So Much For That Sweep

OK – who, like me, thought they could pull it off last night???  That 9th inning comeback was amazing!  But once again, they couldn’t get in the winning run on 3rd and ended up letting it slip away in the 10th.  So frustrating!  And Madison pitched so well the other night, but the guys didn’t give him any run support and they lost.  Check out this interview with Madison after that game – you can just feel his desperation!  But, I did promise that I was going to stay positive.  And I haven’t made a list in a while, so I think I’ll make a Giants positives list.  Here goes:

–          The pitching has finally gotten back on track.  Even though Barry has kind of lost it, Matt, Madison, Timmy, Chad, and now Ryan (BTW – Jean Machi went down to Fresno to make room for him) have really come through and pitched amazing games recently.  This will be key for the rest of the season and for putting a competitive team back together for next season.  Major kudos to Timmy for basically reinventing himself and coming to terms with the fact that he can no longer just rely on his fast ball to get him through games.

–          Brandon Belt is on fire!  He finally gave in to advice from his teammates and coaches to loosen his grip on the bat and it’s definitely paid off.  This is another key factor to their getting through the season and planning for next season.

–          Roger Kieschnick has been an impressive addition to the team.  He was in the same draft class as Buster and Brandon Crawford and finally has had the chance to show his stuff.  He’s batting .290 so far and he’s come through with several clutch hits.  Hoping that as he gets comfortable we’ll see more of the power that he’s been famous for in the minors.  Plus, he’s a cutie!  Plus…I’ll get to that in a minute…

–          Brandon Crawford’s bat has woken up lately as well.  He’s batted .467 in his last 4 games, plus he’s gotten 2 homeruns recently.  The homerun has been something that’s been missing from the Giants’ repertoire for a while.  You’re making Ginny proud, Kid!

–          Giants game ticket prices on StubHub have gone down.  Sorry – just had to throw that one in there.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Giants commercial that features Buster in a barber shop and a guy trying to get him to do a “batting stance dance”.  If not, here it is (the first video).  Well, my brother Paul informed me that the older gentleman with the moustache is none other than my dad’s barber, Frank J. Pisa!  If you look closely, you can see the name of the shop on the window – Broadway Barber Shop.  How did that guy get that gig??  Lucky!  Warmed my heart to think that Buster probably sat in the same chair that my dad sat in.  Miss you, Pops!

Since I haven’t done one in a while, and since seeing Roger Kieschnick wearing number 22 reminds me of him, and since I don’t want him to think I don’t care anymore, I’ll give you an Eli Whiteside update.  Eli’s played in 58 games this season for the Round Rock Express (the Texas Rangers AAA affiliate).  His batting average is .168 with a .232 OBP.  Sigh.  In my pursuit of accentuating the positive, Eli does have 4 homeruns and 21 RBI.  Hope they’re treating you well out there in Texas, Eli.  Miss your white curly locks out here.

Here are the long-awaited spit counts I promised you – three as I was able to do another one last night.  Are you ready for this????:

July 30th


–          Moscoso 36 (step aside, Pablo!)

–          Quiroz 20

–          Sandoval 3

–          Scutaro 2

–          Zito 2

–          Arias 2

–          Righetti 1

–          Gardner 1

–          Pill 1


–          Lannan 4

–          Utley 2

–          Rollins 2

–          M. Young 1

–          D. Young 1


–          Umpire 4

Game Spit Master General = Moscoso at 36 (new overall season record)

That’s a total of 82 spits during a 2 hour and 55 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 2.1 minutes.

Can you believe this???  Someone actually passed Pablo in their spitacularness!  Another new guy bites the dust, and in extreme fashion!  Moscoso spits about 4 times before every pitch.  His style is very similar to Sandy Rosario’s in that he gets a little white wad at the end of his tongue and then flicks it.  His spitting repertoire also consists of several huge waterfalls.  Blech.  Also notice the quantity of Quiroz spits.  I hadn’t noticed before, but besides the ability to spit through his catcher’s helmet, he also spits into his mitt a lot.  Also noticed that the Phillies starting pitcher, John Lannan, didn’t start spitting until the 6th inning, adding to the evidence that spit frequency increases as the game progresses.

August 5th


–          Sandoval 6

–          Posey 5

–          Romo 3

–          Scutaro 2

–          Gaudin 2

–          Pence 1 (into hand – rubbed it in – YUCK!!)

–          Belt 1

–          Kelly 1

–          Francoeur 1


–          Lucroy 25

–          Thornburg 6

–          Gennett 2

–          Francisco 2

–          Gindl 1

–          Schafer 1

–          Gomez 1

–          Axford 1

–          Gonzalez 1

Game Spit Master General = Lucroy at 25

Giants Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 6

That’s a total of 62 spits during a 3 hour game for an average of 1 spit every 2.9 minutes.

Now granted Jonathan Lucroy of the Brewers is the catcher and on camera for a large portion of the game, but 25 spits is still a hell of a lot!

August 9th


–          Posey 9

–          Rosario 5

–          Vogelsong 3

–          Sandoval 2

–          Abreu 2

–          Torres 2

–          Belt 2

–          ? 1 (someone in the dugout)


–          Johnson 6

–          Jones 5

–          Davis 5

–          Wieters 2

–          Roberts 1

–          McLouth 1


–          Umpire 29 (new season record)

Game Spit Master General = Posey at 9 (first time earning the title this season)

That’s a total of 75 spits during a 3 hour game for an average of 1 spit every 2.4 minutes.

FYI – that umpire who set the new season record for spits by an ump is Mike Everitt.  Wonder who I would send his Spit Master General letter to??  Of note – Ryan Vogelsong pitched the first few innings while chewing gum and logged a total of 0 spits.  He stopped in about the 4th inning, and then logged his 3 spits.  Interesting.  Wish he would keep chewing that gum!  After logging these three spit counts, can you guess why I’m extremely excited?  Did you notice that a name is missing from the Giants list?  I have renewed hope!  Roger Kieschnick has not been caught spitting yet!  Hopefully I’ll be able to add his name to Kensuke Tanaka’s on the spitless list!  HEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Keep the saliva in your mouth for us, Kid!

Today’s the anniversary of Dave Dravecky’s comeback.  What an amazing man.  Check out this video.  Makes me proud to be a Giants fan.

Can we end this season with at least an even record (81 and 81)?  Are you keeping the faith?  With the positives I listed above, and with how they almost did it last night, I think this is still possible.  Just gotta hope and keep believing.  Gaudin’s going out there today to take on the Birds, and I have complete faith that he will do a stellar job.  Get the bats going, Guys, and don’t leave your friends on base.  All I ask is that you win at least one this weekend, as the Birds are defintely a tough team to beat.  You can do it!!!  GO GIANTS!!


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