Two Scoops of Depression

Haven’t posted here in a while.  Pretty depressed at how the boys have been doing.  Since I last posted (June 13th) Matty did win that game on the anniversary of his perfect game vs. the Pirates (great job, Matty!), we won 1 of 3 vs. the Braves, 2 of 3 vs. the Padres (YAY!), 1 of 4 vs. the Marlins, and most depressing of all, 0 of 3 vs. the Dodgers.  That’s a total of 4 out of 13 games.  And the Marlins and Dodgers were both below .500 teams.  I’m not liking this trend.  Seems like the boys can’t get it all together.  First the pitching struggled but the batting was solid.  Now the pitching seems to be working itself out but the guys can’t drive runs in (leaving bases loaded twice in one game is NOT OK!!).  You can blame it on injuries, but every team at this point in the season is suffering from injuries.  They’ve just got to stop making excuses and get out there and play their best game.  Watching these things is not easy.  I’m keeping my fingers (and other things) crossed for tonight, but Barry doesn’t have a great road record, besides the fact that he gave up 5 runs in 5 2/3 innings on his last stint in Denver.  But I’m keeping the faith because I’m a true Giants fan and I’m hoping they can get it together this series and come back with some wins under their belt.  Gonna try and bring out all the good luck charms I can find tonight!

Speaking of Barry, he unfortunately lost his father on June 19th.  And he still went out there and pitched his heart out in his next assignment.  Way to go, Barry.  We all appreciate your dedication to the team.  So sorry for your loss.  I’m sure your dad was there with you in spirit that day, watching all those amazing curveballs.

Lots of roster changes have happened in the last couple of weeks.  Brett Pill went down to Fresno, Ramon Ramirez was designated for assignment (didn’t do such a hot job in relief during his brief stint on the team), Hector Sanchez has come back up after recovering from his injuries, and right-handed reliever Jake Dunning came up from Fresno.  Santiago Casilla, Chad Gaudin, Ryan Vogelsong, and Angel Pagan remain on the disabled list.  Angel will probably be out for the rest of this season due to his hamstring surgery.  That sure sounds painful to me.  That one’s a huge bummer since he had done so well.  Perez, Blanco, and Torres have some big shoes to fill, and I have to say I think they’ve done an excellent job so far.

George Kontos went to Fresno for a bit, but he’s back up.  He’s appealing his suspension for hitting Andrew McCutchen with a pitch.  Guess he doesn’t have to serve the suspension until that’s resolved because he pitched to one batter the day he came back up (giving up a hit).  I’m not as angry about him hitting McCutchen as I was since I had a chat with Andrew Baggarly.  Yes, I chatted with him.  Comcast SportsNet had an online chat with him, and I asked a question that he answered.  You can see the transcript of the chat here (my question is at the top because it was the last one answered).  I asked about his take on guys purposefully hitting players in retaliation.  I mentioned that the only outcome of the Kontos hit was that Kontos and Bochy were suspended and fined, and that didn’t have any positive effect on the team.  He said that some players feel the need to be a “hockey enforcer” when someone hits one of their teammates.  He mentioned that Bochy and former Giants manager Felipe Alou don’t condone this practice.  Baggs does hint at the fact he thinks someone may have given Kontos the idea, but he wouldn’t openly say who this was.  What a teaser!!  I’m wondering if it might have been Madison due to the way he went after Jesus Guzman of the Padres after almost hitting him as both benches cleared.  Wouldn’t want to get into a scuffle with that boy!  Hopefully I can ask Baggs someday in person.  I was just thrilled he answered my question!

Have you noticed the beard that Vogey’s been sporting since he got injured?  I personally am enjoying it.  I think it looks great.  Wonder if he’ll keep it once he comes back to pitching.

Since my last posting, I’ve been to 2 Giants games – both in one week!  I went to Maltese Heritage Night on June 18th vs. the Padres (they won 5-4) and San Carlos night (my sis lives in San Carlos) on June 21st (they lost 6-3).  So my record now stands at 4 and 2.  At least I’m batting over .500 (sorry guys)!  Both games were a ton of fun and I got to attend with lots of my favorite people.  The next one I’m scheduled to go to is July 10th vs. the Mets with Manny.  Can’t wait to get back to that place and cheer on my boys.

More depression resulted on the spit count front.  I have two new ones for you.  So much disappointment:

June 14th


–          Rosario 3

–          Posey 2

–          Bochy 2

–          Arias 2

–          Zito 2

–          Blanco 2 (AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!)

–          Bumgarner 1

–          Torres 1

–          Lincecum 1


–          Medlen 12

–          Heyward 6

–          B.J. Upton 3

–          J. Upton 3

–          McCann 2

–          Schafer 1

Game Spit Master General = Medlen at 12

Giants Game Spit Master General = Rosario at 3

That’s a total of 43 spits during a 2 hour and 45 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 3.8 minutes.

Say it ain’t so!  I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, but I saw Gregor Blanco spitting sunflower seeds in the dugout.  No.  I didn’t just see that.  I wasn’t going to believe it until I saw him do it a few minutes later AGAIN!!!  Pence had already bitten the non-spitting dust (and even my mom said she’s observed Hunter spitting before), but now Gregor???  Oh, the humanity!  At least I still have Brandon Crawford left.  Then the new guy goes and takes the Giants Spit Master General crown for the day.  And Rosario’s spits are extra yucky – he plays with the spit on his tongue for a while before expelling it.  At this point the only new guys left spitless are Abreau and Kickham (missed his first start).  The only saving grace of the day was that at least overall the boys didn’t spit much.  Wonder if Buster was on his best behavior because they mentioned that he had a lot of relatives in the crowd.  Since this was a Bumgarner start, I had to do a snot rocket count as well.  Madison launched 13 snot rockets.  That sets the all-time record, beating the previous record of 11 from the May 17th game earlier this season.  Get a hanky already!

June 25th


–          Kickham 9

–          Sandoval 6

–          Scutaro 6

–          Posey 5

–          Meulens 3

–          Lincecum 3

–          Bochy 2

–          Perez 2

–          Crawford 2 (WTF!!!)

–          Affeldt 2

–          Zito 1

–          Vogelsong 1

–          Bumgarner 1

–          Quiroz 1


–          Kemp 18

–          Ethier 3

–          Ramirez 2

–          Punto 2

–          Ellis 2

–          Gonzalez 1

Game Spit Master General = Kemp at 18

Giants Game Spit Master General = Kickham at 9

That’s a total of 72 spits during a 3 hour and 5 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 2.6 minutes.

Unbelievable.  I even had to resort to harsh language on this one, I was so upset.  I went through the same experience that I did on the Blanco first-spit with this one.  Brandon spat once in the dugout.  I thought, No. This must be a mistake.  It was someone else’s spit that somehow looked like it came out of his mouth.  Then he did it again.  These were full on spits – not seeds.  No doubt about it.  Sigh.  Not only are they killing me on the field, but they’re killing me with their mouths.  Top that off with the fact that Mike Kickham becomes the third new guy this season to top the Giants spit list.  My only hope is Tony Abreu.  I want to be able to send out at least one Thank You For Not Spitting certificate this season!  Will definitely be keeping an eye on him and hoping to see nothing!

We start the series against Colorado tonight.  Should make for lots of homeruns.  Hope my boys are on the end of the majority!  Just please all take a deep breath and do it for us!  We love you and we’ll stand behind you and we know you can do it!  Rock the Rockies!  GO GIANTS!!!


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