What Are We To Do?

Today’s title is a quote from my dear friend, Ginny.  She texted this to me in the middle of the game today.  That about sums it up – what is with these guys?  They won 1 and lost 5 on this roadtrip, and they only won the one because they came out of a 6-0 hole.  A couple of things are extra worrisome here.  First, they committed a total of 13 errors in these 6 games, at least one error per game, thus allowing 10 unearned runs.  And it wasn’t only a couple of guys – plus pitchers were getting in on the action.  Speaking of pitchers, they are the most worrisome of all.  Up until this series, at least Bumgarner and Zito had done fairly well, but both were killed during this horrible stretch.  None of the pitchers had a good performance this series.  The starting staff’s collective ERA for the 6-game series was 9.82 while allowing 52 hits in only 29 1/3 innings.  The fact that this team is built on its pitching has me concerned.  One interesting (and disturbing) tidbit I picked up from Andrew Baggarly is the difference in performance for Barry Zito at home and away.  At home he has a 0.55 ERA, but away his ERA skyrockets to 10.19.  Crazy!  All I heard on KNBR this week was the concern over Vogelsong and what they are going to do about it.  I love the guy, but his pitching has been pretty lackluster this season so far.  Scary to think that they could make adjustments to the pitching staff mid-season.  He is scheduled to pitch tomorrow – will be wearing my Vogelsong T-shirt and praying that the can somehow get out of this funk.

So what are we to do?  Well, we just have to continue to be loyal Giants fans and grin and bear it because we love these boys and we know they are capable of better.  I’m hoping that the return home will get them back to their old selves.  Due to the Rockies having their way with them, the Giants are now tied for second place in the NL West with said Rockies, 1 game behind the Diamondbacks.  What a difference a week makes.  But I’ll keep the faith and keep the hope that they can come out of this.  YES THEY CAN!  POSITIVE THOUGHTS!  POSITIVE THOUGHTS!

In other news, poor Brett Pill was recalled on May 12th (Francisco Peguero took his place in Fresno), started at first base in the game vs. the Rockies on May 17th, got 2 hits in said game, then got optioned back to Fresno on May 18th to make room for an extra relief pitcher (Jean Machi) due to the massacre of the pitching staff recently.  I feel so bad for him, but I guess that’s life with the big boys.  They needed a pitcher more than a utility guy.  Hope to see you back up here soon, Brett.

Melky Cabrera received his World Series ring in a meeting with Bruce Bochy in a tunnel in the Blue Jays’ stadium on May 14th.  Apparently it was Melky’s decision to keep it private, even though he said it was Bochy’s.  The guy still can’t tell the truth.  He then proceeded to beat the tar out of my boys, going 4 for 5 in that game.  Nice.  I hate that guy.  Mike Murphy was even nice enough to bring him the bats he left behind in the locker room when he left abruptly and never came back to explain.  Nice.  I really hate that guy.

I’ve learned there’s one problem with learning new baseball jargon – sometimes you have to apply it to your own guys, and it’s not always fun.  Brandon Crawford earned a golden sombrero in one of the Toronto games.  How much more depressing can this get???

To lighten things up a bit, thought I would share this video that Andrew Baggarly posted of Buster Posey as closing pitcher for the FSU Seminoles.  Notice the actual emotion.  Yes, from Buster.  When Baggs showed the video to Madison Bumgarner, he said he couldn’t stop laughing.  When Baggs told Buster he’d never seen him do anything like that on the field before, Buster replied, “You’ve never seen me pitch!”  Love it!  There are also two new Giants commercials for you.  The one with the 2 Brandons is here.  The other one involved Ryan and Pablo debating whether they would rather be a bobblehead or a gnome.  Can’t find that one yet, but I’ll share it with you when I do.  Love them both.

I’ll close with a spit count from probably one of the longest, non-extra-innings games I’ve ever sat through at 3 hours and 50 minutes.  And their performance made it even loooooonger.  Here you go:

May 17th


–          Sandoval 16

–          Pagan 14

–          Bumgarner 7 (including 1 waterfall)

–          Scutaro 6

–          Pill 3

–          Posey 2

–          Bochy 1

–          Casilla 1

–          Righetti 1


–          Rosario 8

–          Tulowitzki 4

–          Young 4

–          LeMahieu 3

–          Arenado 3 (2 into mitt)

–          Escalona 2

–          Pacheco 2 (into batting glove)

–          Gonzalez 1

–          Fowler 1

–          Helton 1

–          Blackmon 1

–          ? 1 (someone in dugout)

Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 16 (new season high)

That’s a total of 85 spits during a 3 hour and 50 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 2.7 minutes.

Pretty spitacular game.  And of course, since Madison was pitching, I had to do a snot rocket count.  He had a total of 11 snot rockets during the game.  That’s a new all-time record for him.  Yeah.  Yuck.

Lots of comments about this game that were non-spit related.  The Rockies catcher, Wilin Rosario, sticks his right leg out to the side when he catches.  Didn’t know this was even legal, and I’ve never seen anyone else do it.  It does allow him to get really low to the ground, but I would think it would be harder to get up quickly from that position.  Pablo wears this weird glove that looks like an oven mitt when he’s on base.  I think its purpose is to prevent you from scraping your hands if you slide, but I’m not sure.  Brothers – any comments on that one?  I also noticed that Marco Scutaro uses that same thumb guard that Brandon Crawford uses when he bats, only he uses it on his right hand.  Interesting.  And I noticed that Hunter had what looked like bird seed in his hair at one point during the game while he was in the dugout.  Would love to know who did that to him because it was gone later.  Those silly boys!

I’ll be out of town for a week starting this Friday, so I probably won’t be posting for a while.  Will be keeping tabs on my boys, though, and patiently waiting for this craziness to be over.  Come on, Boys!  You’ve done it before, you can do it again.  Thankfully, the Nationals (who are next to come into town) got trounced today by the Padres 13-4, so we’ll have to take advantage of that and trounce them some more this week.  Ginny has done her part by decorating the outside of her house in Giants stuff – hope the boys can see it from the plane on the way home.  I’m sure that will lift their spirits!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!!  PLEASE!!!!


One comment

  1. Ginny Kooper

    It was a very depressing weekend, but I can only imagine how the boys feel. I’m blaming it on the fact that they are just tired. Hopefully, being back home and having Thursday off will help, and we will never stop believing!
    Get up and GO GIANTS!

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