Finally, “A Laugher”

On the agenda for today are the spit counts I promised you and then I’ll gush for a while about my boys.  Sound good?  Here goes.

I have two new spit counts for you.  The first is from the 16-inning game and the last is from last night’s fabulous, season-changing game:

July 8th


–          Sandoval 22

–          Posey 17

–          Belt 7

–          Rosario 7

–          Scutaro 5

–          Lincecum 5

–          Pence 2 (not again!)

–          Affeldt 2

–          Vogelsong 2

–          Zito 2

–          Bochy 1

–          Abreu 1

–          Romo 1

–          Mijares 1

–          Noonan 1

–          Bumgarner 1

–          Kontos 1


–          Davis 14

–          Parnell 9

–          Young 7

–          Harvey 6

–          Buck 5

–          Byrd 5

–          Torres 3

–          Murphy 2

–          Satin 1

–          Recker 1


–          Umpires 21

Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 22 (new Giants season record)

That’s a total of 152 spits during a 5 hour and 25 minute game (!) for an average of 1 spit every 2.1 minutes (highest average this season).

Yes, I sat through this entire, depressing game and counted spits!  Of course, a new season spitting record was set for the Giants by Pablo during this game since it went 16 innings.  Also, I guess spitting frequency continues to increase as a game goes on – this game had the highest number of spits per minute for the season.  Some interesting notes:  Unfortunately Tony Abreu logged his first spit (another new kid bites the dust).  Michael Murphy of the Mets didn’t log his first spit until the 13th inning, though he played every inning up until them.  Pence continued his downward spiral into spitdom by spitting once into his glove while speaking with David Wright at 3rd base (he was waiting for the umpire review of his triple that hit the top of a wall) and logging a sunflower seed spit.  One of the umpire spits was a waterfall somehow accomplished without drinking water (where did all that fluid come from??).  Kudos to Timmy for keeping the spitting down while he was pitching – most of his spits were logged in the dugout after he came out.  On a super unfortunate note, Batting Coach Hensley Meulens was observed dipping in the dugout during this game.  Way to set a poor example, Dude!  One non-spitting aside observed during this game that I enjoyed – major kudos to Timmy, Ryan, Barry, Matt, Hunter, and Hector for wearing their rally caps (caps turned inside-out) during the 15th inning.  Gotta love that team spirit!

July 12th


–          Sandoval 27 (!!!!)

–          Posey 6

–          Scutaro 4

–          Belt 3

–          Bochy 3

–          Noonan 3

–          Gaudin 2

–          Mijares 1

–          Torres 1

–          Machi 1

–          Abreu 1


–          Brach 8

–          Alonso 6

–          Venable 5

–          Hundley 5

–          Gyorko 4

–          Stauffer 4

–          Cabrera 3

–          Forsythe 2

–          O’Sullivan 2

–          Headley 1

–          Denorfia 1

–          Vincent 1

–          ? 1


–          Umpire 1

Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 27 (all-time personal worst and Giants season record!)

That’s a total of 96 spits during a 3 hour and 40 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 2.3 minutes.

This was another high spitting game.  And notice how Pablo beat the record he set in the 16 hour game!  Yuck!  I always have my eyes on the new guys in hopes I can find at least one guy this season who doesn’t get caught spitting.  I’ve noticed that Jake Dunning has not been caught yet (he did pitch in the game tonight), but I saw him with a wad of something in his mouth in the dugout, so I’m assuming he’ll be caught sometime soon.  However, this is the first time I did a spit count when Kensuke Tanaka was playing, and he didn’t get caught once!  I did observe in a previous blog that during the World Baseball Classic, the Japanese team did not spit.  Maybe it’s just a cultural thing.  There’s still hope!  Please keep that spit in your mouth, Kensuke!  I’m counting on you to be the example for the team!

OK – now it’s gushing time.  THEY DID IT!  THEY STRUNG TWO WINS TOGETHER!!  I was so thrilled last night – they played like my boys again!  The pitching was great.  Gaudin did a wonderful job again, and the relievers came through, especially Jose Mijares who came in with the bases loaded and got three guys out, not allowing any runs.  WOW!!  And the boys came through and hit!  No homeruns tonight, but they hit, a total of 29 hits in the last two games!  And they hit with 2 outs and with guys in scoring position!  Every position player who played in the game tonight, starting or substitute (with the exception of Nick Noonan who batted once), got at least one hit.  WOW!  These are the boys that I know and love!

