Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Giants vs. Cardinals NLCS game on Monday.  My brother Paul and I were picked in the ticket lottery and were able to buy two tickets each.  Unfortunately my sister couldn’t go, so my brothers Nick and Paul and I went together.  We weren’t sure how the evening would turn out as the best seats we were able to buy were standing room only, and none of us had ever purchased this type of ticket before.  I assumed that we would be standing somewhere in the outfield, but I was just happy that I was going to be there in person.

Once we got to the park, I went to get food (unlike my brothers, I was famished).  Since they have such a variety of food there, I’ve been venturing out lately and trying new things besides the usual hot dog.  On this evening, I tried the Chinese food.  They had a combo with orange chicken, fried rice, and an egg roll.  The whole thing weighed about 5 lbs.!  Even though you got a ton of food for the money, I would not recommend it.  It had very little taste, and I ended up throwing half of it away as even my brothers wouldn’t eat it.  Steer clear of the Chinese food!  Nick got Tres Nachos (there were more than tres, so I’m not sure why the name), and those were pretty yummy.  I would also recommend anything from The Carvery and the Cha Cha Bowl (had those on previous occasions), plus the cheeseburgers are pretty yummy.  And I’m sure you all know about the heavenly garlic fries.

We walked around a bit and noticed that you could stand right behind the seats at the back of the Lower Box section.  We ended up getting spots right between home plate and third base.  We had a fantastic view, much better than we expected we would have in the outfield.  I would definitely do standing room only again.  There was even a guy standing in front of us that had seats on the View Level but chose to stand to get a better view.  The only problem occurred whenever something exciting happened (which happened a lot during that game) and people stood up.  At that point, we couldn’t see the field.  But we could still see the monitors they had in that area, so we still knew what was going on.

What a game that was!  There was so much to get excited about, and the crowd was really getting into it.  I wore my Vogelsong T-shirt for good luck.  Ryan pitched his little heart out and did a fantastic job, along with the rest of the boys.  My brothers and I were high fiving everyone all through the game, including the security lady who we ended up making friends with.  It was her job to keep people out of the isles right next to us.  She was a hoot – she kept teasing Nick because at one point she asked him what inning it was and he didn’t know!  She came and quizzed him a couple of times after that.

One of my favorite parts of the game was actually an almost tragic one.  Remember when Matt Holliday slid into Marco Scutaro at second base?  That play was so horribly illegal – he started to slide after he passed second base!  Anyway, right after that, one guy in the crowd yelled, “What’s the matter with Holliday?” and then a bunch of people yelled, “He’s a bum!”  It continued for a long time, and then every time Holliday came up to bat, it would start again and more of the crowd would get into it.  Of course, we were yelling our lungs out.  And it seemed to work – he didn’t get a single hit after that nasty play and he also made an error in the outfield on Scutaro’s hit, allowing an extra run to come in.  Ha ha!  Holliday is definitely on my list now as a bum, and will be booed by me from now on.

My boys ended up winning that game 7 – 1.  What an experience – it definitely made up for the NLDS game that my sis and I went to where they lost (even though we had lots of fun at that game as well).  And I always love to hear Tony sing!  Since then they lost two games in St. Louis, but came back from near elimination yesterday.  That game was so amazing – Zito pitched his butt off.  I was so thrilled for him since he’s put up with so much abuse from fans for the last several years.  The guy really works hard and doesn’t give up, and I still am in awe that he pitched into the 8th inning.  And there were so many fantastic defensive plays last night, including a fantastic catch near third base by Pablo, an amazing outfield catch by Angel, a diving, tongue-sticking-out, divot-making, sliding catch in right field by Hunter, and that still-can’t –believe-that-was-possible stop, spin, and throw out by Marco (Scutaro).  I was screaming so much during that game that I frightened my hubby!  They all came together and did it, and hopefully that teamwork can continue in the next two games (yes, they will make it to Monday at least!).

I do give partial credit to Ginny and I for yesterday’s win.  I decided I needed a new good luck charm for the game (the Rob Schneider and Tony Bennett bobbleheads didn’t work last time), so I put on my Gamer Babe necklace and pulled out my Brian Wilson gnome.  Ginny also had her Brian gnome out along with a ton of other Giants themed items.  During the game, I would rub Brian’s beard for good luck.  Brian’s beard is magic.  Hey, Barry made it into the 8th inning – magic.  As always, I enjoyed texting Ginny back and forth during the game, and this time I also texted my brother Paul.  So much fun.  My brother Paul has a 2-year-old daughter named Giuliana.  Giuliana hates the Dodgers (and the Badgers – sometimes she confuses this with Dodgers!).  During the game, I told him he needs to teach Giuliana to hate Matt Holliday!  I’m going to ask her if she does next time I see her.  Maybe I can teach her that “He’s a bum” chant, too!

Though spit counts are over for the season, I still can’t help but notice some gross activities on the field.  One in particular caught my eye (and my stomach) last night.  Near the end of the game, Barry expelled the contents of each nostril Madison Bumgarner style (aka snot rocketing) and it was so intense that you could actually see a mist of liquid coming out of his nose against the dark backdrop of the stands.  Totally blechy!!  Guess he was so excited that he couldn’t contain the snot!

I’ve made an interesting observation while watching some of the post-season games.  Even though he’s not on the 25-man-roster, Eli sure shows up on the screen a lot.  I’ve definitely been enjoying this, but it’s rather curious.  Seems like every time they do a dugout shot, there he is!  I hope he’s having a great time.

Just have one other thing to mention that has nothing to do with the post-season.  On the dashboard for my blog (the page that shows all the stats), I can actually see what people are searching for that takes them to my page.  Some of these are rather interesting, and I thought you might be interested in what people are wondering about the Giants.  Here are the top 5 searches recently: Is Angel Pagan married, Is (insert any Giants name, including coaches) married, What is on the side of Angel Pagan’s beard, Clay Hensley A Few Good Men, Amy Gutierrez Snot Rocket, Barry Zito Tattoo.  It just strikes me as funny what people care about.  And obviously Clay Hensley impressed people with his acting skills as that search shows up a lot.

Even though my predictions rarely come true, I’m going to make one last one this season (yeah – like it will really be the last one!).  I’m predicting they win the last two games of this series!  My basis for this prediction??  Well, for Sunday, it’s the same pitching matchup as the game last Monday (Vogelsong vs. Carpenter), and we all know how that one ended!  For Monday, they will win because it’s my birthday and I am their biggest fan, and the last thing they would want to do is to disappoint their biggest fan!  Plus it’s the 22nd, and that’s Eli’s number.  Must be lucky.  So there.  They will win the last 3-in-a-row.  It’s not like they haven’t done that before!  Keeping the faith, Boys!  As my Rob Schneider bobblehead says, “GO GIANTS!  You can do it!!”



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