The Good, the Bad, and the Silly

Good:  Well, they did it!  They have come through once again.  We never lost the faith.  They’ve beaten the Nationals twice so far, and in grand fashion last night with Pablo’s 2-run walk-off home run.  Just found out that Pablo was seriously ill last night – so ill in fact that he needed IV fluids just to get into the lineup.  How does that kid do it?  I listened to a post game interview and he sounded like hell!  Just goes to show you what these boys have to deal with and what amazing athletes they are.  Kudos also to Gregor Blanco who has really been showing his stuff and coming through in the clutch.  It was his RBI triple with two outs and two strikes in the ninth that kept them in the game last night.  And Marco Scutaro extended his hitting streak to 19 games, the longest in the majors thus far this season.  Can’t forget to mention Matt Cain who had a great outing, pitching a full 7 innings and giving up only 2 runs on 4 hits with 2 walks.  Nice to give the relievers a break as well after last week.  So, so happy that they’ve come back to life and hope they can continue and get a sweep this afternoon.

Bad:  My boy, Ryan Vogelsong, got hit with a ball on his pitching hand while swinging at a pitch on Monday night.  He ended up breaking two bones in his right pinkie and also had a dislocated knuckle.  He had 5 pins inserted into his hand during surgery to repair the injury on Tuesday.  They’re expecting him to be out for at least 4 – 6 weeks.  This accident is so tragic on so many levels.  First, it occurred after the best performance Ryan had of this season.  He had been struggling in every pitching appearance to date, but on this night he went 5 innings allowing no runs on only 3 hits and 1 walk.  His post-game interview was so depressing – you could see the total frustration on his face.  I just wanted to reach out and give him a huge hug!  Second, he got the injury while batting, definitely not something pitchers are known for.  Such a waste.  Makes you think the American League has something there with their designated hitters.  Third, I forgot to wear my Vogelsong T-shirt that night (I got home from work late), so I’m feeling partly responsible for this.  Shame on me!  I’m going to try to remember to wear it in support on the days that he would have been in the rotation.  Going to buy a get well card and send it to him today to try and cheer him up.  If there can be anything positive to come of this, at least he will be getting some rest now, something that several people suggested might be the problem with his recent performances.  Hang in there, Ryan!  We’re all pulling for you!  And we know you’ll come back and knock our socks off!

Silly:  Speaking of socks, did you notice that the boys all wore their pants high with the black socks on Sunday?  I discovered Gregor Blanco’s blog today (if you want to subscribe, here it is – I love it!), and he mentioned this in it.  He also mentions that it was Pablo’s idea, the goal being to get some team unity going after the horrible road trip they had been having.  It didn’t really work that day, but I’m sure they had fun with it.  If you want to see some photos of the boys in their short knickers, here you go.  Gregor also mentioned that Jeremy Affeldt and Pablo looked exceptionally silly with their high pants.  Love those guys!

Couple of other things:  Brett Pill was magically back in the dugout last night.  He, along with Sandy Rosario, came up with the big boys yesterday to replace Ryan Vogelsong and Santiago Casilla who have been placed on the disabled list.  Poor Brett!  I’m sure he’s happy to be back up again, but his life has been like a ping-ping ball lately!  I guess he’ll be up for the time that Vogey is out.  Hope he can settle in and show us his stuff.  Love that boy!

Quick update on my boy, Eli Whiteside, since I haven’t done one in a while (Eli – I haven’t forgotten you!!).  He’s played in 5 games with the Texas Rangers so far this season, and in 8 at bats he’s gotten one hit.  But that one hit was a double that brought a run in.  Atta boy, Eli! (Nick – that was for you!)

Gonna go watch the beginning of the game now, then off to work.  Hope they can pull this one off.  A sweep now would do wonderful things for their psyche.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!


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