As the Season Winds Down…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I haven’t given up on my boys at all.  It would be wonderful if I had all the time in the world to do this as I absolutely love it, but sometimes reality gets in the way of that.

Going to try to accentuate the positives again of the last couple of weeks.  Not really that hard to do:

–          Hunter Pence was selected as the National League Player of the Week on September 16th.  That boy sure was on fire that week, with 6 homeruns, 19 RBI, and a .448 batting average.  During the series against the dreaded Dodgers, he had 5 homeruns and 12 RBI, making him the only Giant other than Willie Mays to homer in every game of a four-game series with the Dodgers.  Eat that, LA!  Hunter also became the first Giant since Barry Bonds in 1998 to hit 20 homeruns and have 20 stolen bases in a season.  Management better get on the move and bring this guy back next year!

–          Speaking of the Dodgers, we took 3 of the 4 games of that series, preventing them from celebrating their division win in front of us.  Plus, one of the games was won with a score of 19-3 (YEAH!), setting an all time record for highest runs scored in Dodgers Stadium.  HA HA!!!  Your arch nemesis holds a record in your own stadium!

–          Yusmeiro Petit was 1-hit short of a perfect game on September 6th.  Can you believe this??  Badass indeed!  And the amazing thing about this that did not come to light in the media is that he did this against the Diamondbacks, who have been a contender for the division all season.  What a feat!  He’s had an amazing showing in the last 6 games he’s pitched.  So much promise for next year!

–          Dan’s boy, Juan Perez, has been on fire in his last 3 games in New York, batting .545!  That trip back down to Fresno must have done him some good!  He continues to make great plays in the outfield as well, including a sweet throw to home today to save a run.  I absolutely love this kid, and I’m so glad that he was able to strut his stuff in front of his family in New York (the kid is from the Bronx).  Check out this video of him if you need a reason to love the guy more (it’s toward the center of the page).

–          Other newcomers strutted their stuff today as well, including Ehire Adrianza who hit his first big league homerun, Nick Noonan who made two fantastic plays at third base, and Tony Abreu with his tie-breaking double.  And they all did this on a day set aside to honor the storied Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera.  Sorry about that, Mo.  Glad to see that the up-and-coming guys can get it done – more hope for next year.

–          Happy Flight back home for their final home stand of the season!

Found out some details about Angel Pagan’s surgery – according to Andrew Baggarly, he actually had his left hamstring tendon removed completely, and the structure of his left leg was altered!  What these guys won’t do to stay in the game!  Incredible!  Guess it’s working for him as he’s made an amazing comeback.

I had an epiphany the other night.  I was watching the movie “Sixteen Candles” for like the millionth time, and it occurred to me that Hunter Pence has a doppelganger – Anthony Michael Hall.  Don’t know why I never noticed before.  Think about it.  Kind of scary.

Came across a very nice story about Barry Zito.  Check out the video.  He sure is a great guy.  Guess he’s got time to do stuff like this since he hasn’t been pitching.  I sure will miss you next season, Barry.  Keep up the great work.

It’s official!  For the third year in a row, I have won the Beat the Streak competition against my brothers and my cousin!  My longest streak was 21 hits, and the next highest competitor’s highest streak was 14!  WOOHOO!  Going to dinner this week to celebrate and revel in the awesomeness.  Hope some of you will play along with us next year.  Yes, winning is glorious!

I’m hoping I can do at least one more spit count before the end of the season.  Hopefully next weekend will work.  As the season winds down, I have two important wishes that I’m hoping will be granted.  First, I hope my boys don’t end up in last place in the division.  At this moment, they’re slightly ahead of the Padres, so they can take matters into their own hands during the series against them at the end of this week.  Go get ‘em, Boys!  Second, I don’t care who wins, but the Dodgers can’t win the World Series.  It would be nice if they didn’t even make it to the World Series.  Don’t know who I would want to win – maybe Donna’s Pirates simply because that would make her happy and I don’t hate them.  Just choke, Dodgers, please.  And I hope my boys can sweep you on their turf this week.  It could happen.  They won 3 of 4 of the last one, and at your place.  HA HA!!!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!


One comment

  1. Donna Corey

    Thanks for the post season wishes for my Buccos, Mary. They’ve been having a rough time finishing up, with 3 more games to go against the Reds…sigh…I KNOW you hate the Reds! lol
    Go Giants!

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