More Positives to Accentuate

The quest for positive aspects of this 2013 season continues, and my searching has not been very difficult in the last few days.  Here’s a list of things that have made me happy since I last posted:

–          Brandon Belt continues to impress.  He’s got an 11-game hitting streak going, and he’s hit 4 homeruns since August 8th.  Just looking at him as he takes his at bats, you can tell there is a renewed confidence there.  He’s been so awesome that he even garnered national recognition, being honored with the title of NL player of the week last week.  Major kudos, Kid!!  I am so excited to see what this newfound hitting ability will do for us next season (just wish he had discovered it a bit sooner!).  I can’t wait to read his next blog to see how he is taking all of this in.

–          Brandon Crawford continues to amaze us with his defensive abilities.  For example, did you see that amazing catch he made in the 9th inning on Thursday that probably saved the game?  Hope he will finally get some national recognition for this soon.  He seems to do something like that at least once every game.

–          Pablo has woken up!  Since August 11th, he’s been batting .500!  The broadcasters yesterday were commenting on how he has been seeing the ball better.  And I think the weight he has lost has helped as well.  Hopefully his commitment to improving his game will continue, and we’ll see a lot more greatness from him.

–          What about that Hector Sanchez??  Two 3-run homeruns in 2 days!  So sad that he was out for a large part of the season with that injury, but it sure seems like he’s come back strong.  So happy for the kid cause he really seems like a great guy.  Love following him on Twitter and watching how cute he is with his new bride.

–          Marco appears to be recovering from his back issues.  He’s hit .364 in his last 5 games.  So happy for him cause I love that guy.  He seems like a pillar of strength for the team.  Love to watch his at bats – he’s so confident.  Hope you’re OK after getting tagged in the back with a pitch yesterday!

–          The last two games we played against the Nationals were positive.  I know – they didn’t win the middle game of the series (lost 6-5), but they were able to come back from a 6-1 deficit, and that’s a happy thing.  Then they won that game on Thursday and it was just like old times!  I have to admit that I fell asleep during the top of the 9th (I had a sinus headache – Don’t judge me!), and when I awoke the score had magically changed from us behind 3-1 to us ahead 4-3!  I was in shock!  Way to go, Hector!  It was so fun to see them be able to celebrate an amazing win, something that sure hasn’t happened a lot lately.  And so glad they were able to have a happy flight to Miami.

–          They won the first game against Miami.  That is definitely an understatement.  They won it big time, 14-10.  It was looking like batting practice out there!  Now we have to temper this with the fact that the Marlins suck, but my boys did score a lot of runs, something they don’t do often, even against sucky teams.  In fact, they set a record for the most runs scored in a game this season.  And this was in a park that is not known for guys scoring a lot of runs – that outfield is immense!  The broadcasters predicted that it would be a low scoring game before it started because of that park and because of the low ERAs of both pitchers.  Surprise!  My brother Nick was at this game.  Since the Marlins had two homeruns, he even got to see that stupid fish contraption in the outfield work in person!  Bet that was the highlight of his trip – NOT!  At least he got to watch some fireworks – and as it turned out, with all those hits they were both during and after the game!

An interesting fact – Barry Zito was placed on waivers and cleared them on Wednesday.  That means no one wanted to claim him.  Duh – his contract is too high to take over for how poorly he’s performed this season.  I don’t really understand this move by the Giants.  What was the purpose of this?  Can anyone explain it to me?  Will have to pick my brothers’ brains next time I see them.  Love you, Barry, but it’s not looking good for your return next year.

Speaking of Barry, have you seen the new commercial with him and Brandon Crawford?  I actually found a crappy version of it on YouTube – here you go.  They are both styling their hair, so you can’t hear them over the sound of their blow dryers (subtitles included).  So silly!  I love how Brandon just bursts out laughing at the end at all that silliness.  What is that marketing crew going to come up with next??

I have a new spit count for you.  Unfortunately, it includes some disappointment:

August 16th


–          Sandoval 12

–          Belt 11

–          Rosario 4

–          Bochy 3

–          Sanchez 3

–          Scutaro 2

–          Gaudin 2

–          Arias 1

–          Casilla 1

–          Kieschnick 1 (sigh)


–          Eovaldi 8

–          Mathis 6

–          Solano 5

–          Hechavarria 2

–          Morrison 1

–          Ruggiano 1

–          Polanco 1

–          Qualls 1

–          Fernandez 1


–          Umpire – 1

Game Spit Master General = Sandoval at 12

That’s a total of 67 spits during a 3 hour and 45 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 3.4 minutes.

Yes, Kieschnick is now out of the running for a spitless season.  I had noticed what I thought was a spit the other day while watching a game, but it was confirmed yesterday.  At least his aren’t huge and gross – he’s pretty stealthy about it.  Bochy’s three included one waterfall in the dugout – first time I had observed him do that.  Belt hit a season record at 11.  Wonder if this is because performing well makes you spit more or if because he’s performing well the cameras are on him more.

So they take on the Marlins again this weekend.  Since the Marlins suck, I will not be happy unless they sweep them.  After how they played last night, they should be perfectly capable of this.  You guys need more celebrations (and so do I).  Now that the hitting is back, the pitching has to stay strong.  I know you guys are tired, but you’ve only got a few more games to pitch before the end of the season.  Give me the sweep, please!  GO GIANTS!!


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