Sweep Those Brewers!

So the trade deadline came and went last week, and none of my boys had to leave.  You can imagine that I was relieved at this.  Even though they haven’t been doing so hot, I still love them all and want them to be able to play out the season together.  And apparently it was a huge relief to Hunter Pence as he had a fantastic game that night.  This was the first year in a while that he didn’t have to pick up and move at the trade deadline.  Since that day, they won 2 of 3 vs. the Phillies and 1 of 3 vs. the Rays while on the road.  3 for 6 – not as bad as they’ve been doing, and they won a game vs. the Rays who are pretty hot right now.  Trying to stay positive.

They also won the game last night vs. the Brewers.  Actually, they didn’t really win it – the Brewers lost it and the umpires helped us out.  So many errors, and crazy ones at that.  Did you see that wild pitch on a pitch out by Axford of the Brewers??  It allowed Hunter to go from 2nd to 3rd.  That was crazy!  I had never seen anything like that before, and it sounded like the announcers hadn’t either.  Plus the umps blew two calls – the double play off Javier was actually a single out (Weeks was safe at first), and the pickoff attempt on Jeff Francoeur was successful even though the umps called him safe.  Since the Brewers stink, I was hoping for a much better showing from the boys, but hey, I guess we’ll take a win right now any way we can get it.  At least Chad Gaudin continued to impress, and Roger “The Kid” Kieschnick continued to raise his batting average with 2 hits (he’s now at .353).  And Brandon Belt finally gave in to some batting advice, changing his grip and standing further back in the box, and got 3 hits and a walk.  I like listing positives – I already feel much better about last night’s game!  With Matt, Madison, and Timmy in line to pitch for the next three games, and ruling in the fact that the Brewers have so many of their key members out right now due to injury or suspension, I’m seriously hoping for a sweep.  They can do it – they just have to play like they have before.  I know you can, Guys!

The rest of the Biogenesis PED suspensions have come down.  Yesterday, 13 guys were suspended based on evidence acquired from Biogenesis that they had been using PEDs.  12 received 50-day suspensions for their first offense, and will not be appealing the decision.  However, Alex Rodriguez received a suspension for the rest of this season and all of next season (over 200 games) due to not only his PED use but also alleged attempts at obstructing justice in this case.  He will be appealing the suspension, and actually played last night to the loud boos of the fans.  Add to this Ryan Braun who accepted his suspension previously, and Melky Cabrera and Roberto Colon who had already served their suspensions. The response from players and management has been pretty much 100% in favor of the penalties and in favor of evening the playing field and getting PEDs out of the sport.  It will be interesting to see if the penalties are increased over the off-season as players are finally voicing their opinions.  Resistance usually comes from the players union, but now changes may actually come from it.  The one thing that stands out about all this is that of the 16 guys who were caught taking PEDs in this instance, only 3 of them actually tested positive.  The other 13 would have gotten away with it had it not been for Biogenesis being caught.  Plus the way the whole thing came to light was pretty serendipitous for MLB.  Apparently the owner of Biogenesis owed $4000 dollars to one of his investors, he refused to pay, so the investor got hold of the records and released them to a newspaper!  Don’t mess with that guy!  It’s still rather unsettling that so many were able to fall through the cracks – and who knows how many others are still out there beating the system.  I’m hoping that much stricter penalties (like possibly a season for the first offense and then your outta there forever for the second) will end all this nonsense.  I hate the fact that whenever I see a player performing really well I start to wonder if he is on something.  And I bet the players hate that the fans are doing that even more.

Anyone want more reason to hate Brian Wilson?  Check this out.  He posted this on Twitter the day after he signed with the Dodgers.  Two reasons why this causes me to hate him more than before:  1) He’s embracing the stinking Dodgers and 2) he’s got a huge ego, equating himself to all the Dodgers’ greats.  I bet the Dodgers fans didn’t appreciate this, either.  Dummy.  Good riddance!

I get an email every day from MLB.com that I actually enjoy, especially when my boys show up in there.  Even though there are no Giants in this clip, I just had to share an amazing play with you.  Never seen anything like this play by J.B. Shuck of the Angels.  Gotta appreciate talent, even when it’s not coming from your team.  Love how his teammates all tipped their cap to him.  WOW!  It also brings up two questions:  Since he fell over the fence, is the catch fair, and what happened to the guys that were on base?  Do they get to tag up and keep running?  Rule 7.04c states a catch can be legal even if a fielder falls into the stands, but at that point the ball is dead and each runner shall advance one base.  So we all learn something on this amazing play as well.

Ever wonder who puts up the K’s at AT&T Park?  I did!  I wondered if it’s someone’s job or if fans do it on their own.  I Googled it, and it turns out that whoever is sitting out there does it on their own.  I thought there might be some sort of system to signal a strikeout and whether the K should be backwards or not, but apparently the fans do all of that on their own.  I love that!  I think it would be fun sometime to sit out there and put up the K’s.  Especially when Madison is pitching – I’d be pretty busy!

I have two new spit counts, but I think I’ll save those for later this week as once again this is getting kind of long.  Teaser – we may have another non-spitter on our hands!  Hoping that the boys can really pull off the sweep of the Brewers this week.  We really need this – want to at least get back to an overall .500 record by the end of the season, and unfortunately we’ve got a long way to go.  Then I’m so excited that Vogey is scheduled to return on Friday.  YAY!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!  Sweep those Brewers!


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