Wilson News and the World Baseball Classic

So word has it that Brian Wilson has been working out with the Mets at UCLA this week.  Hmmm…  Does this mean The Beard will be pitching in The Big Apple soon?  I heard Mike Krukow comment about this on KNBR this morning, and he said this didn’t mean anything definite, but he could see Wilson playing for the Mets since his home is on the East Coast.  However he still thinks that the Giants will make him a last minute offer and he’ll take it.  We’ll see.  I wonder how fans in New York would respond to a character like Wilson.  I don’t think anyone could love him like we do.

Several Giants players have announced that they will be playing in the World Baseball Classic.  Ryan Vogelsong and Jeremy Affeldt will be on the USA team and Pablo Sandoval will be on the Venezuela team.  Buster Posey has opted not to play so as not to push things as he continues to recover from his injury (good thinking, Buster!).  Pablo was trying to convince Marco Scutaro during the postseason to also play on the Venezuela team, and Sergio Romo is considering playing for Mexico.  I think it’s great that these guys want to represent their countries in this world-wide baseball competition, but please, boys, DON’T GET HURT!!  It looks like the schedule for the World Series Classic overlaps with the Spring Training schedule.  How does that work?  Does the team figure the guys are getting their practice in anyway, so it doesn’t matter?

Jeremy Affeldt has continued to do amazing things for charity over the offseason.  From December 27th to January 3rd, he was in Asia, accompanying Not For Sale founder David Batstone to South Korea and Thailand.  Yes folks – that means he missed spending New Year’s Eve with his family for the trip.  Not For Sale is a charity that Affeldt supports that is working toward ending human trafficking and slavery.  Affeldt is an ambassador for their Free2Play campaign which funds athletic programs for victims of human trafficking.  He’s also recruited almost 20 other Major League players (including Brandon Belt) to help out.  I love hearing stories like this.  Great job, Jeremy!

Unfortunately, Buster didn’t make it onto the cover of MLB ’13 The Show video game.  But Donna’s Andrew McCutchen did!  Donna – would that entice you to buy that game??  Oh well, Buster, you’ve won your share of awards this last season.  It’s no biggie.

Finally, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my boy Eli has this way of getting his face in the camera when it comes to the Giants.  He’s still doing it somehow, and he’s not even on the team!  I was just watching this today, and there he is, all over the place!  Aw – it’s so nice to see his cute face again, and now before he’s wearing a Rangers (or whatever team he ends up on) cap.

Will keep my ears open.  26 more days ‘til I can see my boys in person!  GO GIANTS!


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