Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

Talk about starting the day off on a high note!  This morning, just as I was about to get out of the car to go to work, I heard on KNBR that Andrew Baggarly had just Tweeted about the fact that Andres Torres was going to be a Giant again!  He received a 1 year contract for $2 million.  It’s so weird because yesterday I was looking at the 2010 World Series magnet on my fridge that my brother Paul gave me and Andres is on it.  I was thinking about what a great guy he was and how I missed having him on the team.  And now he’s back!  I bet not only the players are happy about this one but also all the staff of AT&T Park.  He was known for being down to earth and friendly with all the staff, from the ushers to the field crew.  And he’ll be great as a platoon with Gregor Blanco in left field as well as filling in for the other guys in the outfield when needed.  Plus he can come back from New York to sunny California!  Thanks to the Giants staff for bringing my boy back to us!!  Welcome back, Andres!  Looking forward to seeing that smile again!

Poor Eli has been having some tough times during the Hot Stove League.  First he was claimed off waivers from the Giants by the New York Yankees, and then about a month later on December 3rd he was claimed off waivers from the Yankees by the Toronto Blue Jays.  What a roller coaster the poor guy’s been on!!  Could you imagine having to deal with potential moves like this when you have a young family?  And just trying to wrap your head around a move and then having it change a month later?  I guess things could be worse – at least he’ll still be making money playing ball next season.  Wish I could give him a big hug.  We’ll see how long this current situation lasts.  Keeping my fingers crossed that somehow he’ll end up back in SF.

Some of my boys have been keeping busy over the off season.  Barry Zito and Brandon Belt helped to present the Favorite Female Artist Award at the American Country Awards.  Here’s the video.  They didn’t say much, but they sure are tall compared to that other guy!  Bet that was a thrill for both of them – Barry as he is a musician and Brandon as he is a big country music fan.  But why does Barry keep wearing that silly hat??  It makes him look like he’s covering a bald spot or something!  I also heard that Pablo Sandoval will be judging the Miss Universe Pageant.  How does something like that come into being??  Whose decision was that?  Bet he’ll have lots of fun with that one.

My cousin Manny left me a voicemail with some interesting observations he had about the last two Giants World Series wins.  In both those seasons, the NLCS MVP was won by a player who joined the team mid-season (Cody Ross in 2010 and Marco Scutaro in 2012) and the World Series MVP was won by the 3rd baseman (Edgar Renteria in 2010 and Pablo Sandoval in 2012).  Interesting.  We’ll have to see if this trend continues with next season’s win (positive thoughts).  Thanks for the input, Manny!

I found out the date for the 2013 Giants FanFest is February 9th.  Ginny and I are already planning to go.  You are welcome to tag along if you’re willing to get up early with us (and I do mean EARLY!).  Or you can just meet us there later and hang out.  The more the merrier!  Can’t wait!  I’ll keep you updated when Giants news breaks.  Still waiting to hear where Brian Wilson ends up.  Any thoughts on that??  Until then, GO GIANTS!!



  1. Ginny Kooper

    You are wonderful keeping us all updated. I’m relatively new to all this and as usual you have made it more fun than you know. Let me know if you hear of a new little baby arriving, don’t have to tell you who that is.

  2. giantsfancarm

    Will do, Ginny! I would guess the arrival should be pretty soon. You might hear before me from that Crawford’s Cougars page! Also thought you would enjoy the CMA reference and listening to some of the girls sing. Thanks for your continued support!

  3. Dianna

    Carm, just a point of clarification. This was not the CMAs, but the ACAs. And, believe it or not, there is a difference! You know baseball. I know country music! (And the short guy is Rodney Carrington, singer and most often, comedian)!

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