They Did It Again!

Couldn’t let the night go by without commenting on the win tonight.  They did it again!  How is this possible?  Everyone had a little part in this, and they got yet another comeback win!  Congrats to the new kids on the block:  Francisco Peguero hit a double in his first Giants at bat to bring in the tying run.  Then not to be outdone, Guillermo Quiroz (who just got the backup catcher job) hits the game-winning walk-off home run.  And against the Dodgers to boot!  I seriously knew that they were going to come back and win it – they’ve done it so many times now.  Still think my blood pressure is going up, though!

I went back and read the Tweet that I had sent to George Kontos earlier today.  Here it is, word for word:  “Can I make a request?  Can you guys get an early 5-run lead today and give my heart a rest?  These nail-biters are murder!  BEAT LA!”  Well, they got that early 5-run lead and then lost it, taking us on another roller coaster ride.  Guess I’ll have to be more specific on the Twitter next time!  Get the lead AND KEEP IT!  LOL!

Since Colorado won tonight, we’re still tied for first place.  I just know we’re all going to be chanting SWEEP after tomorrow’s game.  These guys are really coming through and clawing for these wins.  What spunk!  I’ll be watching from home tomorrow.  Can’t get enough of them.  Just hope Matty has a solid performance tomorrow.  Stomp those Dodgers and make us proud.  And maybe the Rockies will lose and we’ll be atop that flagpole by our lonesome!  GO GIANTS!!



  1. jimsgin

    Very well said Mary! Mom never going to make this. She goes to bed and well, you know what they do.

  2. giantsfancarm

    Yeah, you know what my mom does? Once it gets close, she turns off the TV!! LOL! Can’t handle the stress. Then she’ll just check the score in the morning. She cracks me up! And she’s been having to turn the TV off a lot lately!

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