Mega Happy Flight

YAY!  They won two in a row!  They tied the series!  All I asked was for them not to embarrass themselves today, but they showed me who’s the boss!  It’s not tough to be positive right now!  The best thing about their last two wins is that they were against a team that’s competing for a spot at the top of its division – the Pirates are tied for first place in the NL Central.  So the positives have a little umph to them!  Let’s make a positives list from the last 2 days, shall we??:

–          Timmy pitched 5.1 innings yesterday, giving up 3 runs on only 3 hits, with 8 strikeouts AGAINST THE PIRATES!

–          Ryan pitched an 8 inning shutout, giving up 2 hits (both singles) and striking out 5, all while he was battling a head cold AGAINST THE PIRATES!

–          Pablo has been amazing on defense, executing some fantastic defensive plays AGAINST THE PIRATES!

–          Buster’s bat is back – he went 3 for 5 yesterday and 2 for 3 with a walk today AGAINST THE PIRATES!

–          They managed a 3-run rally in the 8th inning AGAINST THE PIRATES!

So what spark has ignited these guys?  Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!  Just hope that they can keep it going!

My friend Donna (who’s a huge Pirates fan as well as a Giants fan) was at the game yesterday.  Perfect scenario as she can be happy no matter who wins!  I was thinking – she attended a game where the Giants won and I attended 2 games where the Pirates won.  I finally figured it out.  She must be the Giants’ good luck charm (she even has a jersey that says “Team Mom” on the back) and I must be the Pirates’ good luck charm.  Hey, if they make it to the post-season, I wouldn’t mind being sent out to Pittsburgh to bring them luck – that park is gorgeous!  Not that I’m dissing my boys, but the likelihood of them making it past September is pretty slim – have to be realistic some times.  I still love you, Boys!

So it’s off to Colorado, land of the humidor and the piece o’ cake home run.  I’m a bit concerned that Barry is pitching on Monday.  Gonna have to send him some crazy good luck vibes so that guys won’t take advantage of him (Donna – maybe you should try it, too!).  And maybe now that they’re stringing together hits again they’ll be able to sweep those Rockies on their own turf.  Hey, it could happen.  Good luck this week, Boys!  We’re still watching!  GO GIANTS!



  1. Donna Corey

    I forgot to add that I wore my Team Mom jersey all day on Saturday because I felt guilty about repping the Buccos at the game. LOL
    So cool that our boys are getting some mojo back…and at least the Cards and Reds lost yesterday, too.

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