So I get a text this afternoon from my sister:  “I think Brandon Crawford might have mentioned you in his blog!”  Backstory:  I think I’ve told you all that Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt have a blog that I follow.  Remember the question I had about the weird pad thing that Brandon Crawford has been wearing over the batting glove of his left hand when he bats?  Well, I posed the question to him on his blog.  AND HE ANSWERED IT!!  So that we can all be informed about what that weird thing is, here’s the answer straight from the horse’s blog:

“A blog reader asked about “the weird pad’’ on my left hand when I’m batting. I think he’s talking about the thumb guard (see the photo). A lot of guys wear them. It keeps the handle of the bat from sinking into the webbing between your index finger and thumb. I think it makes for a quicker bat. And you don’t feel the sting as much when you get jammed. I’ve been using it my whole pro career.”

Here’s a link to the picture of the thumb guard (and I guess that’s his hand on the bat).  Couple of things.  First, I’m a she, not a he.  Guess he couldn’t tell that from my Word Press name (giantsfancarm), and I guess I’m kind of honored that he thought the question came from a guy.  I posted a response letting him know I’m a she so maybe next time he won’t assume those type of questions are coming from guys only.  Second, I guess he’s been wearing that thing all the time and I just noticed it recently.  Third, the reason he wears it is totally different than what I thought.  I thought it was to grip the bat better.  Fourth, BRANDON CRAWFORD ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!

There was another roster change this last week.  Jose Mijares had been away in Venezuela for seven days on bereavement leave (he lost the grandmother that raised him).  Sending him my sincerest condolences.  He came back to the team yesterday, meaning that someone else had to move down.  Since he had remaining minor league options, Jean Machi was chosen.  He’s gone back to Fresno.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of him this season since he’s done a great job.  Regarding Machi, the latest pronunciation of his name that I’ve been hearing from the Giants announcers is “John MaCHI”, with the accent on the “chi”.  They keep changing their minds!

As of today, my Beat the Streak record stands at 15, and it’s still going strong!  HEEEEEEEEEEE!!  On my way to winning that $5.6 million!  Only have 42 more hits to go!!  But even better, on my way to winning bragging rights with my brothers and cousin!

So glad my boys could pull off the win today and prevent the Phillies from sweeping them.  I have to admit that I had given up on them today, though.  I was listening to the game in my car between jobs, and it was the top of the 9th, with us ahead 3-1.  I had to leave when the Phils scored a run and had a guy at third with one out.  As I left, I figured they were about to get swept.  Shame on me!  You would think I would know better.  I didn’t get to find out the outcome until I got home at about 7 (the woes of having a dumb phone).  So even though I’m sure they have given me yet another ulcer today, my faith is restored.  I am so looking forward to the game on Sunday.  Timmy will be pitching, and I know he’s had his struggles, but the last time my sister and I went to a game this season when he pitched he did great.  Hoping we’re his good luck charms.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!



  1. Donna Corey

    So cool that he answered your question, but I think “BRANDON CRAWFORD ANSWERED MY QUESTION!” should’ve been listed first, third and last…just because BRANDON CRAWFORD ANSWERED YOUR QUESTION!!!

  2. Ginny Kooper

    I think that is so nice he answered you, see you are being read by the best! I wish you luck on your future winnings. Enjoy the game Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day!

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