Left Field – Check!

The mystery of who will be in left field next season has finally been solved.  Outfielder Michael Morse (most recently of the Baltimore Orioles) has been signed to a 1 year, $6 million contract.  The plan is to have him as the everyday left fielder, with Gregor Blanco as his backup or as a late-game replacement.  The word is that Morse has power as a hitter, but he had a lackluster season last year plagued with injuries.  His batting average last year was .215 with 13 home runs and 27 RBI in 88 games – pretty poopy.  However, the season before he batted .291 with 18 home runs and 62 RBI, so there’s definitely some potential there.  I definitely remember him from the 2012 season as I picked him more than once in the Beat the Streak game, hoping he would get a hit for me.  We’ll just have to hope that he can remain injury free (knocking on wood).  The boy is definitely easy on the eyes as well, all 6’5” of him!  I love him already for two reasons:  One, his walk up music is “Take On Me” by A-Ha.  Can’t wait to be singing this at the top of my lungs at the games!  Two, he has this really weird batting stance where he lifts his leg up – it’s been described as being comparable to the Heisman Trophy.  Check it out.  How could you not love this guy??  He and Hunter should have some fun together.  Welcome to the team, Michael!

Congrats to Timmy Lincecum (have to use his last name now as there’s another Tim on the team!) on winning the GIBBY Award (Greatness in Baseball Yearly Award) for Best Pitching Performance of 2013 for his July 13th No Hitter.  Nice to receive some national attention for this.  Way to go!

Did you see this mysterious tribute to Hunter Pence?  Check it out.  Must be a pretty talented person as they did it while in the water (I’m assuming in a boat??).  Pretty cool beans.  I’m sure Hunter loves this.  See kid – SF loves you!

While following roster changes I came across the fact that both Jose Mijares and Sandy Rosario have been dropped from the 40-man roster to make way for new additions to the team.  Sad to see them both go as both made major contributions last season.  Good luck to you both!  Won’t miss Rosario’s spitting, though (averaged 4 spits per game last season – pretty high for a reliever!)!

If you follow Hunter Pence on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve come across the adorable pictures and videos of him hanging out with George Kontos and a couple of other guys (not sure who they are – anyone else know?).  Here’s an example of one of the Instagram posts.  Hunter’s the one in the beard – the white beard.  And check out those sneakers!!  And look how gorgeous George is!  They’re so cute!  Didn’t realize that they were such good buds.  Glad they’re enjoying themselves before they get back to work in February.

Been hearing a lot about the “Rule 5 Draft” lately.  Since I had no idea what this is, I decided to do some research and share it with you all in case you are as confused as I am.  In summary, it’s a way to pick up major or minor league players during the Winter Meetings.  Guys can be picked up and added to a major league team’s 25-man roster for a fee of $50,000 and must stay on that roster the entire season.  Players can also be added to the roster of a Triple A or Double A team in the later phases.  Teams don’t usually make Rule 5 Draft choices, but will if there is a strong player available.  Some notable Rule 5 Draft choices include:  Roberto Clemente, Jose Bautista, Josh Hamilton, Shane Victorino, and R.J. Dickey.  Not too shabby!  You can find more info on the Rule 5 Draft here (in case you’re as much of a geek about this stuff as I am).

48 days until Giants FanFest!  Can’t wait!  Need a baseball fix badly!  Hope my boys are resting up for a fantastic season.  Those even years are the lucky ones after all!  Will keep you posted if I hear about any other acquisitions or other fun gossip.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!!


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