Second Wish Was Granted

Both of my seasonal wishes have been granted!  The first was that the Giants didn’t come in last place in the division, and they didn’t.  The second was that the Dodgers didn’t win the World Series, and they didn’t.  The icing on the cake was that they didn’t even make it to the World Series, humongous budget and all!  I had so much fun watching that last game when they were eliminated, texting Ginny all the while like old times.  I sure do miss that.  After that game, I mentioned out loud, “I wonder who the MVP of the series will be.”  Dan heard me and said (without missing a beat), “Well, it won’t be a Dodger!”  Lovely.

Did you all see the full-page Chronicle ad that Barry Zito took out to thank his fans in?  If not, here it is.  Barry had a lot of ups and downs while on the Giants (unfortunately, more downs than ups), but the guy sure has class.  Gonna miss him.

The biggest team-related news came in the form of the signing of Timmy.  He’ll be making $35 million over 2 years.  There’s also a no trade clause in there, so we’ll be guaranteed to have Matt, Madison, and Timmy in the rotation through 2015.  What a relief.  I was so happy the entire day that I found out.  Not only do I love Timmy and love to watch him pitch, but now Sabean can focus on getting some other players to round out the team.  If Timmy hadn’t come back, that would have been 2 starters to replace (including Barry).  At first I thought the number they offered was high after his average performance last season, but after listening to the guys at KNBR and realizing that there aren’t many starters out there to chose from, it does make sense.  Plus I really think Timmy has finally begun to reinvent himself and is getting his act back together.  We shall see next season – glad we have the opportunity.  Would have been a total bummer seeing him in another uniform next season (almost as bad as Wilson as a Dodger!!).

I watched the World Series game tonight – well, most of it anyway.  It’s so hard for me to get involved in a game when I don’t really care who wins.  It was fun to watch baseball again, though.  And those Red Sox beards are something else!  Looks like a bunch of Amish guys took over!  I checked the dashboard of my blog today to see how many hits I was getting, and I found out that a bunch of folks came to the site through searching for “What is Molina chewing?”  I think my site comes up because in one of the spit counts, I listed after his count that most of his spits were due to spitting out sunflower seeds.  So funny the things that interest people!  Guess I can’t talk as I’m here counting spits!

Still anxious to hear whether Javier Lopez and Ryan Vogelsong will be Giants next year.  Both will become free agents after the World Series if they haven’t gotten an offer by then.  Vogey has a $6.5 million club option for next year, but it hasn’t been picked up yet.  I hope it is because I still think he can do great things for the team.  Plus he’s a great guy and said I was “a rose between the thorns”!  He can’t leave!  And Javi is such an asset to the team – I hope there’s enough money left over after Sabean does his magic to keep him on for next year.  I hate the waiting!  Will update when I hear something.

I’m in the process of doing the Spit Count Year in Review.  I’ll try and get that out next weekend, as well as more contract info on our boys.  I sure do miss them – it really hit me while watching the game tonight.  Also all the major baseball awards will be announced soon.  I’ll pass that info along as it comes out.  Wonder if there’s a Gold Glove in store for any of our boys.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful if one of the Brandons was recognized for their fielding this year??  Those kids are amazing!  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!


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