionable call.  Remember – IT’S JUST A GAME!!  I’m praying that we don’t see anything like that on our home turf, but I have faith in Giants fans to do the right thing.

I’ll give you a spit-related teaser.  I’ve started doing my spit analysis and made a surprising discovery.  We will have 3 Thank You For Not Spitting Award winners this year!  I’m so excited!  I’ll tease you with that for now, and hopefully I’ll get that blog out soon for you.

I’m wearing my 2010 parade shirt tonight in honor of the fact that they are on their way to another parade.  Yes, Ginny, the positive is back!  Look for me and my sister in the sky behind home plate.  I’ll be the one making heart symbols with my hands and yelling my lungs out.  Gonna enjoy every minute of my first playoff game.  Come on, Boys!  I know you can do it!  You have the tools – just have to use them!  BEAT THE REDS!  GO GIANTS!


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