Happy Mother’s Day To Me!

What a fantastic Mother’s Day I had!  My sis and I went to the game today.  I had several good omens before we arrived so I was sure they were going to win it (I’m starting to get as superstitious as my boys are!).  First, I saw a Stellar’s Jay right outside our door.  Haven’t seen one near our house in a few months.  Next, as I was leaving Starbucks this morning, a dragonfly hovered right in front of me.  Then finally, when we pulled into our parking spot in the pier building, there was an X marked in tape on the wall.  I was sure all these signs meant that my boys were going to pull it off, and indeed they did!

There were so many wonderful things about the game today.  Haven’t done one of my lists in a while, so I guess I’ll list them all for you.  Plus seeing how long the list is will make my day even better:

–          We treated ourselves and sat in Lower Box seats – section  108 right before 1st base.  I’ll have to remember that section because those seats were AWESOME!  We both love Brandon Belt and he was right in front of us.  Geez, that boy is tall!

–          Before the game, several cancer patients and survivors each went out to a player position and the guys signed baseballs for them and gave them hugs (it was Strike Out Cancer Day).  Love my boys!

–          Timmy did a fantastic job, pitching 7 shutout innings and giving up only 2 hits.  We were so happy for him.  Keen and I have decided that we are his good luck charms because he also pitched really well the last game we went to together.  Guess we’ll just have to attend every home game he pitches!

–          We got to witness 3 home runs – from Pablo, Marco, and Brandon Belt.  Homeruns at AT&T are always wonderful, and Pablo’s was even a Splash Hit, so we got to see the counter go up to 63.  I had never noticed before, but they play the song “Bye, Bye Baby” at the end of every inning where the boys get a home run (Am I clueless?  Has everyone else noticed this?).  They just kept playing it today!  It’s the ringtone on my phone, so I kept thinking my phone was ringing!

–          I tried a new taste sensation – a Chicago dog.  Not that I’ve never had a Chicago dog before, but I’d never had one at the ballpark before.  It was extra yummy – the dog itself was so much better than the regular hotdogs you can buy there.  Will definitely do that again.

–          We topped out hotdogs off with a Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae.  Pure bliss.  And no calories on Mother’s Day, right??

–          We got a cool charm necklace with SF, 2012 World Series Champs, and Strike Out Cancer charms on it.

–          We got to see Brandon Crawford break a bat that went into the crowd right below us.  The girl got to keep the bat piece and didn’t get hurt.  And it was a pink bat (in honor of Mother’s Day).  Cool beans.

–          We got to witness the umpires walking off the field for an instant replay when that idiot Dawg interfered with a hit out to center field.  Idiot.  Had only witnessed one other instant replay before.

–          They did a little video where the players talked about their moms which brought both my sister and me to tears.  They’re all so adorable.  Plus they showed pics of several players with their moms.

–          We got to watch a 90-year-old lady have a karaoke competition with Andres Torres singing “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”  She was pretty amazing.  Andres, not so much (sorry, Dude!).  We also got to watch this other older woman dance on the dance cam.  They would show her, then show someone else, then go back to her.  So much spunk, waving her orange pom-pom and all!

–          We got to watch Sergio Romo close wearing pink shoes and listen to “El Mechon” and dance to it.

–          We got all this free stuff from Genentech – pens, mini staplers, highlighters, a pedometer.  Thanks, Genentech!  We also entered a raffle Genentech had to win some baseball memorabilia, with the proceeds going to cancer research.  We didn’t win, but I’m listing it because we were able to donate to a good cause.

–          I got to spend the day with my sister whom I adore.

So lucky to have been able to spend Mother’s Day with my boys and my sis.  My record for wins at games I’ve attended this season now stands at 3-1.  WOOHOO!  They are off to Toronto where my brothers will be watching them play in person.  They’re on another of their baseball roadtrips.  They saw a Mets’ game and a Yankees’ game in New York, then they went to the Baseball Hall of Fame today, and they’re off to Toronto to watch both Giants’ games that they play there.  Luckies!  Hope they share their luck with my boys.

I set a new personal Beat the Streak record this week.  I got my streak up to 21, but sadly it ended today.  Still have hope that I can make that 57 by the end of the season!

I’m so thankful that the starting pitchers are finally getting their stuff together.  With the exception of Vogey (who I’m sure will come along soon), the starting pitchers did a fine job in their last rotations.  If they can keep it going and the boys can keep hitting like they are, we are going to have a rockin’ season.  Congrats to Marco Scutaro for continuing his hitting streak today which now stands at 12 games.  He’s sure looking like the Marco of last season again!  Everyone has been doing their part to win these games.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!



  1. Ginny Kooper

    Great blog for a great day! So glad you had such a good time and am really looking forward to the next time we can go. I hope they have a restful day off tomorrow and are ready for the Blue Jays, and I wonder if that one outside your door was a relative. Go Giants!

  2. giantsfancarm

    I didn’t even think about the fact that they are playing the Blue Jays next! You are so on it! Guess that means that they are going to sweep the Blue Jays! Thanks for reading. GO GIANTS!!

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