We Can Still Take the Series!

Bummer!  They lost yesterday!  That game was so awesome at first, and so depressing at the end.  Though he didn’t get much run support, Matt Cain kept them in it with his fabulous 7 shutout innings.  Things got scary a couple of times, but he came through.  And he amazingly shut down The Goldshmidt, not allowing him to get on base the three times he came to bat against him.  Fantastic job, Matt!  But alas, the one run scored could not do it for them, and The Goldshmidt ended up getting his single hit at a key moment – with two guys on.  And his single hit just happened to be a homerun against Jeremy.  NOOOOOO!!  Even me punching the snake couldn’t prevent this!  That guy is truly charmed.

That home plate umpire must have really stunk it up yesterday.  Did you see how angry Matt Cain got at one point as he left the mound?  That guy is usually as cool as a summer day in SF.  I thought he might actually lose it and get thrown out.  From what the announcers said, the umpire’s strike zone is small and kept changing.  That’s the problem with the human element of the game.  I would guess that could get pretty aggravating if you were pitching.  At least he won’t be calling strikes today.

I learned another baseball strategy from yesterday’s game thanks to the announcers.  At one point there was a guy on second and Gerardo Parra was at bat.  Buster sensed that the guy on second was tipping off pitches to the batter.  He went out and talked to Jeremy, and on the next pitch, he set his target for one type of pitch, but Jeremy pitched something else.  It worked because the pitch was a strike and Parra just kind of stood there.  He struck out on that pitch.  Sweet!  So much going on there when you really start to analyze things.  Those boys are so clever!

So we need to regroup today and start from scratch.  Madison, follow your teammate’s example and go on out there and show us your stuff.  And as you can see from Matt, containment of The Goldschmidt is possible.  Guys, please give Madison some runs to take the pressure off!  Cahill hasn’t been as stellar at pitching as Corbin, so you should be able to accomplish this.  And relievers, don’t leave your starters out in the cold!  They deserve some wins once in a while, especially poor Matt yesterday.  We can still take the series!  You have the power.  You can do it.  DO IT!!!  GO GIANTS!!



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