They Smited the D-Bags!

Oh my!  Those boys really came through, didn’t they??  They really took the series!  And from the Diamondbacks!  We’re only 1 ½ games back now!  Kudos to everyone on the team today.  They all contributed, and when that happens, magic happens.  Chad Gaudin had another stupendous outing.  So glad we can count on him when we need him the most.  Marco and Brandon Belt each had homeruns.  All but one guy in the starting lineup got hits today.  And that guy (unfortunately for Ginny, Brandon Crawford) made fantastic plays in the field as usual.  And speaking of fantastic plays, extra kudos to Hunter Pence, Joaquin Arias, and new guy Juan Perez for their amazing defensive plays that kept those D-Bags off the bases.  Plus I was so happy that Jeremy Affeldt was able to make such a superb showing after his Friday night outing, pitching 1 inning, allowing no hits and striking out 2.  So glad that Bochy put him in today so that he could have as happy a flight to Pittsburgh as everyone else.  And one of the best things about this series – they kept The Goldshmidt to 1 hit in 12 attempts!  That is so majorly awesome!  The Goldschmidt was contained!

So I have a new favorite on the team, and that guy is Juan Perez.  Today was his debut performance in the big leagues.  That catch he made in the outfield was outstanding and probably saved several bases.  And after smashing into the fence, he got back up and continued to play!  Bochy said that after the game his ribs were pretty bruised and he was in pain after all the adrenaline wore off.  That is one tough kid!  Hope he’ll be OK for the Pittsburgh series.  Then he went on to get his first hit as a big leaguer.  So happy for him.  That guys sure is fast!  Did you all see his post-game interview?  I seriously had tears in my eyes!  If you missed it, here it is.  You could tell he was uncomfortable being on camera, and he was so humble and overwhelmed and in awe.  So much innocence, something you don’t always see in baseball.  And any time he would talk about how excited his parents were, he would get emotional.  Love, love, love this kid!  Alex Pavlovic had mentioned in his blog that Juan’s parents were planning to travel to Pittsburgh to see him play (they live in the Bronx).  I hope he gets to play in that series and makes them even more proud than I’m sure they are right now.  Congratulations to the entire Perez family!

We got to see a rare balk in this game.  I had no idea what was going on when it happened – thought the delay in the game was over a spectator that had been hit by a foul.  Apparently Gaudin didn’t come to a complete stop before he pitched the ball that time.  The bummer was that a run scored because of it (the guy at third advanced home and the guy on first went to second), but thankfully it didn’t have any effect on the final outcome of the game.  I’m sure he’ll be taking extra long stops now before pitching!  One thing I noticed about Gaudin today – when he pitches, it looks like he’s smiling!  I don’t think he’s really smiling, but it looks like he is.  How nice!  Makes it look like he loves what he’s doing (and I’m sure he definitely does right now, cause I sure do!).

I tried a new good luck charm during this game.  Since the Brian Wilson gnome has lost its magic and punching the snake didn’t have an effect this series, I decided to take out my son’s Pablo Sandoval bobblehead.  I set it next to me and forgot about it, then decided to make the head bobble when Brandon Crawford was up at bat.  He struck out on the next pitch!  Hmmmm….interesting.  Not what I had hoped.  Then I wondered if maybe that’s just how Pablo works – he makes people strike out.  So Martin Prado was up, and I made the head bobble again.  Prado struck out!  Magic!  Will have to employ this charm during the next game I watch, but I’ll have to remember only to bobble during the opposing team’s at bats!!

I’ll have some new spit counts for you later this week.  Teaser – at least one of the new boys may give Pablo a run for his money!  Hoping the boys enjoy their happy flight – they’ve really earned it.  And I hope they can sweep the Buccos.  Yes – that is my prediction – a sweep!  I really think they can do this.  They’re coming off a loss from the Cubs, and we’re coming off two wins and a happy flight to boot – no brainer!  Enjoy the day off, Boys, and show us your stuff come Tuesday.  We know you can do it.  GO GIANTS!!



  1. Ginny Kooper

    Brandon was tired from yesterday, he worked very hard and did a great job. I hope the new guy didn’t get hurt when he ran into the wall. Seeing I didn’t see the game I heard about it and it sounded like he really hit hard. Don’t know his name,but he seems very good, I think he plays center field.

  2. giantsfancarm

    You are so right, Ginny! Brandon had a fantastic day yesterday, going 4 for 5, so I’m sure he was tired. Plus, he still had a great showing on the field. The new guy’s name is Juan Perez, he plays center field, and yes, he hit that wall EXTREMELY hard! I’m sure the video of it is all over the internet by now. Love our boys!

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