Buster’s Road to Recovery

27 more days until the start of the 2012 season!  So excited that I’ll get to see my boys regularly on TV soon (sorry, Hubby!).  Not much in the news right now, but I have a couple of tidbits to share with you.

Andrew Baggarly wrote a fantastic piece on Buster Posey’s road to recovery after his devastating leg injury.  Didn’t think you could love our MVP more than you do?  Well read this.  It’s also a well-deserved tribute to the training and medical staff that the Giants have put together.  When you really think about it, it is pretty amazing how far the kid has come, and how quickly he was able to get back.  All the details Baggarly gives us allow you to fully appreciate this.  Enjoy.

Conor Gillespie was traded to the White Sox for right-handed relief pitcher Jeff Soptic on February 22nd.  The reason I remember Gillespie is that even though he only appeared in a handful of Major League games the last two seasons, he’s appeared in every spit count I’ve done when he played (1 last season and 4 in 2011).  He always emerges from the dugout with a huge wad in his mouth, and he produces some huge, juicy spits.  Sorry.  It’s true.  That’s how I will always remember him.  Apparently the Spring Training announcers are happy because there will be no more confusion between him and another kid on the team, Cole Gillespie (who’s actually making some heads turn in Arizona).  Soptic played Low-A ball last season and wasn’t super impressive, but at least the Giants got something for Gillespie who had run out of Minor League options and probably would have been picked up off waivers by another team anyway.  Good luck, Conor.  Please tone down the spitting – might improve your game (shhhhh – you never know, right??).

The World Baseball Classic is underway.  Eight members of the team have left to be with their respective teams (Andres Torres and Jose Mijares have been scratched due to injuries and Javier Lopez decided not to risk going).  They’ve been talking a lot about it on KNBR, and it sounds like there have been some great games.  Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens team from the Netherlands has advanced to the next round.  In case you were wondering (like me) how this thing works, here is a nice graphic for you.  I was happy to see that they limit the pitch counts – don’t want any of our pitchers blowing out their arms while they are there.  I recently found out that Italian WBC player Tyler La Torre, Giants Minor League catcher who was invited to Spring Training, is the son of the Vice Principal at a school I sub at often.  Tyler was even interviewed on KNBR the other day.  His dad must be gushing right now.  So I’ve taken him under my wing and I’m rooting for him.  Go Tyler!  Just don’t embarrass Ryan Vogelsong and Jeremy Affeldt, please (Italy plays USA on Saturday).

Bud Selig is officially pushing for tougher drug penalties.  Looks like there may be tougher first time offender penalties in place during the 2014 season.  Currently first time-offenders are given a 50 game suspension.  Glad to hear this.  Wish the changes could come about sooner, but I understand all the legal issues when dealing with the player’s union (I’ve learned a lot in the last two years!).

Hunter Pence has become one of my favorites.  Here’s just one reason why.  How can you not love this guy?

I’m hoping that the Giants will be showing the Opening Day game vs. the Dodgers on April 1st at AT&T Park this year.  They did it last year, and Ginny and I went and had a blast.  I would think since it’s a Dodgers game they could easily get a good crowd, even though the game starts at 1:10 pm.  I’m already working to get time off just in case.  Called the park today, and they don’t know anything yet.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Anyone else want to go?  They gave out free hot dogs and foam fingers last year.  Maybe they’ll give out their leftover Timmy wigs this year.  Or start a new trend and hand out Timmy fake glasses.  Who knows?  Until next time, keep improving during Spring Training, Boys!  And WBC players – DON’T GET HURT!!  GO GIANTS!


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