New Kid Can Spit

So they lost again yesterday.  Remember my prediction that they would sweep?  Why do I do that??  Anyway, I felt much better about yesterday’s game than Tuesday’s.  At least they were rallying and hitting yesterday.  And the new kids (Perez and Abreu) are really coming through.  We’re going to need them with the top three guys in the lineup out.  We’ve just got to work out our pitching issues.  That’s the key.

George Kontos has been optioned to Fresno.  I wonder if this had anything to do with the intentional tagging of McCutchen the other night.  His performance has been off lately, so I hope he can work things out down there.  He also received a three game suspension, so if he does come back up, they’ll have to wait 3 days to play him.  That doesn’t sound so great for his chances to me.  Still disappointed at what he did, and since it’s been mentioned that Bochy has never received a suspension before (he got suspended one game for the incident), I’m wondering if Kontos was working alone and not under the direction of his manager.  Kontos has been replaced with Sandy Rosario.  He pitched yesterday and wasn’t so great – went 1 1/3 innings, allowing 2 hits and 1 run.

Here are the spit counts I’ve been promising.  Appears one of the new guys has learned from the big boys already!:

June 7th


–          Sandoval 10

–          Posey 7

–          Cain 3

–          Quiroz 2

–          Scutaro 1

–          Meulens 1

–          Arias 1

–          Affeldt 1


–          Gregorius 6

–          The Goldschmidt 2

–          Montero 2

–          Bell 2

–          Gibson 1

–          Corbin 1


–          Umpire 1

Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 10

That’s a total of 41 spits during a 2 hour and 50 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 4.1 minutes.

Made a couple of interesting observations during this game:  Cain didn’t start spitting until the 6th inning.  Why?  I’ve noticed before that spitting frequency increases as the game goes on.  Also Roberto Kelly has an amazing habit that other guys should emulate.  He would have been in the count today had it not been for the fact that when he chews sunflower seeds, he discretely removes the seeds from his mouth with his hand instead of spitting them out!  I noticed him do this several times.  Atta boy, Roberto!

June 9th


–          Perez 5 (NOOO!!!)

–          Scutaro 4

–          Posey 3

–          Zito 2

–          Bochy 1

–          Bumgarner 1

–          Romo 1


–          Skaggs 5

–          Williams 5

–          Gregorius 4

–          Parra 2

–          The Goldschmidt 1

–          Pollock 1

–          Montero 1


–          Umpire 1

Game Spit Master General = Three-way tie between Perez, Skaggs, and Williams at 5

That’s a total of 37 spits during a 3 hour game for an average of 1 spit every 4.9 minutes.

Both these games had relatively low spitting frequencies.  Not only did my boy Perez make it into the count, he tied for Game Spit Master General!  So disappointed (but I still love the guy).  Will have to wait and see with Abreu – haven’t done a spit count with him starting yet.  “Williams” of the Diamondbacks is Matt Williams, the former San Francisco Giant.  That boy sure can spit – rare that a coach leads in spitting.  He was a part of that crazy Dodgers vs. Diamondbacks brawl the other night.

Gonna end on a silly note.  What is up with Barry Zito’s hair lately?  Check this out.  I’ve seen a couple of videos where he looks like this.  What’s up with sporting the orangutan look??  The guy is usually so GQ.  The shadow in the locker just emphasizes the craziness.  Plus what a crackup that that kid just wandered up to him during the interview.  Made me giggle, so I hope it made you giggle, too.  We need some of that right now!

Hope Matty can pull off a win on the anniversary of his Perfect Game.  That would be sweet.  I think they can do it if he pitches well tonight and they hit like they did yesterday.  Don’t want a Bucco sweep!  Good luck, Guys!  You can do it!  GO GIANTS!!


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