Heavy Sigh

It’s now 10:00 pm as I begin to write this.  The game started at 5:40 pm.  After watching the roller coaster ride for 4 hours and 20 minutes through 12 entire innings, after surely giving myself an ulcer from all the torture, we lost.  I’m so depressed right now.  But I was determined to blog after the game today (expecting it to end around 8:30), and I’m not going to give up.  So here goes.  Sigh.  OK – pushing the depression aside.  Tomorrow is another day, right?  RIGHT???

I have two new spit counts for you.  Here goes:

April 26th


–          Sandoval 12

–          Lincecum 11

–          Pagan 3

–          Belt 1

–          Romo 1

–          Lopez 1

–          Zito 1

–          Righetti 1

–          Scutaro 1

–          Noonan 1

–          Posey 1


–          Cashner 9

–          Gyorko 4

–          Thatcher 4

–          Venable 3

–          Cabrera 2

–          Baker 1

–          Headley 1

–          Denorfia 1

–          Black 1

–          Gregerson 1

–          Alonso 1

–          Street 1

Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 12

That’s a total of 63 spits during a 2 hour and 20 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 2.2 minutes (highest average this season)

Several of Timmy’s spits were especially disgusting – what I call “hangers.”  You can imagine what that looks like, and it’s not pretty.  Lots of players got into the action today.  FYI – “Gyorko” is pronounced “Jerko.”  HEEEEEEEE!!  George Kontos played an entire inning and didn’t spit once.  I thanked him on the Twitter.

April 27th (the game from hell)


–          Sandoval 15

–          Posey 9

–          Casilla 6

–          Gaudin 4

–          Pagan 3

–          Arias 3

–          Torres 2

–          Scutaro 2

–          Kontos 2

–          Machi 2

–          Zito 1

–          Righetti 1

–          Bochy 1

–          Romo 1


–          Hundley 14

–          Alonso 12

–          Gyorko 10

–          Cabrera 5

–          Bass 4

–          Headley 3

–          Cashner 2

–          Blanks 2

–          Quentin 2

–          Thatcher 2

–          Stults 1

–          Gregerson 1

–          Kotsay 1

–          Venable 1

–          Baker 1

Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 15

That’s a total of 113 spits during a 4 hour and 20 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 2.3 minutes.

Such a high spitting game, even before the extra innings.  Everyone was getting into the action again.  Almost everyone on both teams logged a spit today.  Alonso visibly had a huge wad in his mouth, so I’m assuming his spits were due to chewing tobacco.  Plus they were all nasty.  Pablo is making his mark as the spit leader in most of this season’s games.  Unfortunately, my boy George was back to his old habits, logging 2 spits today.  Poop.  My thanks for not spitting last time via the Twitter meant nothing to him.

I decided to try out the Brian Wilson gnome as a good luck charm today, and had it next to me during the entire game, rubbing his beard occasionally when my boys needed help.  This worked really well last season, especially during the post season.  Epic fail.  Guess he’s still ticked that the Giants didn’t sign him this year.  Won’t do that again.  He’s back on the beautiful shelf above my desk (that Dan made for me!) with all my bobbleheads.  Bad gnomey.

One highlight of the last two games – some great diving catches made by Angel, Hunter, and Pablo.  Apparently the one yesterday where Pablo dove to catch a foul ball and landed flat on his belly coincided with an earthquake in Southern California.  Coincidence?  Hmmmm…  Noticed that each time Pablo made one of those amazing catches, he spat right afterwards.  Crazy boy.  I missed them originally, but caught them in the replay and added them to the count.

Another highlight – Gaudin and Machi were stellar today, pitching several innings in relief after Barry came out early.  Love both those guys.  Machi doesn’t spit much, but when he does they’re doozies!  Finally figured out a way to get the pronunciation of Gaudin’s name right.  It’s Go-Dan.  And I can remember it because he has a red beard like my Dan.  Tee hee.

Went to the game on Tuesday with my hubby, Dan, and my brothers, Nick and Paul.  We had a great time, even though the boys lost.  That ninth inning when Brandon Belt hit the tying homerun was probably one of the most exciting moments at a game for me.  Everyone left in the stands was high fiving and losing their minds.  And a big Ha Ha goes out to all those who left in the 7th inning.  You missed it!  So my record now stands at 2 – 1.  Not bad.  Tried a new taste sensation while I was there.  I tried the SF “Giant” roll – a roll the size of a small burrito made with ahi tuna, avocado, bok choy, shiso (Google it), green onion, fried tofu, and yummy orange sauce (it’s called “scichimi aioli”, but thought you might be tired of Googling).  It was expensive but really delicious.  However it was difficult to eat without making a mess, so wouldn’t suggest it for a first date!  And it went great with my margarita!

Besides short food lines, one of the benefits of a club level seat is being able to see lots of Giants memorabilia.  I loved seeing all the bobbleheads and momentos from the two World Series.  It was also interesting to see some bases that they had on display that you could actually touch.  I don’t know why, but I always thought bases were made of cloth over padding.  These were made of plastic that is pretty darn hard.  It must be awful to slide into those things!!

I’m going to watch tomorrow’s game at my mom’s house with her, my siblings, and my nieces and nephew.  Should be a lot of fun.  Hopefully the boys can pull off a win for us.  Needless to say, the Brian Wilson gnome is staying home.  I have a couple of questions for my brothers tomorrow.  I’m sure they will be able to answer me.  First off, I noticed that Brandon Crawford had this weird thing over the thumb of his left batting glove tonight.  What the hell is that thing?  He should keep using it, cause it’s working like a charm!  That kid sure has been hitting!  The second question concerns something Pablo Sandoval did tonight.  He hit the ball, ran to first, then tried to get to second but was tagged out (not even close – work on that running, Pablo!).  Is that scored as a single or an out?  I’ll get back to you with the answers after tomorrow.

Now, I’m going to have a little 1-on-1 chat with my boys.  Please, no more torture this season!  Don’t give up a 5-run lead again!  I hate to resort to the tough love, but I’m desperate!  Get it together!  Quit it with the errors and get the pitching and hitting in sync!  I know you boys can do it!  GO GIANTS!!


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