2 Down, 2 To Go!!

The pieces continue to fall into place for my boys.  Can you believe how well they have done these last two games?  This is the World Series, Kids!  The big show!  And they are stealing it!  The standout for me was when Pablo hit those 3 consecutive home runs in Wednesday’s game.  How magical was that??  There have been so many great plays, both offensive and defensive, that my boys have made.  They all say that they are trying to have fun out there and enjoy this opportunity, and their play is really exemplifying this.  They are definitely making a name for themselves nationwide.  And I love all the craziness in the dugout, especially Romo with his photo bombs.

I forgot to mention something in my last blog.  I was watching the game last Sunday (Oct. 21) where Vogey pitched that gem.  During that game, he actually got an RBI, and the way he did it was to fake a bunt and then swing and connect with the ball.  Basically, he faked the outfielders out, pulling them in for the bunt, and then hitting further than they were expecting.  My brother Nick mentioned to me that this play is called a “butcher boy.”  I looked it up, and it’s also called a “slash” or a “slug bunt”, but butcher boy just sounds so much better.  Thanks for my continuing baseball education, Nick!  Great job on that butcher boy, Ryan!  I find it amazing that 3 pitchers in a row (Barry Zito, Ryan Vogelsong, and Matt Cain) all got RBIs with smart offensive plays in games of the NLCS.  They’re in there for their amazing pitching, but they can think on their feet and make great offensive plays as well.  We are so lucky!

I mentioned in the last blog that I was hoping the starting pitching could get back to its normal, stellar state, and that has definitely happened in these first two games.  Both Barry and Madison rose to the occasion.  Barry pitched almost 6 innings, allowing only 1 run, and Madison pitched 7 innings with no runs allowed.  These boys are shutting down the Tigers and saving the bullpen.  I was especially impressed with Madison who hadn’t had the greatest stuff during this post season to date.  I had heard that he was having issues with his mechanics and that the issues had been solved.  It was reassuring to hear that they could actually get a handle on exactly what it was he was doing incorrectly, and he has obviously fixed it.  When our pitching is on, we are unbeatable!  That’s why I’m going to put myself out there and make a prediction regarding this series.  My confidence in this team has skyrocketed since the beginning of the post season.  I truly believe that they are going to take this series in 4 games.  There, I said it.  Why?  Vogelsong and Cain will pitch the next two games.  These guys are our rocks.  Their wicked stuff will shut down the Tigers.  I don’t care that they will be playing in Detroit.  Remember Cincinnati??  With the pitching strong, you know the rest of the boys will rise to the occasion as they have thus far.  We’ve got some powerful momentum going here.  I really think this will happen.  And I know a bunch of you want the series to come back here so that they can clinch at home, but come on!  Don’t we just want them to get this taken care of NOW???   Don’t be selfish!  They’ll be home for the parade anyhow.

Don’t forget to get your free Doritos Locos taco from Taco Bell on October 30th from 2-6 pm.  This is all thanks to Angel Pagan stealing a base on Thursday.  Thanks, Angel!  Love those things!

Anibal Sanchez is scheduled to pitch tonight for the Tigers.  Plus Hector Sanchez is scheduled to be the designated hitter for the Giants.  This means that we will again be tortured with the incorrect pronunciation of the name “Sanchez” by Tim McCarver.  I am so dreading this.  It’s not “San-CHEZ”, dude, it’s “SAN-chez!”  There is no accent there!!  Can’t someone please school that guy?  That ranks in the top 10 things that annoy me, right up there with baseball players spitting on camera.

I’m so happy that I finally will get to actually watch the games this weekend.  I was working on Wednesday night, but I was able to get score updates from my coworkers and some of the parents of kids that I tutor (that was so cool of them!).  Then on Thursday, I took my mom to bingo (our weekly date).  I did catch glimpses of the game that night as they set up a large TV in the bingo hall for us.  They actually paused the bingo during the 9th inning so that we could all watch the end of the game (for those of you that have ever played bingo and know how serious these people take their game, you know what a big deal this is!).  We were all chanting and clapping, “Here we go, Giants!  Here we go!” *clap, clap* Then a huge cheer went out at the final out.  Tonight I’ll watch the beginning from home, then listen on the radio in the car, and then watching the end at my cousin Paully’s house during his Halloween party (I’m assuming the game will be on there – my whole family are huge Giants fans).  Tomorrow night, I’m going to Ginny’s to watch with her and her mother.  That will be a blast!!  I’ll be taking my Brian gnome to rub for luck and my Tony Bennett bobblehead so we can play “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” when they clinch the World Series.  Yes, I’m sure of it!!  Best of luck, Boys!  Continue your great work and bring that trophy back home to us!  GO GIANTS!!


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