One Brandon Short

It always breaks my heart when one of my boys is injured.  Brandon Belt was hit by a pitch on Friday and fractured his thumb.  When you see a big, huge, strong guy in agony like that after being hit, it just pulls at your heartstrings.  Poor kid.  He even toughed it out and stayed on base afterward, but came out the next inning.  It’s estimated that he’ll be out for at least four weeks, more likely six.  I know injuries are just a part of the game, but WHY????  I can’t wait to read his next blog to hear about how he’s coping.  Six weeks is an awful long time.  When you think about it, if he comes back June 21st (six weeks from when he was injured), he’ll miss 38 games.  That’s almost a quarter of the season!  Bet he’s hating this.  And he was just starting to contribute offensively again, hitting .462 in his last four games.  Poop.  Get well soon, Kid.  We miss you already.

There was lots of conjecture about who would replace him, but the head honchos finally decided that Michael Morse will be doing the majority of the work at first base.  Really??  I wasn’t expecting that!  I didn’t even know that he had played that position, but according to Andrew Baggarly he’s played 130 major league games at first base (though none of these occurred after 2002).  Guess he’s got the credentials.  And according to Boch, this way Morse won’t come out in the late innings – he’ll play the entire game.  Happy that we’ll have that bat in there longer (and that gorgeous face!).  We’ll also probably see more of Buster at first and Hector catching while Brandon B. is out.  Fine with me – besides today (where he had some struggles behind the plate), Hector’s been doing a fantastic job.  And hopefully he’ll do even better with the extra practice.

To replace Michael in left field, the team has decided to platoon Gregor Blanco and Tyler Colvin (hope Dan’s boy, Juan Perez, gets some of that work out there, too).  Colvin’s contract was purchased from Triple A Fresno before today’s game.  Marco Scutaro was placed on the 60-day disabled list to clear a spot for him on the 40-man roster.  Colvin actually pinch hit today, but struck out.  It will be interesting to see how he does with the big boys.  In Fresno, he was hitting .267 with 2 home runs and 16 RBI through 35 games.  Welcome to the Bigs, Tyler!

Also noticed while looking at the Giants transactions page that George Kontos replaced Jake Dunning on the team on May 6th, but then he was sent back down today.  What a rollercoaster life.  Guess you have to appreciate every minute you can while up with the big guys.  He even pitched in one game vs. the Pirates for two innings, giving up three hits but no runs and striking one guy out.  Nice job, George!  Oh well – at least that beautiful face was up with the big boys again for a minute.  Hope he’s back up again soon.

Matty came off the disabled list today after the dreaded sandwich incident, and though we lost, his outing was pretty solid.  He lasted 5 innings, allowed 2 runs on 3 hits, struck out 4 and walked 4.  Glad he’s back.  We got more details on the sandwich incident from Matty himself recently.  The sandwich in question was of the ham and cheese variety, and the incident occurred after said sandwich had already been made.  He cut himself while trying to “make it fancy in triangles.”  Yes – that’s a quote straight from Matty.  He dropped the knife while doing this, and cut himself while trying to catch it.  This is the second time in his career he’s been on the DL.  The first time was during the 2013 season when he was struck by a line drive.  Another quote from Matty:  “One of them was a freak accident and one of them was my own stupidity.”  Well, at least he gets it.  Silly boy.  Think I’ll send him one of these.  It even cuts off the crusts to take his sandwiches to a whole other level of fanciness!

Have to comment on that 13 inning comeback game vs. the Pirates on Monday night (5/5).  I had to work that night, so I didn’t get to see the game or listen to it (it started at 4:10 pm – darn those away game start times!).  A coworker said last he heard it was 8 to 2 Pirates in the 6th, so I hate to admit it, but I assumed they had lost.  I know – I should know better than to doubt my boys EVER!!  I went out to my car at around 9 pm assuming I could turn on the radio and listen to Marty Lurie with the post-game on KNBR.  But the first thing I heard was Dave Fleming’s voice announcing that it was the top of the 12th and it was tied 10 to 10!!  WHAT???  Those are MY boys!  They came back from an 8-2 deficit to win it in extra innings 11-10.  And what a crazy way to win.  Jean Machi, who had never been asked to bunt before in his career, laid down the most beautiful bunt toward third base, ended up making it to first due to the throw bouncing off the bag at first (even though he’s big, that kid can run!), thus allowing Hunter to score the winning run.  Craziness!  Then the guys in the dugout were so freaking excited that Michael Morse almost fell headfirst over the dugout fence!  Check out the excitement!  I am so thankful that Morse didn’t fall – that could have been horrible!  Remember the Aubrey Huff incident of 2012 when he sprained his knee during the celebration after Matt Cain pitched his perfect game?  If not, here’s a reminder.  Huff ended up on the DL because of his celebration.  Guys, I know you have team spirit and you can’t help but get excited when amazing things happen, but MODERATION PLEASE!!

A very thoughtful guy who works with my brother Paul made me a wonderful gift – a rosary made out of orange and black beads (Paul told him I’m a huge Giants fan).  I’m sure it will come in handy for all those 1-run ulcer-inducing torture games I’m sure we’ll have this season.  I have it hanging from my bobblehead shelf, ready for action.  Probably should have pulled it out for the game today.  But I know even though Clayton “The Force” Kershaw will be pitching tomorrow, we will have Tim “The Amazing” Hudson on our side giving it everything he’s got.  We can take the last game of the series from those stinkin’ Dodgers, then have a happy flight home.  So excited at how well the boys are doing, and our 23-14 record is tied with the Brewers for the best in the MLB!!  Keeping my fingers crossed (and toes) that things will work out while Brandon B. is out and that maybe, just maybe, this will light a fire under Pablo and that bat will finally wake up.  It can happen.  I have faith in my boys.  Until next time, GO GIANTS!!!


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  1. Kathleen Morearty

    Hey, thanks for the tip about the crust remover thing. I just ordered one. Ha Ha! Can’t wait for the game on Saturday. Go Giants!! Happy Mother’s Day.

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