One Wish Down, One to Go

One of my end-of-the-season wishes came true – the Giants didn’t come in last place in the division.  On the contrary, they tied for 3rd place.  Way to come back from the grave, Guys!  I find it interesting that the spark seemed to be reignited when Angel came back.  That guy has so much more value than just his bat and his fielding.  His presence definitely made an impact in that clubhouse.  Plus he looks so adorable with his longer hair!  Absolutely love that guy and so glad we have him tied up for a couple more seasons.

Barry did end up getting his curtain call last Sunday.  Bochy put him in to retire ex-teammate, Mark Kotsay, whom he proceeded to strike out.  He came off the field to a standing ovation and loud chants of “Barry, Barry!”  His teammates wouldn’t let him into the dugout, allowing him to savor the moment and take it all in.  So glad he got to do this.  I’m really going to miss him next season, and I truly hope that he’ll get picked up by some other team so he can continue to carry out his dream of pitching.  Good luck, Barry.  As you said, you’ll always be our brother.

The Giants put out another thank-you video complete with highlights of the 2013 season.  It was pretty cool.  I was going to put a link to it in my blog, but the link on their website doesn’t work anymore.  Sigh.  Guess when it’s over, it really is over.  Sad.  However if you would still like to savor some of the better moments of the season, check out this slideshow.  Angel’s inside-the-park homerun is noticeably missing (seriously?? – what is with those guys??).  #9 is definitely one of my faves (Dodgers suck!!).

Hunter had such a spectacular September that MLB took note and selected him as the NL Player of the Month for September.  Bravo!  Statswise, in September he led the Majors with 32 RBI, he tied for first in home runs with 11 and placed second among the NL with 23 runs.  His plate appearances were amazing, with a batting average of .293, on-base percentage  of .393, slugging percentage of .667, and 16 walks.  He hit a total of 27 home runs this season, giving him the highest single-season home run total by a Giant since Barry Bonds’ 28 home runs in 2007.  He had 99 RBI in 2013, leaving him just one RBI short of his second consecutive 100-RBI season.  He also tied a career best with six RBI while going 4-for-5 in a losing effort against the Rockies.  The six RBI were the most by a Giant at AT&T Park since Jose Guillen’s six-RBI day in September of 2010 (thanks to for all this info).  This is the first time he’s won this particular award.  Glad he was a Giant when it happened, and so glad he’ll be a Giant for years to come.

So the season’s over.  Yes.  Already having withdrawals here.  As I like to do, I’m going to accentuate the positive as I think ahead to next year.  What went well this year?  Hunter really came through as a dominant offensive force.  Pablo finally lost some weight, and since next year will be his final year before free agency, maybe he’ll really keep it off this time so he can show us his stuff both offensively and defensively.  Brandon Belt figured out his swing and batting position and his batting average skyrocketed, plus he became more consistent at the plate (this is one of the things I am most excited about – I love this kid!).  Timmy seems to have finally figured it out, and should he be resigned he should have a better showing next season (please resign him!!!).  Sergio proved that he could handle the role as closer for an entire season, racking up 38 saves with an ERA of 2.34.  That’s what’s up!  Brandon Crawford continued to be an amazing shortstop, and finally came through with the bat as well.  Buster was Buster again – even though he had a rough stretch in the end, our boy put together some respectable numbers (15 home runs, 72 RBI, .294 batting average, .371 on base percentage, and .450 slugging percentage).  Kidwise, Juan Perez made a great showing both offensively and defensively in his first appearances as a Giant (and he’s Dan’s fave – Dan says he wants to buy a Perez jersey next season!).  Madison Bumgarner emerged as the ace of the team, showing us stuff that is worthy of Cy Young attention.  Chad Gaudin showed that he can start as well as give support to the pitching staff, with an amazing showing this season.  And the biggest surprise of all – Yusmeiro Petit made a case for himself as a starting pitcher, racking up 4 wins and 1 loss with a 3.56 ERA in the 8 games he pitched in this season, including one almost perfect game against the D-Bags.  Lots of stuff there to hang your hat on.  We’ll see what Sabean can do over the off season to bolster these strengths even more (especially in left field).  Will keep you updated when I hear anything.  But I have high hopes for next season with these boys.

Here’s my final spit count of the season.  I knew it would be a busy one as Moscoso was pitching.  Here you go:

September 29th


–          Moscoso 29

–          Sandoval 3

–          Bochy 2

–          Belt 2

–          Posey 1

–          Abreu 1

–          Hembree 1

–          Sanchez 1

–          Romo 1

–          Pagan 1


–          Stauffer 4

–          Ross 4

–          Gyorko 3

–          Headley 1

–          Alonso 1

–          Medica 1

–          Kotsay 1

–          Venable 1


–          Umpires 4

Game Spit Master General = Moscoso at 29

That’s a total of 62 spits during a 3 hour and 20 minute game for an average of 1 spit every 3.2 minutes.

If it hadn’t been for Moscoso, this would have been one of the lowest spitting games of the season.  But someone always has to go and wreck it!  What a note to end on!

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll get you my spit analysis for the season.  I’m also planning on doing a contract update for the guys again as I’ve gotten a lot of positive response from that every year (plus it forces me to get an update for myself!).  And I’ll keep my eyes on those bloody Boys in Blue, praying that my second wish can come true – that they don’t win the World Series.  Ginny says she wants them to make it to the World Series and then choke, possibly against the A’s.  I, on the other hand, want them to lose this first playoff set so they don’t get any more glory.  No more champagne celebrations for you!!!  Sending negative thoughts their way!  I’m walking in the Bridge to Bridge Run tomorrow in The City and hoping that somehow some of my boys will show up.  We’ll see – I know that Kate Scott from KNBR will be there walking (not running) as well.  She even replied to a Tweet I sent her about it.  She’s such a great person.  Will keep an ear out for any moves by Brian Sabean and any other interesting tidbits (including the birth of Brandon Crawford’s daughter-to-be).  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!



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