Angel’s in the Outfield… and Marco! Scutaro!’s Back!

Yesterday, Angel Pagan received a 4-year, $40 million deal with the Giants and tonight, hot off the presses, Marco Scutaro received a 3-year, $20 million deal.  I’m so excited that both my boys will be back next year!  And the Marco! Scutaro! chant can continue.  But what do you think about the money that is being thrown around here?  All I heard about today on KNBR was how they shouldn’t give Marco more than a 2-year deal because of his age, and then he gets a 3-year deal.  Plus Angel was only expected to get a 3-year deal.  Apparently there is a lot of money being tossed around because several clubs are getting tons of money from TV.  So we’ve got to compete with them and make bigger offers than usual.  Oh well, I’m just happy we’ve got the two of them tied up for next year already.  Thoughts?  And we’re still waiting to hear what happens with Brian Wilson.  Rumor has it that Bruce Bochy was planning on calling him to get him to calm down and reason with him.  We’ll see if the Boch has the magic touch.  Will keep you updated!


One comment

  1. Ginny Kooper

    I’m glad they are staying too, I thought Brian was a done deal of not returning. If they want him back that’s a good thing, he’s been too much of a Giant to leave.

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