Happy Birthday To Me!

Several things have become apparent to me in the last few days.  Since I am fond of lists, I think I will go ahead and list them here:

–          The Giants are unstoppable.  They may get behind and leave you feeling tortured and cause you to have many stomach aches, but in the end they will conquer.  They have definitely earned the nickname “The Cockroaches” given to them by Brian Sabean – you can’t kill them!

–          The Brian Wilson gnome I have is magic.  I think when they made it, someone accidentally knocked over a jar of pixie dust and some fell into the mold.  I’ve had that thing next to me for the last 3 games, rubbing his beard for luck and making anyone within a 20-foot radius do the same (my mom, my siblings, my niece – even my hubby who, God love him, lives with all this craziness).  And how many of those games have they won?  3.  That’s 3 for 3 for the gnome.  You bet the rubbing will continue during the World Series (that sounds terrible!).  Ginny says I’m going to turn his beard white with all this rubbing!  That’s OK – he’ll be Brian of the future then.

–          Karma is real.  Remember that nasty slide by Matt Holliday into Marco Scutaro in Game 2 of the NLCS?  Since then, Marco’s bat has been on fire, and he ended up with a .500 batting average during the NLCS.  Not to mention the fact that he won the Series MVP (and rightly so – I was so thrilled for him).  There’s one picture of him with outstretched arms, looking up to the sky in the rain, reveling in the moment.  Love that!  And did you notice when Matt Cain hit Matt Holliday with a pitch?  Accident?  I think not – he was sticking up for his buddy, Marco.  To top it all off, how Karma-ish was it that the final out of the game was a pop fly from Matt Holliday that was caught by Marco Scutaro?  You can’t make this stuff up!

–          Did I mention that THE GIANTS ARE GONG TO THE WORLD SERIES??  No, this is not a dream – this is fact.

–          With the Giants vs. Tigers series, there will be a battle of the probable MVPs from each league.  Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers is the front-runner for the American League and Buster Posey is the front-runner for the National League.  How cool is this?

–          Those National League Division Champion shirts the boys were wearing after the game are really cool.  I desperately want one, but when they win the World Series, it will no longer have any meaning, so I’ll hold off and buy a World Series one.

–          Along with the gnome, my birthday must have had some magical powers.  They clinched on my birthday.  Maybe because it was a special birthday (and no, I’m not going to reveal my age – I’ll leave that to my sister).  Thanks for the gift, Boys!  Best. Birthday Present. Ever.

–          I have a rally cry ready for the World Series games when Verlander is pitching.  The guy is a pitching phenomenon, but I’m pretty sure this cheer will mess with his head.  Just yell, “All-Star Game!  All Star Game!” Remember how he choked during the All Star Game when he was the starting pitcher for the AL?  I really think this can work if we all “pitch” in.

–          Another magic item:  my Vogelsong T-shirt.  I’ve worn it his last two starts, and he won both, and soundly.  We won’t mention the other times I’ve worn it when he didn’t win, but hey, at least it’s working now!!  Maybe the Brian Wilson gnome rubbed off on it.  Seriously, I love that guy.  And I’m so happy he’s having a fantastic outing in the playoffs.  All that hard work has paid off.

–          More magic in the mix:  I think I mentioned that I got my NLCS tickets through the ticket lottery.  Well, my brother Nick didn’t make the first pick for the NLCS lottery, but he got a second chance to get tickets after everyone else had bought theirs.  The best he could get at that point were View Reserve tickets to Game 7.  You have to put this into perspective:  When he bought the tickets, the Giants were behind the Reds 2 games to 0 in the Division Series.  That meant that in order for the tickets to even be valid, the Giants had to win the last three games vs. the Reds, the Cardinals had to beat the Nationals (otherwise Game 7 would have taken place in Washington – and the Cards were major underdogs), and the series had to go to Game 7.  All these improbable things happened.  My brother got to use the tickets and go to the game.  MAGIC!!

Just one other thing that doesn’t really fit on my list:  Has anyone else noticed Pablo making a heart with his hands lately?  I do this all the time with my kids.  I’m wondering what his reason is.  Is he doing it for his daughter?  Is he doing it to show the fans that he loves them?  I Googled it, but couldn’t find an answer.  Anyone hear anything about this?

So tell me about what you’re doing to help the boys win.  Any strange rituals or lucky charms?  I know that the boys tend to do well when Donna’s dog Penny walks into the room.  I hope this continues throughout the series!  Well, here we go, Kids!  The show starts tomorrow, and my boys are up to the challenge.  As long as the starting pitchers can keep it together and keep the runs down, I think we have a really good chance of taking this.  Those bats have been waking up of late.  And the defense has been amazing!  And remember the “All Star Game” chant!  I’ll quote Rob Schneider again since it worked last time:  GO GIANTS!  YOU CAN DO IT!



  1. Dianna

    Way to go, Keen! Yes, a great birthday present for a great fan and friend! I’ll be cheering right along with you from my house! Go Giants! You gotta believe!

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