Pelea, Pelea, Pelea!

Being at work yesterday without access to a TV or the internet was the cruelest form of torture this girl has ever experienced.  It gave the term “Giants Baseball – Torture” a whole new meaning.  I had a stomach ache all day wondering about that game.  Thankfully, there were a lot of fellow baseball fans at the school I was working at (teachers and students), so I got sporadic updates on how my boys were doing.  Plus my two awesome friends, Dianna and Ginny, gave me text updates (Dianna even gave me the play-by-play of the bottom of the ninth inning via about 10 texts!  Do I have the best friends or what???).

My boys actually did it.  They beat all the odds and came back from a 0-2 game deficit to win the NLDS, the first National League team to accomplish this since the division series was started.  Not only that, they did it on the road.  I am still in shock.  Even as I’m typing this, it’s still sinking in what an amazing accomplishment this is.  I am so thrilled for these guys, and I’m selfishly thrilled for myself since their season continues and I can continue to get my Giants fix.

Let’s take a step backward to the second game of the series.  That was the game that my sister and I attended, my first playoff game ever.  Unfortunately, none of the predictions I made in my last blog came true.  I think it’s because they didn’t take my advice to rub Pablo’s orange mohawk.  It can’t be anything I did – I was wearing all my Giants bling (2012 parade shirt, Gamer Babe necklace that Ginny made for me, orange beaded necklace I wore at the game where they clinched the division in 2010, old school Giants jacket with the Cain perfect game pin on it, Giants Vans that Nikki made for me, orange and black bracelet that Ginny’s sister made for me, SF earrings).  I also made sure I did not have a speck of red on me (including underwear).  Even with the 9-0 loss, my sis and I still managed to have a great time at the game.  We were yelling our lungs out when Belt finally got that hit and ruined Arroyo’s perfect game.  There were so few hits that day that we were even cheering when the count got to 3 and 1!  We were cheering anytime they caught the ball!  Plus we did the Gangnam Style dance and the Stayin’ Alive dance together with the few fans around us that remained past the 7th inning.  The mass exodus after the score got to 6-0 was disheartening, but we stayed ‘til the end like the die-hard fans that we are.  And the fans that remained were the best and rowdiest bunch.  Plus a Ghirardelli sundae sure can help to drown your sorrows (this has become a tradition recently in our AT&T Park experience).

Then the boys moved on to Cincinnati where they scratched and clawed their way through the next three games.  It was fun to see the highlights knowing that I had actually been in that park in April.  I couldn’t watch any of these games since I was working, and it was frustrating since I don’t have a Smartphone to check in on them, but several coworkers and friends came through for me with updates and texts.  What about that Hunter Pence?  I have loved that guy ever since he came to the team.  I even have totally stopped calling him “Under Pants”, even though now my mom does.  What a fantastic inspiration he is.  Other standouts include Ryan Vogelsong with his fantastic pitching appearance, all of the relief pitchers who have had to come in and save the day, and of course, our MVP, Buster Posey.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love this guy?  Can’t mention it enough.  Come on – he hit a grand slam yesterday!  The boy is god-like!  And have I mentioned how much I hate Mat Latos lately?  What sweet revenge it was that he was the pitcher they played against when they clinched it.

So now that they’ve won, my NLCS tickets will actually be valid.  The game will be either Monday or Thursday depending on the outcome of the Cards. Vs. Nats game tonight.  I am so thrilled that I get to go to that wonderful park again to see my boys, even though I’ll be standing the whole time.  They’re worth it!

One other thing I’d like to mention since it pertains to this blog.  My buddy Dave Benz, the Comcast SportsNet broadcaster who subscribed to my blog and actually linked to it a couple of times, is leaving to become the play-by-play announcer for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  I have to admit that I did not know that this is a NBA team (sorry, Dave), but I know now!  It has been a lifelong dream for him, so he will be leaving the Bay Area to brave the Minnesota winters and the Minnesotan’s accents.  Congratulations, and best of luck to you, Dave.  I know you will do a fabulous job and they will love you up north.  I will miss your commentary, your color, and your sense of humor.  And I will never forget the excitement I experienced the day you subscribed to my blog (nor will my family since they thought I had lost my mind that day!).

Here we go, kids!!!  The NLCS starts on Sunday, and I know our boys are up to the challenge.  Looking forward to more pep talks from Hunter and more great baseball from my boys.  Hoping that this time around there are more night games so that I can actually see them play live.  Go out there and get it done!  We are all behind you!  Ginny and I are still holding out for that parade!  Pelea, Pelea, Pelea!  Fight, Fight, Fight!  GO GIANTS!!!


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