Happy Trails To You, Eli

This was inevitable:  Too much talent at the catcher position on one team.  Still, it’s hard to take.

Thanks to a heads up from Vinnie, I found out yesterday that Eli Whiteside was claimed off waivers by the Yankees.  I didn’t even know he had been placed on waivers (some fan I am).  My fellow whitey is no longer a Giant.  I wonder how he feels about this.  It seems like he has some really close buds on the team (he was a Giant since 2009).  He’ll have to deal with those harsh New York winters now.  On the bright side, he will probably get to play more.  And he’ll be on the same team as his buddy, fellow catcher and ex-Giant Chris Stewart (aka Spit Master General).

Upon reading some of the articles on his move, I discovered what a truly talented catcher the guy is.  I knew he was good, but not this good.  Since 2009, he has compiled a 3.32 catchers ERA.  That’s the combined ERA of the pitchers pitching when he was catching.  It’s a measure of the catcher’s game calling ability.  This is the lowest catchers ERA among all Major League catchers over that four-year span (of players with a minimum of 1200 innings played).  Even taking into account the talent that was pitching to him, that’s pretty darn impressive.   He’s also caught 23.6 percent of attempted base stealers.  And remember that he was the catcher when Jonathan Sanchez pitched his no hitter.

Well, Eli, I wish you and your family all the best on the East Coast.  You’ll always be a Giant to me.  Maybe someday I can get your autograph on the World Series shirt I bought that left you off the list.  Maybe you’ll come back some day and coach (this was mentioned as a possibility by Mike Krukow when Eli was originally sent down to the minors earlier in the season).  Stay warm and keep smiling.

And by the way…GO GIANTS!!!



  1. jimsgin

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Eli, that is really too bad. I hope he does well on his new team. See you Thursday.

  2. Dianna

    I know this is a blow to you – but it’s tough to be a Giant catcher when you play backup to Posey. He’ll do well and you’ll keep apprised of his success, I’m sure!

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