The Boys Are Back In Town!

The season has begun!  WOOHOO!  And we’re off to a pretty great start.  I so wish I had more time to get to the computer and blog my heart out.  Love singing the praises of my boys.

Ginny and I attended the KNBR Opening Day Viewing Party on Monday.  As usual, the two of us had a blast, even though the boys couldn’t pull off the win for Matt.  We each got a free hot dog (there’s just something about hot dogs at the ballpark) and a foam fist with two World Series rings on it.  It was great getting back together with all the other crazy Giants fans.  We got to see the two World Series trophies but didn’t have time to take pics with them.  And though it was threatening rain, the weather was pretty good.  Great day with my friend at our home-away-from-home!

In case you were wondering, here’s the finalized 25-man roster for your San Francisco Giants:


Jeremy Affeldt

Madison Bumgarner

Matt Cain

Santiago Casilla

Chad Gaudin

George Kontos

Tim Lincecum

Javier Lopez

Jose Mijares

Sergio Romo

Ryan Vogelsong

Barry Zito


Buster Posey

Guillermo Quiroz

Hector Sanchez


Joaquin Arias

Brandon Belt

Brandon Crawford

Nick Noonan

Pablo Sandoval

Marco Scutaro


Gregor Blanco

Angel Pagan

Hunter Pence

Andres Torres

Look familiar?  Only four of the guys on the list were not Giants last season, and Andres Torres was a Giant two years ago.  Chad Gaudin replaces Guillermo Mota as a middle reliever.  He already had an excellent showing the other day, pitching 2 innings with one strikeout and only giving up 1 hit.  Plus he fits right in – he’s got that huge beard thing going on!  Nick Noonan earned his spot on the team as a backup utility guy through his great showing during Spring Training, especially near the end.  He’s only 23, hits left-handed, and is definitely a cutie pie!  To date he’s pinch-hit a couple of times without much success, but there’s still plenty of time for him to show his stuff.  The last newcomer is catcher Guillermo Quiroz.  He was added since Hector was having some issues with his shoulder and will be a backup catcher.  He is skillful both offensively and defensively, impressing the staff during Spring Training with a .286 BA with 5 doubles in 35 at-bats.  Welcome to the team, Guys!  Since Andres Torres has been healthy, neither Cole Gillespie nor Francisco Peguero was added to the roster.  Must be tough to narrow down to only 25 guys.  And must be tough for Cole and Francisco knowing that their only chance to play with the big boys this season will come if someone gets injured.  If you were in that situation, would you be tempted to put a voodoo hex on someone??  Come on – be honest!  Wonder if it’s ever happened!

In major, awesome, outstanding, champion news, Buster Posey was given a long term contract.  I was so ecstatic when I came home from vacation to hear this news.  He was given a 9-year, $167 million contract.  That means our boy will be a Giant through 2021!  Seriously – 2021!  I can’t fully express how thrilled I am at this news, and I bet other members of the team are thrilled as well.  It would be fantastic if the core group they have now could stay together as long as possible, and Buster is surely at the core of the core!  Congrats, Kid!  It was awesome to see him receive his MVP award at AT&T Park today.  Giants’ bandleaders Brian Sabean and Bruce Bochy also had their contracts extended, and well-deservedly so.  Both were extended through 2016.  This just adds to the continuity this team has going.  I’m loving it!

I sent out the Thank You For Not Spitting and Spit Master General certificates and letters for the 2012 season today.  We’ll see if I get any response (I didn’t last season).  Thank You For Not Spitting certificates went to Gregor Blanco, Brandon Crawford, and Hunter Pence and Spit Master General certificates went to Pablo Sandoval and Chris Snyder (former Astro who held the overall record last season).  Snyder is now on the Angels’ AAA team in Salt Lake City.  Would guess he’s probably not too happy about that.  At least since their games aren’t televised no one will have to endure the constant expectoration!  We’ll see how my boys do with their spitting this season.  Hope the non-spitters spread the word and get those boys to knock it off!

During the game coverage today, did anyone else notice that the Giants actually appeared in FOX’s funniest moments of the week?  The outfield gang of Gregor, Angel, and Hunter had an epic fail of the jump that they do after a win.  They all gathered to jump and just couldn’t get it together.  What a crackup!  Look forward to seeing lots more jumping this season.  Hope they can get their act together (I’m thinking Hunter’s lack of coordination was at the root of it all!).

Finally, just wanted to share a story that made my night yesterday.  We were at dinner with friends and of course the conversation somehow turned to baseball.  They mentioned that they had been to a Giants game last season, but it was really boring.  I asked them why, and they said because there was very little action out on the field that night.  Turns out it was the night of Matt Cain’s no-hitter.  Isn’t that hilarious??  Guess the joy of attending a no hitter isn’t shared by everyone, and if the goal is to see a lot of hits, a no-hitter would be pretty dull.  Hee hee!

The boys are 3-2 so far, and the pitching has been pretty awesome.  Hopefully we can start putting some hits together like we did last season.  At least we took the series from those stinkin’ Dodgers!  Money can’t buy you a great team, Guys!  I get to go to the game on Monday night thanks to Manny (it’s Irish Heritage Bobblehead night).  Of course, I won’t be getting a bobblehead, but I don’t much care as long as I get to enjoy my boys in person.  My brothers are supposed to come along, and I’m assuming Manny’s bobblehead gang will all be there as well.  Should be awesome.  I’ll try to post the first spit counts of the season this weekend.  There’s your warning, Boys!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!!  Take the Cardinals series tomorrow, please!



  1. Kathleen Morearty

    Great job, Carmie. Even though I am sitting here in complete shock from your friend’s comments. Even if you weren’t a Giant’s fan it would have been so exciting to be at that game. Are you still on “the twitter”? Tee hee.

    • giantsfancarm

      It’s funny – I’m still not quite sure if they were pulling my leg or not! If they were, they are really good at it! Yes, I’m still on the twitter. George hasn’t responded lately. I tweeted to him that he was caught spitting twice today. Let’s see if he responds to that! LOL!

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