2012 World Series Winners and the Parade (WOOHOO!!)

I need to start off with a HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  They did it!  Not only did my boys win the World Series for the second time in three years, but they won it in a sweep!  My prediction actually came true (check out my 2 Down 2 To Go blog dated October 27th)!  And guess what??  The Brian Wilson gnome was in attendance at Ginny’s house where I went to watch Game 4.  He’s 4 for 4 now!!  What a joy it was to watch those last two games.  I caught the end of the first one at my cousin Paully’s Halloween party.  Ryan did another fine job and all the boys contributed to the win.  Then on Sunday (the day they clinched) I went to Ginny’s house to watch the game with her and her mother.   I took the gnome and some rally towels and Ginny put out a black and orange themed selection of foods that were scrumptious!  She also had the whole house decked out in Giants decorations, including a broom next to the television set!  I was so happy that I could be with them on the day that they clinched it.  And what a great game that was.  So close up until the last minute, even going to a 10th inning.  But in the end, the boys came through and got their celebratory pile ons and champagne showers.  I’m so proud of those guys.  As one of the FOX broadcaster predicted, the Tigers were swept under the Matt!!

Then the guys came home to their parade.  Of course, I had to be there.  Ginny accompanied me.  Besides all of her other Giants attire, she wore her homemade hat that has a picture of Brandon Crawford and her on it (I love it!).  I left my house at 3:45 am and picked her up at about 4:15.  We headed to the San Carlos Caltrain station.  I knew not to try the Millbrae station again as two years ago it was a nightmare – there were so many fans there you couldn’t tell where the end of the ticket lines were!  San Carlos was the exact opposite.  There were a total of about 10 people in the station when our train left at 5:13 am.  We got to the City at 6:00 then walked in the drizzle to Market Street.  We ended up camping out at Powell and Market, and we got to stand right in front at the barricade.  This was a much better view than two years ago.  We met some really nice people that were standing next to us – a dad, his two sons, and one of the son’s girlfriend.  Ginny noticed that one of the sons had a really nice camera, and she asked him about it.  He said he was planning on taking lots of pictures and that if we emailed him he would send us copies of them.  What a sweet guy!  We also found out that he is a staffer for John Garamendi.  I took lots of photos, but I’m sure his are better, so I hope he follows through on that promise.  He and his brother were acting like little kids during the whole parade; they were so excited and such great Giants fans.

The time went by quickly as we chatted about our boys together and with those around us.  During this time, we noticed that the police were out in full force, including the bomb squad.  Another friend, Tom, was supposed to come, and we texted him to see where he was, but he said his friends hadn’t gotten up yet and he was worried that it was getting crowded.  He finally made it about an hour later and ended up across the street from us, but about 4 rows of people back from the front.  Next time, just come with us, the die-hard fans!!

When 11 o’clock finally arrived (the planned start of the parade), we spied down the street to see who would be first.  There had been so many empty buses that had passed by (we assumed that they had transported the parade participants to the start of the parade route) and we wondered who they had carried and how that many people could possibly be in the parade.  Then the leadoff police officers on horseback arrived.  They were followed by several floats (including one holding the band Banda HS, the guys that sing Sergio Romo’s walk up song, El Machon, which I love and dance to at every game), a couple of bands (Riordan and Cal), and several dignitaries (including the Mayor Ed Lee, some ex-San Francisco mayors, Nancy Pelosi, and Gavin Newsom).  Next came the announcers and the KNBR staff.  Then there were the precious Giants alumni, including Gaylord Perry, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal, and Willie Mays.  Larry Baer and Brian Sabean also had their own cars, as well as Mike Murphy (the equipment manager).  They were followed by all the coaches.  My favorite of all was Will Clark.  He was so excited and standing up in the car with outstretched hands (I got a great shot of him).  Tim Flannery held a sign that read, “Giant Cockroaches Never Die!”  Finally, Bruce Bochy arrived with the World Series trophy.  He was followed by all of the players, each in their own car with their families.  It was so thrilling to see them all, and so close.  I found out after the fact that Jim Harbaugh was driving Brandon Belt’s car and Alex Smith was driving Matt Cain’s car!  Hunter Pence was the most hyper of the bunch – he would not sit still and kept getting the crowd to cheer.  Sergio Romo was wearing a shirt that said, “I only look illegal!” and he walked in front of his car.  Brian Wilson was the only player who was in a motorized cable car, and he was his crazy self the whole time we saw him.  I also got my fill of my boy Eli Whiteside as his car stopped almost in front of us.  He’s got 2 little kids, and one was pretty fresh, so I guess the rumor from a few months ago was true.  I was so happy that he got to ride in the parade with all his comrades.  He was sporting a Grateful Dead T-shirt – wonder if he’s a Dead Head??  Unfortunately, Ryan Theriot couldn’t be there due to a family emergency.  I hope everything is OK now.  All the players were anxious to see what he would wear to the parade as he is known for his “creative” attire.  There was plenty of obnoxious horn blowing, cheering, and confetti to accompany the guys as they traveled the parade route.

