A Ray of Sunshine

Yes!  Some sunshine amongst the cloudy skies!  They beat the Pirates tonight, significant because the Pirates are tied for first place in their division, plus the starting pitcher tonight had an ERA of 2.53 coming into the game.  They got 6 runs at home.  According to Andrew Baggarly, the last time they did that was July 9th.  Every starting player (besides Timmy) got at least one hit.  How often does that happen??  Savor the sunshine!

I was able to attend the games on Thursday and Friday night – the first time I’ve ever gone 2 days in a row.  Thursday night I went with the Bobblehead Gang (Thanks, Manny!) and my cousin’s 2 kids.  The kids actually impressed me with their Giants knowledge.  There was even something to get excited about as the boys were able to come back from a 3-run deficit to tie it up in the 4th (always looking for the positive).  Alas, this didn’t last long as the Pirates came back in the 5th to score 7 runs.  Yes – 7.  Talk about a crooked number.  So embarrassing.  The Bobblehead guys usually like to leave the game early (which I never do), and they warned me ahead of time that they probably would.  I will usually stay until the end anyway and take the train back to my car.  I hate to admit it but when they left at the bottom of the 5th inning with the score at 10 – 3, I left along with them.  I did have work the next day, but also these horrible losses have just been too much to handle.

On Friday night, my hubby got the awesome club level tickets from his friend once again, and this time his friend and his wife attended with us and I actually got to thank him in person.  We had a lot of fun chatting about my boys and kids and life, and we had a great time.  Even though we lost that one 3 – 1, I wasn’t disappointed because Madison had a great showing and it wasn’t the usual blowout we have grown accustomed to lately.  It’s come to the point where I can get excited about the littlest things with these guys.  Plus I got to eat strawberry shortcake.  That’s always a happy thing!  This puts my win/loss record for this season at 5 and 7.  Sigh.

While at the game last night, our host asked me if I knew what Pablo writes in the dirt with his bat every time he comes to the plate.  I knew about this ritual, but I couldn’t answer him, so I decided to check it out.  What I found makes me love the Panda even more.  According to Sports Illustrated “The jitterbug he does before every at bat … is intended not to irritate pitchers but to honor the dead.  He taps his barrel four times: once for his grandmother, Josefa; once for his grandfather, Luis; and once for his baby sister, Diana, who died in a car accident when she was six months old.  The fourth tap, he says, is to honor God.”  He also draws a cross in the dirt with his bat and thanks God for the opportunity to hit again.  When he goes out on the field he writes “Los amo mucho” (I love you all very much) in the dirt near third base, a message to his family in Venezuela.  Gotta love that.  There’s your answer, Kevin!  If you want to watch Pablo’s entire pre-batting ritual, here you go.

There’ve been lots of roster moves in the last week – enough to make your head spin!  And I’m sure some of the guys’ heads are spinning as well!  The craziest is Mike Kickham, who was called up on the 20th, sent back down to Fresno on the 22nd, then recalled on the 23rd.  How can you wrap your head around that?!  Nick Noonan was called up from Fresno on the 22nd and sent back down the next day.  That’s just cruel!  Jean Machi came up from Fresno on the 20th.  Three guys were placed on the 15-day disabled list – Chad Gaudin (8/20 with carpal tunnel syndrome), Andres Torres (8/22 with a left Achilles strain), and Matt Cain (8/23 with a contusion on his right forearm when he was hit with a line drive).  Jeff Francoeur was released – he wasn’t even on the team long enough to buy bacon for any of the fans.  The Giants bought the contract of right-handed pitcher Yusmeiro Petit to replace Matt Cain in the rotation while he’s out.  The super exciting news is about a future roster move – Angel will be back soon!  He’s had two rehab starts in Fresno and is looking good.  Bochy mentioned tonight that when he comes back, he’ll be playing every day until the end of the season to make sure to work things out with his newly-repaired hamstring.  Can’t wait to see him in the lineup again, especially since it seemed like things for the team started to fall apart once he got injured.

I learned a new rule tonight during the game.  Have you ever wondered how many times a switch hitter can switch sides of the plate during an at bat?  The answer is basically as many times as he wants, as long as he does it before the pitcher is in position ready to pitch (rule 6.06c).  I have never seen anyone do this and would imagine it doesn’t happen that often.  Might be a good strategy to throw the pitcher off.  Pablo, Andres, and Hector – try it out sometime!

My mom thinks that Brandon Belt looks a lot like Ryan Vogelsong.  It cracks me up that my mom notices these things.  I had never thought about it, but they really do look like they could be brothers.  Or maybe at least long-lost cousins.  Randomness.

Remember the commercial I mentioned in my last blog that features Barry Zito and Brandon Crawford blow drying their hair?  I was looking at it closely today during the game, and it is pretty obvious that what they are saying is not what is written in the subtitles.  Wonder what the conversation REALLY is??  I actually asked Brandon Crawford about it in a comment to his blog.  We’ll see if he responds.  Wish I was better at lip reading, cause Brandon sure is cracking up about something!

Former Oakland A and KNBR broadcaster Eric Byrnes has risen to the top of my “I hate your guts” list.  It’s actually a pretty short list, but he now tops it.  I was listening to KNBR the other day, and he was mentioning how he had written a blog about why Will Clark’s number 22 should be retired by the Giants, and how it was ridiculous that it hadn’t been retired already.  He mentioned that guys on the team should be ashamed to take that number, especially if they were mediocre players.  During his rant, he proceeded to list all the players since Clark to wear that number on the Giants, mentioning how practically all of them had little talent.  As he continued to do this it dawned on me – who wore 22?  ELI WHITESIDE!  My anger rose as I waited for him to rich my boy’s name.  He mentioned that Eli had worn the number for four years, and that this was a disgrace to Will Clark.  HOW DARE HE DIS MY BOY!  I hate you, Mr. Byrnes.  And Eli, don’t listen to this crazy dude.  I’m sure Will is flattered that you chose to wear his number.  Plus it’s your birthdate anyway – you can own it.

On a lighter note, I have a new spit count for you.  And I’m so proud of my boy, Madison!:

August 18th


–          Moscoso 22

–          Sandoval 10

–          Arias 2

–          Kelly 2

–          Belt 1

–          Bumgarner 1

–          Posey 1

–          Bochy 1

–          Rosario 1


–          Koehler 8

–          Solano 4

–          Qualls 3

–          Dunn 3

–          Morrison 2

–          Mathis 2

–          Webb 1

–          Hechavarria 1 (love that name)

Game Spit Master General = Moscoso at 22

That’s a total of 65 spits during a 3 hour and 30 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 3.2 minutes.

This would actually have been a pretty low spitting game had it not been for spitter extraordinaire Moscoso.  He even propelled saliva 13 times in one inning (remember – he’s a relief pitcher)!!  As Madison was the starting pitcher, I also did a snot rocket count.  To my surprise and delight, he only shot one snot rocket during the entire game!  Plus he only logged one spit!  Bravo! Maybe now the guys can reward you by scoring some runs so you can finally get a much deserved win!

So now it’s time to talk directly to my boys.  I’m not asking for much tomorrow against the Pirates.  I know they’re a tough team, so all I ask is that you don’t embarrass yourselves.  No shutout and no lead bigger than 5.  Can you handle that?  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed.  Show us what you’re made of, Ryan.  Will always love you guys and pull for you cause I know you can come through for us.  And Angel – get your butt back here pronto!  GO GIANTS!!



  1. Donna Corey

    I was at the game yesterday, so I “shorted out” rooting for both of my teams. So glad to see our boys win one, but the Cards and Reds won yesterday~ARGGH! lol

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