Eli On the Move Again and Other News

Just when you have your head wrapped around the fact that you are going to be surrounded by people who say “Eh” constantly, you get moved almost right back into your own backyard.  Such is the continuing saga of Eli Whiteside.  First the Giants, then the Yankees, then the Blue Jays, now the Rangers.  Thanks to a heads up from Manny’s friend, Brian (thanks, Brian – I owe you a taco at Senor Taco!), I found out that Eli was claimed off of waivers from the Blue Jays by the Rangers on December 12th.  You can read the whole story here.  At least it sounds like he’s used to this kind of thing and isn’t counting on any one claim sticking for too long.  And at least he’s guaranteed to make at least $200k because the Yankees actually gave him a contract (he’ll make up to $650K if he stays in the Majors the entire year).  Still, I’m sure all these changes get to you after a while.  He definitely earned some extra brownie points from me as he mentions how fantastic his wife has been through all this, supporting him from the time he was in high school.  Good boy!  The article mentions the fact that there were reports that A.J. Pierzynski was signed to a 1-year contract with the Rangers, and this has been confirmed today.  Pierzynski is a catcher with a .284 career batting average.  This does not bode well for Eli remaining the Rangers top backup catcher option as he isn’t strong offensively.  So look for more movement in the future.  I’ll definitely keep you updated.  Hang in there, Eli!

Also just heard that right-handed pitcher Sandy Rosario has been claimed off waivers by the Giants from the Cubs.  Rosario has been on the same roller coaster as Eli has in the off-season, going from the Marlins to the Red Sox to the A’s back to the Red Sox then to the Cubs and now to the Giants.  He’s expected to compete for a bullpen spot if he manages to stay until spring training.  Stay tuned for this one as well.

As news is slow sometimes during the Hot Stove League, some interesting things make the headlines.  The latest is that Timmy cut his hair.  This has been confirmed by Comcast SportsNet, but there is a picture floating around supposedly of Timmy with his new do that has not been confirmed.  Here it is.  What do you think?  If it is him, I miss the longer locks.  The shorter hair makes him look like a little kid!  I wonder what my FanFest buddy, Morganlee, is thinking about this (she is a huge Timmy fan), along with all the other girls who are Timmy fans.  Then again, who knows?  Maybe the change will give him a fresh start for next season.  Guess the Timmy wigs will all go out the window next season.  Maybe if Brian Wilson comes back they can be reshaped into beards.  Or if he doesn’t come back, then Romo beards.

Buster Posey is in the running to be on the cover of MLB 13 The Show (a Playstation game, if you don’t know of such things like me who had to look it up).  You can check out the promo here.  Isn’t he adorable in this??  I hope he wins.  Good luck, Buster!  That would be one more thing to add to your list of incredible accomplishments at such a youngster age.

Still waiting on some Brian Wilson news.  Until the next update, GO GIANTS!!!



  1. Ginny Kooper

    I wish your boy lots of luck and hope he can settle down in one spot. I’m not use to Timmy’s hair, but it will grow. I hope everyone has a great holiday and can rest and enjoy it with friends and family. THEN get serious and make the calendar move faster towards a new season of our GIANTS. Sure do miss them.

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