Chad’s the Man!

So am I the only person that wasn’t really disappointed when they lost on Sunday night?  Even though it was depressing for them to hold on all the way ‘til then 9th and then let it slip away, I hate to say it, but my thoughts going in were that they probably wouldn’t win anyway because Kershaw was pitching.  Am I horrible?  But they never do well against Kershaw.  So after Gaudin’s amazing performance and after seeing that we have a new weapon against Kershaw in Guillermo Quiroz (he went 1 for 3 against him and he would have been 2 for 3 if Puig hadn’t made that amazing play in the outfield), I actually was not that disappointed when we lost.

I was disappointed in the childish antics in the 9th inning – disappointed in guys from both teams.  Hanley Ramirez started it all by resurrecting the stupid “lo viste” thing after getting on base on Saturday, then Sergio Romo did it back to him after retiring 3 guys in the 9th inning to win the game, then on Sunday Puig took over by doing a Domingo Ayala-like bat flip after getting a single plus giving Romo an earful when he gave up the 3 runs in the ninth on Sunday.  Come on – can’t you guys grow up?  I know there’s a rivalry and all, and I love that, but this is just dumb.  I hate having to watch it.  In fact, I’m wondering if the guys may have gotten into Romo’s head in that inning because he was so cocky the night before.  So silly.  Then Sergio was not available to talk to reporters after the game, saying that they only want to talk to him when he loses.  According to Andrew Baggarly, that’s not true – he is just never available for post-game interviews whether he wins or loses.  Seems to me he’s getting too Hollywood on us.  Very disappointed.

During the game, Mattingly protested when Gaudin threw to second to try and pick off a guy, even though Marco was several feet behind second base.  Not sure why Gaudin did this because there was no way Marco was going to get to the base in time to tag the guy, but why was Mattingly complaining?  Was he trying to gain an advantage again, like with the roster mishap?  The announcers mentioned that he may have been trying to get them to charge Gaudin with a balk because he was throwing to an unoccupied base.  The base wasn’t occupied by the second baseman, but it was occupied by the runner.  Never had the reason for the challenge confirmed.  The actual MLB rule states, “If there is a runner, or runners, it is a balk when the pitcher, while touching his plate, throws , or feints a throw to an unoccupied base, except for the purpose of making a play.”  That’s Rule 8.05d for those who care.  He was making a play (though a silly one) and the base was occupied.  Not sure what the dealio was.  Maybe Mattingly thought he was delaying the game because the play was silly?  Anyone hear anything else about this?  Mattingly also challenged an obviously foul ball by Hanley Ramirez saying it was a homerun, and made the umps review it.  It was foul.  Duh.  GRAB SOME PINE, MATTINGLY!

Sad that Gaudin’s performance was overshadowed by the loss.  This was his best performance as a starter for the Giants to date.  He went 7 innings (beating his record of 6 previously), gave up 1 run on only 4 hits, and struck out 9.  That guy rocks!  It will be interesting to see what happens to the starting lineup when Vogey comes back.  How can you take that guy out after this??

Speaking of Vogey, he was interviewed by Amy G. recently.  He said he’s feeling great and definitely on schedule to be back at the beginning of August, if not the last week of July.  He also talked about his beard (which I think I mentioned before that I love).  He said that he started growing it because he didn’t want to have to shave left-handed (took too long) and then he liked it.  He said he normally has a beard in the off-season, but never this long.  Unfortunately, he said it will be going away soon.  Oh well – he’s still adorable without it.  Can’t wait for him to be back.

There’ve been a few more roster changes since I last blogged.  Mike Kickham did end up going back to Fresno to make room for Chad Gaudin coming off the DL.  Also poor Joaquin Arias had to have an emergency appendectomy on Sunday night and is on the 15-day DL.  NOOOOOO!!!  I love that guy, and we really need him right now.  Will the injuries ever stop?  Nick Noonan has come up from Fresno to replace him.

Hadn’t noticed this in a while (probably because I don’t usually watch the post-game show when they lose), but Kuip was eating French fries during the post-game show on Sunday.  Did he forget and think he was still on the radio??  He does this all the time.  Can’t you just wait until after the show?  Besides, YOU’RE MAKING ME HUNGRY!!!

On to the Mets tonight.  Sounds like we’re coming up against great pitching again.  We’ve got Matt Harvey tonight, one of the pitchers selected to this year’s All-Star Game.  Then on Wednesday we’ve got Zack Wheeler, the former Giants minor leaguer traded for Carlos Beltran in 2011.  So we’ve got a guy trying to impress his All-Star Manager (Bochy) and a guy trying to prove that it was a mistake to trade him.  Great.  Timmy’s up tonight, and I really think he will come through.  He’s been doing so much better lately – I really have faith in the guy.  Let’s just hope that the boys can finally wake up and get some runs.  Sending some internet hugs to all you boys to get the hitting streak started!  COME ON!  YOU CAN DO IT!  WE NEED TO GET THIS GOING!  (Sorry for all the yelling, but I can’t help it!)  GO GIANTS!!


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