Atta Boy, Timmy!

I said that the boys needed to take at least 3 of the games vs. the Padres to show that they are on the road to recovery from their funk.  They did that.  They are awesome, and even though they lost on Sunday, I think they can take the momentum from winning that series into the last part of the season.  Little did I know that we would all be astounded in that game on Saturday.  I was lucky enough to catch almost the entire game (missed the 1st half inning).  Whenever I watch a game, I’m always hoping that the pitcher will be perfect.  I pay attention to the hit count, even in the first innings of a game.  I think it’s because I missed the chance of being in attendance when Matt pitched his perfect game (my brother Paul offered me Club Level tickets that night, but I had things to do and couldn’t make it).  So I was aware early that Timmy had no hits against him.  I even texted Ginny in the 3rd inning that Timmy had a no hitter going.  Of course, I did that jokingly, never anticipating the outcome of that game.  Wow.  I still can’t believe it.  As it got to the 7th inning, things were looking good, but his pitch count was so high I thought there would be no way Bochy would keep him in.  Then again, I thought if Timmy doesn’t want to come out, he’s not going to come out.  He did it.  148 pitches, so many more than recommended for an arm nowadays, but he did it.  And it seemed like he was getting better as the game progressed.  TIMMY PITCHED A NO NO!!  I was so thrilled for him – so perfect after all he’d been through the past 2 seasons and all the rumors he would be traded and sent to the bullpen.  So glad his name will go down in history as only the 7th San Francisco Giant to pitch a no-hitter, and only the second to do it on the road.  He deserves that.  I even heard today on KNBR that ESPN has resurrected its Timmy Jim commercial – I love that thing!!  You can check it out here.  And if you, like me, can’t get enough of that last out and the ensuing craziness, here you go.  And yes, I did cry, especially during his post-game interview when he said the first person he would call was his father.  One proud papa there.

Are you all going to watch the All-Star Game?  I am planning on it.  I even watched part of the Home Run Derby – turned it on just as Yoenis Cespedes came up.  That was an amazing showing for him.  He hit more than double the homeruns of the second place guy in that first round!  Glad a western team was able to be showcased for the nation.  Congrats, Yoenis!  Even though you’re an A, gotta appreciate that power!  Hoping that my Giants boys can make a great showing today as well.  It would be nice if they all at least get to come into the game!  Hope they are enjoying their time in New York representing the best team in baseball.

Hubby just scored free Club Level tickets to the double header next Tuesday vs. the Reds.  SWEET!!  I was actually looking into buying tickets for that game anyway.  Need to go buy a lottery ticket!  That will be my first double header ever.  Will be a long day, but I’ll be in heaven the entire time!

Hope my boys are resting up for their comeback starting on Friday.  Ginny will be at that game, so I’m sure they’ll do their best to make her happy.  She’s planning to carry on my “Beat the Snake” tradition, so I know they’ll come through victorious.  Enjoy your All-Star break, everyone!  GO GIANTS!!


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  1. Ginny Kooper

    He sure did a great job! He needed to do that! Looking forward to the All-Star game today and will text. Friday can’t come too soon and I hope the body cooperates, mind over matter, game definitely more important than a few pains. I will give the snake a few spins for you at the game and I know my poison dart frog will help too! You will have a great time for the double header.

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