New Kids Log First Spits

I’ve got two new spit counts for you.  The boys sure have ramped it up since last time:

April 14th


–          Sanchez 12

–          Sandoval 8

–          Bochy 5

–          Lincecum 2

–          Pagan 2

–          Scutaro 2

–          Kontos 2

–          Pence 1 (NOOOOOOOOO!!!)

–          Posey 1

–          Belt 1

–          Righetti 1

–          Gaudin 1

–          Romo 1


–          Navarro 28 (!!!!)

–          Castro 9

–          Sveum 4

–          Jackson 2

–          Schierholtz 2

–          Bowden 2

–          Soriano 2

–          Bell 1

–          Marmol 1

–          Valbuena 1


–          Umpire 2

Game Spit Master General = Navarro at 28 (new season high)

Giants Game Spit Master General = Sanchez at 12

That’s a total of 93 spits during a 4 hour game for an average of 1 spit every 2.6 minutes.

Now granted this game went into extra innings, but there was so much more spitting going on today than in the previous two games.  Guess it takes them a little time to warm those tongues up.  That’s the first time Hector has led his team in spitting.  Most of his spits occurred during the final innings of the game.  And there was one exceptionally juicy hanger that he emitted that almost made me look away from the TV.  Though Navarro posted a tremendous number, it’s nowhere near the all-time record.  Our friend, former Giant Nate Schierholtz, made an appearance with a couple of his stealth spits.  Both Castro and Soriano exhibited the phenomenon of spitting into their batting gloves for the majority of their spits.  New-Kid-On-The-Block Noonan logged his first spits as a Giant today (sigh).  And the first umpire spits of the season were logged today.

Most disappointing though was the spit logged by Hunter Pence, one of the few who went spitless last season.  The spit occurred after he slid into second.  He looked at his hand and spat into it, then brushed it on his uni.  I would guess he did this in order to get some dirt out of a scrape.  Regardless, it has to be counted as the cameras picked it up.  HUNTER!!  Needless to say, I’m devastated about it.

April 18th


–          Sandoval 6

–          Cain 6

–          Vogelsong 3

–          Noonan 2

–          Lincecum 2

–          Pagan 2

–          Quiroz 2

–          Belt 1

–          Posey 1

–          Sanchez 1

–          Machi 1

–          Torres 1

–          ? 1 (Giant whose head was off camera – spit fell into frame)


–          A. Gonzalez 5

–          Lucroy 5

–          Braun 4

–          Axford 4

–          Weeks 2

–          Aoki 1

–          Gallardo 1

–          Gomez 1

Game Spit Master General = Tie between Sandoval and Cain at 6

That’s a total of 52 spits during a 2 hour and 50 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 3.3 minutes.

Unfortunately, another newbie, Guillermo Quiroz, logged his first spits as a Giant today.  Guess the Giants didn’t acquire any non-spitters this season.  I was able to observe a rare phenomenon exhibited by Quiroz I’ve only observed once before, by Pirates’ catcher Michael McKenry.  He can spit through his catcher’s mask.  One of his spits was logged this way.  I find this fascinating.  How does he not hit his mask??  What spitting prowess!  His fellow newbie, Nick Noonan, was caught spitting up a storm even before the game started.  A pregame clip of Noonan showed him spitting 3 times, and they showed that clip twice.  Plus they showed him again right before the game started for a few seconds, and he spat again!  Lucky I don’t count pregame spits, Dude!

I’m surprised Ginny didn’t call me on this, but I forgot to mention another hitting streak in my last blog – that of Brandon Crawford.  He had an 11-game hitting streak, causing Bochy to take notice and move him up in the lineup (bumping the other Brandon down a bit).  The announcers keep mentioning that if he can keep it up, he’s got a great chance at getting a gold glove this season.  Hope so.  We shall see.

Jean Machi who came up to fill in for Jeremy Affeldt while he’s on the DL looked fantastic in Thursday’s game vs. the Brewers.  Great to see that we have some strong backup in relief.  Great job, Jean (pronounced “Hay-on”)!

If you’re ever feeling down, just watch this Giants gif that my cousin Katerina sent me.  Here it is.  Loved it for two reasons:  1) Eli’s in it and 2) shows how much of a goofball Timmy can be!  Enjoy!  Also, check out the classy way Tony Gwynn deals with a heckler here.  So creative and hysterical!

I have a question for anyone out there who might know:  Why do several baseball players wear ripped shirts under their jerseys?  I’ve noticed this on both Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain.  Their jerseys are ripped not only at the sleeves but in areas around the collar, like little nicks have been taken out.  It looks like they don’t have enough money to buy a new shirt (and we all know this is NOT the case).  Just wondering.

Dianna asked me if I could find out how many total World Series rings were given out this year by the Giants.  I’ve researched and have failed to come up with an answer.  I even Tweeted the question to Andrew Baggarly and Marty Lurie with no response.  But I haven’t given up!  I’ll keep checking around until I can answer you, D!  And keep those questions coming!

Keen, Lizza, and I had a fantastic time at the game last night.  Lizza lasted through the entire game and didn’t complain once!  Pretty impressive for an 8-year-old!  I leant her my foam fist and she would fist bump us when something good happened or just because.  Loved it!  And the boys won!  Timmy did a fantastic job – hope there will be more great outings like that to come.  That means my record currently stands at 2-0 for the season.  WOOHOO!  Always love hearing Tony sing.  Going to the game on Tuesday night and hoping the win trend will continue!

My new favorite song during the games (probably tied with Romo’s “El Mechon”) is Angel Pagan’s walk-up song this season.  I couldn’t find it on the internet (the only one I could find was from last year, and it’s changed since then), but it’s Latin and got a great beat.  Keen and I were dancing in our seats to it last night.  Hopefully someone will put out an updated list of all of them and I’ll put them in my blog.  Until then I’ll just enjoy it at the games!

I learned yet another new baseball saying from Mr. Krukow the other night.  He was talking about Brandon Belt’s hitting woes and after he got a hit, his BA rose to .195.  He said he was now one hit away from getting off the interstate.  Love that!

So unfortunately, those pesky Brewers swept my boys.  On Thursday I was hoping that that pesky Bernie Brewer had a bruised butt from sliding down that slide (3 homeruns – 3 slides).  Poor Matty!  But the boys were able to steal that broom and sweep the Padres.  Hoping they can do the same to the D-Bags this week (even though I am looking forward to seeing Cody Ross at AT&T on Tuesday – how can you not love that guy??).  GO GIANTS!!



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