Spit is in the Air!

They’re back!  I was able to watch both games this weekend in their entirety (today’s was definitely challenging to sit through!), so I have the first two spit counts of the 2013 season for you.  Here goes!

April 6th


–          Pagan 3

–          Sandoval 2

–          Cain 2

–          Kontos 2

–          Scutaro 1

–          Posey 1

–          Casilla 1

–          ? 1 (someone standing next to Barry Zito in the dugout)


–          Y. Molina 7 (mostly spitting out sunflower seeds)

–          Miller 6

–          Kozma 4

–          Craig 3

–          Beltran 3

–          Carpenter 2

–          Jay 1

Game Spit Master General = Y. Molina at 7

Giants Game Spit Master General = Pagan at 3

That’s a total of 39 spits during a 3 hour game for an average of 1 spit every 4.6 minutes.

Pretty low spitting game overall.  I guess they take a while to get into the swing of things.  My boy “Cutie Pie” George Kontos made it into the first spit count, unfortunately.  Lots more spitting from the Cardinals than the Giants today, thankfully.  Though I noticed that Matt Holliday does not spit.  Regardless, he’s still a jerk in my book!  Notice the Giants starting pitcher on this day, Ryan Vogelsong, is missing from the count.  He went spitless.  I noticed at the end of last season he started chewing gum while on the mound, and he has continued this habit into this season.  I’m wondering if the gum chewing keeps him from spitting.  Hope this continues and he can stay out of the count the entire season!  Maybe that’s the trick – everyone needs to start chewing gum!  And I’m relieved that my 3 spitless boys from last season continued their spit-free ways during this game.

April 7th


–          Pagan 3

–          Cain 3

–          Posey 3

–          Sandoval 2

–          Sanchez 2

–          Kontos 2

–          Scutaro 1

–          Torres 1


–          Wainwright 3

–          Jay 2

–          Wigginton 1

–          Kozma 1

–          Craig 1

Game Spit Master General = 4-way tie between Pagan, Cain, Posey, and Wainwright at 3

That’s a total of 25 spits during a 2 hour and 50 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 6.8 minutes.

Today’s average was the lowest ever recorded.  Progress!  And it’s the first time we had a 4-way tie for the lead, probably because overall counts were so low.  So no one’s standing out as a spit count leader so far this season.  I’m pleased with that result.

Did anyone else catch Madison Bumgarner’s interview with Mindi Bach before the game today?  During the interview, at least three times he bent out of the camera ‘s view to spit!  Seriously??  You couldn’t remove the contents of your mouth for a televised interview??  Mindi was a trooper and just ignored it.  Guess that’s one of the downfalls of dealing with boys all day.  BLECCCCHH!!

Speaking of Mindi Bach, I’m assuming she’s replaced Jaymee Sire as a Giants on-field reporter.  Jaymee has taken a job with ESPN.  I loved Jaymee, but I also think Mindi is great and is a really good interviewer.  What do you all think?

Today’s game was definitely torture to watch (and I had to watch the entire thing as I was doing a spit count!).  There were a couple of highlights, though (always looking for the positive).  Two of the new guys got their first hits of the season – Nick Noonan (his first in the majors) and Guillermo Quiroz.  Congrats, Boys!  Chad Gaudin had another stellar performance, pitching 3 innings, giving up only one hit, and striking out four.  Looks like he’ll be a dominant force in relief.  And Brandon Belt got his first hit of the season as well.  His batting average now sits at .071.  Not so great, but so much better than .000!  I learned a new saying from Kruk during the game today that had to do with Belt’s average.  He said it was “still on a bingo card.”  Love that!  For those that aren’t as bingo savvy as I am, bingo cards go up to 75.  Hopefully he’ll make his way off that bingo card soon.  And it was interesting that Brandon was smiling through that entire at bat.  Is he psychic??  I asked him about it on the Twitter.  We’ll see if he responds.

The movie “42” (Jackie Robinson’s biography) comes out on April 12th.  It’s on my list of must sees.  Maybe I can even drag Dan along.  Looking forward to the game tomorrow – first of the season!  Taking my newly-acquired foam fist along to cheer on my boys.  The Rockies have a 5 – 1 record so far.  Hope Madison can repeat his stellar performance from the other day and take them down.  GO GIANTS!!


One comment

  1. Ginny Kooper

    You have a great time, you’ll bring them luck. This really was hard to watch today, I just think they were tired, excited and any other excuse I can think of for them. You yell for my boy! See ya in a couple of days.

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