Angel’s in the Outfield (Again)!

Angel Pagan came back to the team yesterday after being on the DL for most of the season with a torn hamstring.  WOOHOO!  And he came back in style, hitting a double and scoring the only run of the game.  That, along with Timmy’s outstanding performance combined for the win against the 2nd place D-Bags.  Can Angel be the spark that gets this team going again?  I have to say it was a joy to see his enthusiasm, that fantastic smile, and I sure missed those salutes!  I salute you, Angel!  Welcome back!  You were definitely missed!

Javier Lopez, Hunter Pence, and Tim Lincecum were all placed on waivers on August 26th and all three were claimed.  Did you just fall out of your chair?  I’m not sure why this happened, but I found a story that said nearly all MLB players go through waivers but are rarely moved.  It also mentioned that the Giants have no intention of dealing these three right now.  So you can pull yourself back into your chair.  I don’t get it – why would they do this?  I couldn’t find a good answer on the interwebs.  Anyone have any idea?  Please share if you do.  Brian T. – are you reading this?  Help me out!

Speaking of trades, one guy who’s been on the Giants radar is Bronson Arroyo, starting pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds.  Since (even though I hate to say it) Barry probably won’t be back on the team next year, it would be great to add an established starting pitcher to the rotation.  Arroyo would fit the bill.  And he recently said he would like to come to San Francisco.  Yep. He sure did.    In a story from USA Today, Arroyo said, “I love San Francisco.  I love the whole vibe of the city.  I love walking down the street and seeing a guy in a tuxedo, two guys holding hands and some girl with tattoos riding a skateboard.  I love the eclecticness of the city.”  Plus his pitching delivery makes me smile – he looks like a ballerina – check it out.  He’s even at AT&T park in that video.  And he does stuff like this.  Might just be a great replacement for the antics of Brian Wilson, without the huge ego.  Interesting thought.

On the dashboard of my blog, I can tell what searches led people to my site.  One search recently was “Why is Dave Righetti wearing an arm brace?”  Thinking that maybe you all had the same question, I’ll answer this one for you.  He had minor surgery on his left elbow.  So now you know.  Couldn’t find out why (he was a left-handed pitcher, though), but someone posted on Twitter that the reason was he had to reach for the bullpen phone so many times.  Ha ha!  Wait – why am I laughing at that???

Have you ever seen the giant red sculpture near AT&T Park at Pier 40?  Here is a pic.  It reminds me of the one outside of Angels Stadium, and I’ve always wondered what the story was behind it.  It’s 70 feet tall and was created by artist Mark di Suvero in 1995.  The sculpture is titled “Sea Change.”  He credits the Golden Gate Bridge as his inspiration, which he passed under while immigrating to the United States from China as a child in 1942.  Pretty cool.  I did not know this, but the circular top actually moves with the wind.  Will have to check it out next time I’m at the ballpark (which will hopefully be soon!).

Hoping to do a spit count this afternoon when I watch the game.  Will leave you all with a video that sums up why I love these guys so much – here you go.  Duane Kuiper’s commentary makes it that much better.  Enjoy.  Hope we can sweep the D-Bags now that Angel’s back.  Keeping positive!  So many awesome defensive performances yesterday.  And good luck to Yusmeiro Petit tomorrow in his second start.  You deserve to be in that lineup, Dude!  Make us proud!  GO GIANTS!!


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