Three unusual events happened on the field worth mentioning, as we can all learn about this crazy game from them.  At one point, a Padre hit a pop-fly toward third base.  Brandon Crawford and Pablo both ran to catch it, and Brandon should have been able to catch it easily, but the third base umpire got in front of him and prevented him from doing so.  It wasn’t called interference because the ball didn’t hit the umpire, and he’s otherwise considered a part of the field (a ball hit an umpire the other day and was called dead, again keeping Brandon Crawford from making a play).  The ball dropped, and landed on the chalk line.  This should have been fair, but the umpire called it foul.  He messed up twice on one play!  Luckily no runs scored that inning, otherwise that umpire would have felt miserable (and he would be getting a nasty note in the mail from me!!).

The second event was a tribute to the skills of Kensuke Tanaka.  He got caught in a run-down between second and third base.  He ran back and forth several times and then collided (apparently purposefully) with the third baseman.  As soon as this happened, he called interference, the umpire agreed, and he got to take third base.  Brilliant!  Manager Bud Black of the Padres argued with the umpire saying that Tanaka had run outside of the baseline.  He argued a bit too strongly and got ejected from the game, plus the ruling stood.  Rich Aurilia mentioned that during a run-down, the runner dictates the base path, and the ruling was correct.  Still a little confused on that one, and I can’t narrow down the rule on this in the official MLB rules, but it sounds like Tanaka knows his stuff and made a great play.  All the more reason to love that guy!

Finally, we got to observe something I thought only happened in the olden days of baseball.  It’s called the “Hidden Ball Trick.”  Pablo was on second base.  The Padres’ second baseman hid the ball in his glove instead of throwing it to the pitcher after the play.  The pitcher was in on the trick, and acted like he was getting ready to pitch.  This caused Pablo to take his lead off second.  Then that sneaky second baseman proceeded to tag Pablo out!  This ingenious, albeit totally sneaky play could have worked had it not been for the fact that Pablo had called time out after he got to second base.  Guys usually do this to get rid of their batting gear.  Since he called timeout, it was still timeout when the guy tagged him.  That type of timeout ends when the pitcher touches the pitcher’s plate, and there was no way he could have done this because it’s a balk if he touches the plate without a ball.  Gotta love this stuff!  So sorry, you sneaky, sneaky Padres!

Another Giants minor leaguer was caught for being an idiot today.  Paul Davis, a player on the Class A Augusta Greenjackets, will serve a 50-game ban for a second violation of baseball’s minor league drug program.  Yes, that’s his second violation.  Idiot.  Why would you risk throwing away a possible amazing career for that??  IDIOT!  Can you tell I feel strongly about this??

Santiago Casilla and Jeff Francoeur are set to be activated today.  Will be so glad to have “The Boogey Man” back in the bullpen.  He’s done such a great job this year, and I’m sure a lot of the relievers will be “relieved” to have the help. (tee, hee)  And I can’t wait to see how Francoeur will be welcomed to the team.  Will there be a plate of bacon waiting for him in his locker??  Baggs was saying that since Tanaka has been doing so well, Bochy may do a Tanaka/Francoeur platoon in left field and a Blanco/Torres platoon in center field.  Then he can see who works out best, or possibly keep things that way.  Just hope all those bats can stay active.

Again, I was so thrilled that they won the “laugher” as Duane Kuiper called it last night.  And it’s fantastic that they finally won 2-in-a-row after such a dry spell.  But really, they should have won in a laugher.  The Padres stink.  So they’ve made that first step – they beat a stinky team twice.  They need to win at least one more game of this series for it to really mean that they are on the road to getting better.  The hits have been wonderful the last two nights, but again, the Padres stink.  Hoping they can take this series, get some rest, and then come back to finish the season rejuvenated and beat some non-stinky teams.  I think they can do it.  Hope their winning momentum is back.  GO GIANTS!!  TAKE THE SERIES!!

*This is my 100th blog post!  Can you believe it??  Thanks so much for reading and encouraging me to make it this far.  It’s been a blast!


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  1. Ginny Kooper

    You are the best, and Happy Anniversary on your 100th great blog. Now the big word is consistent, they gotta do be this big word.
    GO GIANTS!!! Never, never, ever stop believin.

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