My Shirt’s Still Good!

Yesterday during the Thanksgiving festivities my brother Paul mentioned that my boy Ryan Vogelsong was close to coming to a deal with the Giants.  Today that has come true!  Pending a physical, Ryan will be a Giant for another year.  HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!  Specifics of the deal have not yet been confirmed, but it sounds like he’ll make about $5 million guaranteed and about $6.5 million through incentives.  Sounds like a win-win to me – hoping he can pull out another 2012-like season next year since there won’t be any World Baseball Classic to deal with this season (yes – I’ve decided that had to be the reason he wasn’t so hot last season).  So glad he’s going to be a Giant again and that I don’t have to give my Vogelsong T-shirt to Goodwill!

Along with some depth from Chad Gaudin, Yusmeiro Petit, and prospect Edwin Escobar, that rounds out the starting pitching rotation.  Now the Giants can concentrate on getting a strong batter in left field during the Winter Meetings.  I can’t wait to see what moves Sabean will make in that direction.  Scary and exciting at the same time, as rumor has it that if they do acquire someone it will be through a trade.

In other news, there have been some changes to the 40-man roster recently.  The Giants claimed 23-year-old left-handed pitcher Jose De Paula off waivers from the Padres.  They also signed right-handed minor-league reliever Erik Cordier.  This one is interesting because they don’t usually sign minor league guys who haven’t ever played in the majors to a major league contract right away, and even more interesting since he’s not a young kid – he’s 27.  Both guys’ stats didn’t look that impressive to me, so I guess the pickings for pitchers are pretty slim out there.  But they are officially my boys now, so welcome to the team!

To clear space for these new pitchers, outfielder Francisco Peguero and catcher Johnny Monell were designated for assignment.  Both of these guys had decent showings during their limited major league play, but I guess the Giants really want to pad that pitching staff.

Countdown to the 2014 Giants FanFest now stands at 64 days (it’s February 1st).  Can’t wait!  I’ve just been eating up anything baseball that I come across on the internet.  Need me a baseball fix!  Also, my siblings and I are tentatively planning a Spring Training/Opening Day trip to Arizona next year and I am EXTREMELY jazzed about that.  I hope it works out.  If anyone has any Spring Training wisdom they can pass along, it would surely be appreciated as this will be the first time for all of us.  Will keep you posted if I hear anything new about my boys.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!!


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