After the parade, we went and had lunch, then walked over to the Civic Center.  We couldn’t get close enough to actually see the guys, but we could watch them on the Jumbotron.  It was fun being surrounded by so many fans and hearing them all give their speeches.  And it was a thrill at the end to hear Tony Bennett sing one last time live.  What a great day!  I’m so glad I got to spend it with my Giants partner in crime, Ginny.  Hoping we can do it again next year (and hoping my siblings can all come next year as well).  Yes, I have high hopes for these boys!

Congrats to Buster Posey for winning the Hank Aaron award.  You could tell he was ecstatic to receive an award from his childhood hero.  He said that he was honored that Hank even knew who he was!  Can’t wait for the announcement of this year’s MVP where I’m sure Buster will be one proud kid again.

Did anyone notice that in his last couple of games Ryan Vogelsong started chewing gum while he was pitching?  When you’re looking for spits, you tend to notice things like this!  I wonder why.  Maybe this calmed him down a bit?  Whatever it was, it worked, so keep it up!

Check out this video.  It’s from the students of the elementary school that Brandon Belt attended wishing him luck in the World Series.  My favorite part is where they give him playing advice.  So adorable!  Made me cry.  I’m sure it meant a lot to him.

Learned something else new from the World Series.  It’s regarding the designated hitter, something the Giants don’t deal with much unless they play an inter-league game.  If a designated hitter comes out of the game, a current position player cannot take his place.  Only a new player can switch out for him.  This was discussed in one game when Pablo came out and was replaced by Joaquin Arias.  Hector Sanchez hadn’t been hitting well and was the designated hitter, but Pablo could not replace him.  He had to come out of the game.  We’re always learning here!

I also discovered the meaning of Pablo’s hand hearts.  Hunter Pence mentioned that Pablo started the heart thing and it was directed at the guys in the clubhouse, like he got the hit or made the great play for them.  Isn’t that great??  The funny thing was that Angel Pagan was mimicking him one day after he did it, and he was making the heart back and making kissy faces.  Those guys are all looney!  I love it!

Speaking of Angel, anyone notice a white piece of paper attached under the bill of his baseball cap during the World Series?  I only noticed it during the last game – not sure if it was there at any other time.  I Googled it, but couldn’t find any info about it.  Any ideas as to what that paper was?  Maybe a bible reference?  Or notes on the Tigers hitters?  Any info would be appreciated.  I had never noticed anything like this before from any other player.

So it looks like Aubrey Huff won’t be back next season.  The Giants declined his contract option this week.  He made very little contribution to the team in the last two years, but you’ve still gotta love his spunk and all he did for the team in 2010.  I wish him well.  We’ll always remember that red rally thong and the awkward moment at the 2012 parade.  Was also wondering if he had reconciled with his wife as he rode in the parade with his two kids and a woman.  I hope so.

So we’ll bask in the glory for a while, and then the Giants will start planning for another fantastic season to come.  I’m already having Giants withdrawal and am so sad that I can’t listen to the guys on KNBR anymore as all they talk about is football and basketball now.  I promise that spit analysis blog will come out next and I’m also planning on doing one regarding the contract status of the players and who I think will return next year (got a lot of positive feedback on last year’s).  And I’ll keep you posted on anything that happens during the hot stove league.  Savor the victory.  Great job, Boys!!!  Enjoy some time off!  We love you!!  GO GIANTS!!



  1. Ginny Kooper

    Mary, I want to thank you so much for such a fun time during the Giants 2012 season. You made it so special going to the games, dressing in different attires, taking Mom to her first game, that meant so much to her. The parade was an experience I will never forget and I want to do it again! The guys did a fantastic job and I can’t wait until next year, I miss them! Thanks sooooooo much for your friendship, GO MARY and GO GIANTS!

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